Learn Why You Should Be Wary of Friends Adding You to Facebook Groups

Here's why you are suddenly a member of Facebook groups

Facebook groups used to allow anyone with a Facebook account who is a member of the group to arbitrarily add any other Facebook user to a group. There was no need for that user to ask first, so long as that user was on his or her friends list.

Whether or not your addition to a group by someone on your friends list was well intended, it can be annoying to deal with.

In 2019, Facebook removed the ability to automatically add members to a group without first being invited.

What Happens When You Are Added to a New Group

All groups require member approval by either an admin or another group member, depending on the group's settings. In the case of public and closed groups, anyone can see the list of members of the group, its name, and topic. In secret groups, only current members of the group can see the member list.

When you are added to a new group, Facebook sends you a notification. Click on the Groups listing at the left of your newsfeed and locate the new group. Click on its name to go to the group page. If you aren't interested in being in the group, you can immediately opt out by clicking the ​Menu button (indicated by three horizontal dots) and then selecting Leave Group. After you leave a group, you can't be added by anyone else unless you ask to be re-added to the group.

If you decide to remain in the group, you'll see group posts in your news feed unless you select the Unfollow Group option.

How to Prevent Friends From Adding You to Groups Without Permission

Before the 2019 update, there was no way to prevent one of your Facebook friends from adding you to a group, but you had a few options to prevent it from happening a second time:

  • Tell the friend directly that you don't want to be added to groups without your permission.
  • Block the friend.
  • Unfriend the friend.
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