The 5 Best Zip File Extractors for Android

Unzip those files on your Android

Many websites will compress or zip files up to reduce the file's download size. It’s a great way to save space, but how do you open zip files on an Android? Here are the best zip extractors to access those files and maybe even create a few zipped files, too.

The information below should apply no matter who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

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RAR: Best Zip File Extractor for Android Supporting the Most File Formats

RAR 3 screenshots
What We Like
  • Can unpack a wide variety of zip file formats.

  • Can zip to SD card.

  • Can password zipped files.

  • Can zip archives, hidden files, and thumbnails.

  • Have light or dark themes.

What We Don't Like
  • Short free trial period.

  • Ads are intrusive.

Originally designed for Linux based systems, this zip file extractor comes with a colorful graphical and easy to use interface. RAR can create compressed files in RAR, ZIP, and RAR 4.x, and even compress in the background. It can extract an even wider variety of zipped files, including RAR, ZIP, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, and ARK files. RAR includes a benchmark feature, which tests the speed of compression\decompression, and can test archives.

RAR will need the Install unknown apps permission enabled for Android 8.0 Oreo. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources, then tap Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

Download RAR for Android

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Winzip: Best Security Features in a Zip File Extractor for Android

Three screenshots of WinZip.
What We Like
  • Paid version comes with encryption.

  • Comes with Clean Photo tool for photo housekeeping on your phone.

  • Paid version has a zip and email feature.

  • Also works in Chromebook.

What We Don't Like
  • The free version has ads.

  • Ads get annoying when using advanced features.

  • No search options.

While WinZip's interface isn't as user-friendly as some others, its design allows you to easily navigate your smartphone to compress or decompress files. While the free version has many advanced features available, by watching ads, the small fee for the premium version is well worth the investment. If you use WinZip on your PC, you can also access them via your Android.

WinZip's cloud features come in handy with the ability to send zipped files via email, Dropbox, or Google Drive, but Ii you don’t want to store them in the cloud, WinZip can store files on an SD card as well. For the security conscious, WinZip offers 3 levels of encryption, including the HIPAA standard of AES 265-bit encryption.

Download Winzip for Android

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Unzip Tool: Best Zip Extractor for Android With the Simplest Interface

Three screenshots of Unzip Tool.
What We Like
  • Basic interface is easy to use.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't change the search path.

  • Doesn’t unzip ZIPX or RAR as claimed.

Unzip Tool couldn’t have a simpler interface. When first opening the app, you'll see a sleek interface with a single scan option. Once triggered, Unzip Tool scans your smartphone for any compressed files. Its singular focus is to do exactly what its name states: unzip or extract files from compressed or archived files. However, while the developer states Unzip Tool will extract RAR files, the app kept giving errors and wouldn’t uncompress a small RAR file; something to keep in mind when using the app.

Download Unzip Tool for Android

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Solid Explorer File Manager: Zip Extractor With the Most Features

Solid File Explorer 3 screens screenshot.
What We Like
  • The license extends to an unlimited number of devices.

  • Includes various color schemes and icon packs to personalize.

  • Comes with handy user guide.

  • Packed with features.

What We Don't Like
  • Difficulties opening some RAR files.

Solid Explorer File Manager, as its name implies, is more of a file management app than a file extraction app. The fact it can extract compressed files is a nice bonus. You can see the file properties of zipped files, including the actual file sizes within the zip, and even checksums, a handy feature if you’ve downloaded files and want to confirm they haven’t been modified.

Download Solid Explorer File Manager for Android

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ZArchiver: Best All-Around Zip File Extractor for Android

Three screenshots of ZArchiver
What We Like
  • Supports extracting and compression of most common zip formats.

  • Is root friendly.

  • The interface is easy to maneuver through.

  • Can compress files at different levels.

What We Don't Like
  • No way to remove ads.

ZArchiver has a feature-rich interface that won't overwhelm you and supports most zipped file types for both extraction and compression. It also has a built-in file manager, and you can even do some interface customizing to make ZArchiver your own. While the program is ad-supported, the ads are unobtrusive, yet there's no way to remove them.

Download ZArchiver for Android

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