The 9 Best PS4 Zombie Games of 2019

These titles are guaranteed to make your hair stand on end

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The Rundown

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Best Arcade-Style: Killing Floor 2

If you just want to jump straight into non-stop zombie killing and have a whole lot of fun doing it, get Killing Floor 2. There are a lot of slow-motion effects, weapons and upgrades. The arcade-style, first-person shooter has gameplay that involves fending off waves of various zombies either alone or with friends.

With up to five other players online, Killing Floor 2 has players choose one of ten different classes, including a demolitionist with a focus on big explosions, a sharpshooter who can dual wield pistols and constantly fire off rounds, as well as a simple field medic who can heal other players. The more zombies you kill, the more money you will get for purchasing in-game weapons, ammo and armor between rounds. Simultaneously, you'll also build up experience points for perks involving your class type, including faster reloading and stronger healing. It isn’t too repetitive, but it is addicting; Killing Floor 2 has 14 different zombie types who vary in size, speed and lethality, with four difficulty settings and 19 different maps.

Best for Kids: Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Believe it or not, zombies aren’t all just about blood and gore but can be cute and silly. Case in point: Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, the best PS4 zombie game for kids. The third-person, over-the-shoulder shooter can be played with four players offline in a split-screen, co-op mode, which is perfect for friends and family.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 features six online multiplayer game modes and two, four-player, co-op modes where players can choose to be on the zombie or plant team, each of which, have various abilities and actions that can be performed that vary up gameplay. There are 100 playable characters with 14 different classes, including everything from zombie scientist-astronauts to sunflowers with fire abilities. Among its various modes, players will get to defend areas against increasingly difficult swarms of either zombies or plants, battle in online 24-player team deathmatches and even jump in a practice mode to get used to characters and explore various maps.

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Best Open World: Dying Light: The Following — Enhanced Edition

It’s a big open world in Dying Light: The Following, an expansion pack that adds on to the original game (included), with a bigger map, new weapons and modes, as well as an upgradable customizable buggy that lets you explore the great outdoors and run over zombies. The first-person, survival horror zombie game supports four-player, co-op mode and has players complete various objectives in the countryside while investigating and uncovering the story of a cultist group.

Unlike the other zombie games on the list, Dying Light: The Following has a fun navigational system where players can perform parkour moves that allow them to climb ledges, leap, slide, jump and even zip line between places in order to kill the undead. Missions are broken down into three categories: Basic, Dailies and Community that change every day, challenging players with fresh objectives involving helping out survivors and trading favors. Dying Light: The Following — Enhanced gets you access to all the original content of the first game and includes multiple modes (there's even one where you can fight other players online by being the zombie and hunting the human players down, one by one).

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Best Horror: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a scary zombie game that builds on the unnerving feeling of just turning a simple corner or opening a door. The most horrific PS4 zombie game on the list changes up traditional Resident Evil gameplay by putting you in a first-person mode as you explore a derelict plantation inhabited by an undead mutant cannibal family.

You’ll walk down a decrepit stairway and into a dim cavern hole in the ground where a long blue veiny pale hand reaches out to grab the only lantern in sight. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard emphasizes exploration and horror as players solve various puzzles and fight off hard-on-the-eyes grotesque looking enemies with handguns, shotguns, flamethrowers and other weapons with limited ammo. If you’re feeling extra brave, the game is compatible with the PlayStation VR headset that amplifies the fear in an immersive nightmare that’ll make you double check your locks at night.

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Best for Originality: The Evil Within 2

With the help of Shinji Mikami, the director of the original Resident Evil series, The Evil Within 2 successfully captures the same essence of survival, horror-style games by creating a new fleshed out original game. The developers behind The Evil Within 2 are all seasoned veterans in the video game industry’s horror genre and have come together to mold a new terrifying experience for fans who’ve grown up with the classics and yearn for an original hair-raising experience.

