Bike Route Toaster Review

Learn how this online cycling course creator worked

The Bike Route Toaster website is no longer available. Below is a description of the website as it used to exist. See an archive of Bike Route Toaster on the Wayback Machine.

Bike Route Toaster was a free online utility that let you quickly point-and-click your way around a map to create a cycling or running route. Once created, you could save maps, view maps in Google Earth, or export maps to popular GPS file formats such as GPX and TCX.

With Bike Route Toaster, you could create and save courses, and pan and zoom on a map powered by Google Maps. You could also create a route summary, including an elevation graph, with information such as estimated time, total ascent and descent, start elevation, and more.

Cycling Tour on the Isar Cycle Route, Bavaria
Konrad Wothe / LOOK-foto / Getty Images

More Information on Bike Route Toaster 

One of the great things about Bike Route Toaster was that you could capture route data from your fitness GPS and then view and save it for later reference. The tool made it easy to explore and plan new routes, gathering complete GPS data and stats.

Bike Route Toaster had an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface. When you clicked the Map tab, you could pan the map to a start location, and then point-and-click around the route. The Toaster automatic tracking utility was helpful, as was its ability to insert turn instructions and course points at intersections.

Bike Route Toaster went offline sometime in 2013. Similar tools exist, including Ride With GPS, Strava, and Map My Ride.