Bing AI Chatbot Adds OpenAI's DALL-E to Help You Create Better Images

Design pictures with a text prompt

Microsoft’s new Bing AI chatbot keeps evolving and now it has a full-featured image generator powered by the infamous DALL-E deep learning model. 

The appropriately-named Bing Image Creator brings “AI-powered visual stories” to the new Bing and Edge. Just like other AI-enhanced image creation platforms, you start by using your own words to describe your ideal image. The system does the rest. 

Bing Image Generator


Interestingly, this functionality resides within the pre-existing Bing chatbox, so you can generate both written and visual content from the same exact place. This opens up a new world of mixed-media content creation, as the chatbot will make suggestions to better integrate the image into whatever else you are doing.

“Historically, search was limited to images that already existed on the web. Now, there are almost no limits to what you can search for and create,” Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post. 

This image generator is integrated with both Bing and Edge, making Edge the only dedicated web browser with a built-in method to access this tech. 

Bing Image Creator


Bing Image Creator is rolling out today to both desktop and mobile users, though it may be a few days before the update makes its way to your neck of the woods. It will be available throughout the world, but only in English, for now. Microsays says more language support is coming down the line.

It is worth noting that Microsoft waived the waitlist to access the new AI-powered Bing last week. In other words, the fake world is your oyster so have at it. 

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