The Evil Within 2 is a third-person, survival horror game (with an optional first-person mode) that details the life of a depressed former police detective who discovers his daughter is still alive and must undergo, against his will, an experiment where he enters a virtual world with a machine called STEM. The subconsciousness of those in the STEM system creates the reality of the main game, a suspenseful horrific nightmare realm full of undead beings and mutated monsters who’ll gurgle and growl with rage upon your presence. Players can relax or challenge themselves with three difficulty modes, using unique weaponry such as trip wires, hiding and ambushing enemies, crafting items and even upgrading their attributes (like health and athleticism) with the game’s RPG-like level up system.

Best Action-Adventure: Dead Rising

Originally released in 2006 and remade for the PlayStation 4 with 1080p resolution at 60FPS, Dead Rising is the ultimate action-adventure zombie game on the list that has you fighting off thousands of zombies in a giant mall full of surprises. Players are given 72 hours until a rescue helicopter arrives and have to explore the mall and take on major missions, rescue civilians, as well as perform other optional tasks that’ll result in six different endings.

Dead Rising is a third-person, beat-‘em-up, sandbox-style game that has an RPG element where you’ll level up and have upgrades for power, running speed, health, throw distance, increased item inventory and new attack moves. Firearms? Forget it. Dead Rising has over 130 different items, including an acoustic guitar, cactus, bowling ball, skateboards, katanas, HDTV, gum-ball machine, shampoo and countless other “weapons” you can use while taking out hordes of zombies. And it’s not just zombies who will kill you. Some of the mall’s store managers have lost their mind, there’s a killer clown on the loose, and you’ve heard rumors of a cult — will you be able to solve the mystery to this insane zombie outbreak?

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Best Classic: Resident Evil Origins Collection

Resident Evil Origins Collection is a two-pack game that includes the original Resident Evil game remastered from the Gamecube console and Resident Evil 0, a prequel to the original game. This is the ideal (and affordable) game to get for the PS4 if you want to see where survival horror zombie games first got started and play a bit of history.

Resident Evil was released in 1996, and then remastered with an updated beautiful remake in 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube, which was then ported here with the Resident Evil Origins Collection, updating its frame rate, graphics and clarity. Resident Evil is close to being the scariest game on the list, having fixed camera angles each time you walk into a new room, introducing terrifying high-speed crimson head zombies and other monstrosities, limiting in-game ammo and filling areas with plenty of deadly booby traps and puzzles. Resident Evil 0 plays in the same way​ but introduces a buddy system where players can switch between characters that vary gameplay for various puzzle solving.

Best Zombie: Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 features the best zombie game mode in a game that's not about zombies. The extra, add-on game is a full game experience with its own distinct storyline and can be played offline in split-screen mode with three other players.

The rules are simple: Players are thrown in a labyrinth map that has numerous brain-hungry zombies breaking in from different corners and it is up to you to fight them off. Points are accumulated by boarding up different entryways and killing zombies that can be exchanged for weapons bought individually or randomly, unlocking certain areas or acquiring upgrades that switch up your zombie-hunting experience. The addictive, zombie-wave-style gameplay is fast-paced with unique and fun maps, including the moon and an old, rustic, WW2-era German theater.

Best Game-Changer: Resident Evil 4

You can thank Resident Evil 4 for evolving the survival horror series, as well as being the pioneer of the famous “over-the-shoulder,” third-person view that you see in so many games today. The defining game won multiple Game of the Year awards back in 2005 for its narrative, voice acting and gameplay, and now comes to the PS4 with graphical updates and a constant 60FPS for smooth, quick gameplay.

Resident Evil 4 focuses on more frantic and intense combat sequences than its survival horror predecessors by putting multiple enemies on screen and being able to fend all of them off instead of individually. Gamers get to play as Leon S. Kennedy (a fan favorite who first showed up in Resident Evil 2) who investigates the kidnapping of the President’s daughter by a mysterious cult set in a rural area of Spain that's full of violent villagers infected with a virus. The game still lives up to today’s standards, thanks to its fun gameplay. The beloved Mercenaries Mode allows players to choose their own characters with specific weapons and fend off hordes of enemies while racing against a clock.