The 8 Best Xbox One War Games to Buy in 2018

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The Fallout series tells us “War never changes”, but Metal Gear Solid says, “War has changed." We’re not sure which one is right, but we do know that war games on Xbox One are a ton of fun. Whether you want a war game that features a battlefront among the stars, or one that's set in current day, the near future, or even ancient Rome, we have you covered. Read on for the eight best war games on Xbox One.

Our Top Picks

Best Sci-Fi Game: Gears of War 4

Star Wars Battlefront
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Fast paced, exciting, and at all odds against a swarm of aliens, Gears of War 4 is the best sci-fi war game experience that you can find on the Xbox One. The fourth game in the critically acclaimed Gears of War series has you as the son of Marcus Fenix, the previous main character in the older games.

Gears of War 4 is an over-the-shoulder third person shooter filled with beautiful visuals and set pieces with the constant element of action. Players must work within a squad, fighting through hordes of invading aggressive aliens using weapons like chainsaws, explosive drills, and machine guns. Gears of War 4 features both an online and offline co-op multiplayer story mode too, so you and a friend can battle through the frenzy of aliens and save humanity once and for all.

Best Sniper Game: Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite III
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Built from the ground up in game development, Sniper Elite 4 is the quintessential best sniper game on the market to date for the Xbox One. Set in World War 2, players take the role of an elite sniper unit, surveying the rich vistas of Italy for high valued “axis-of-evil” targets.

Sniper Elite 4 isn’t just a point, scope, and shoot game, but gears more towards tactical espionage. Players have to rely on stealth and extraction missions, assuring that even the last enemy combatant standing isn’t aware of your mass assassinations. There’s a cooperative multiplayer campaign mode so you and friend can snipe together, as well as online versus. Sniper Elite 4 utilizes detailed x-ray kill cams; so you can see, in slow motion, the impact in brutal detail and its destruction of the human anatomy with each shot you take.

Best Alternate Reality Game: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
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Taking place roughly forty years in the future, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tells a story where private military contractors, not countries, are in charge of protecting the world. What happens, then, when the biggest and most powerful PMC is also in on the terrorist attacks they’re supposedly protecting everyone from? Those are the bare basics of the story in Advanced Warfare, but it really sounds like something that could just as easily be happening right now, not in 40-years.

Despite the future setting, the weaponry you use isn’t much different from the typical SMGs, shotguns and assault rifles we’ve come to expect in Call of Duty, but it does feature some nifty gadgets such as enemy-seeking grenades and an exoskeleton suit that lets you boost jump and climb all over the map.

The single-player campaign is one of the better COD recent campaigns, and the multiplayer – both online or offline with CPU bots – is absolutely fantastic. If you’d like to take a look at the potential future of warfare, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is easy to recommend.

Best Environmental Open World Game: Far Cry 4

World of Tanks
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People aren’t always bad, sometimes rampaging elephants or ambushing crocodiles are a major threat, just like in Far Cry 4. In Far Cry 4, virtually anything is your enemy in this lush open world first-person action adventure shooter set in a beautifully graphic rendered Himalayan jungle.

Far Cry 4 allows you to explore its gigantic outdoor environment filled with forests, rivers, and mountains that’s abundant with hostile wildlife and humans. Players discover various vehicles they can use to traverse the jungle like buggies, trucks, and speedboats. Like Fallout 4, players earn experience points by completing missions and defeating enemies, which can be used on player upgrades for performance boosts. Far Cry 4 has been the subject of much praise, as it’s received the Best Shooter Award from IGN and has received multiple nominations from prestigious gaming awards for its art direction, game design, and immersive gameplay.

Best Giant Robot Game: Titanfall

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When normal soldiers and standard weapons aren't enough to get the job done in the war between a soulless corporation and colonial militia on a distant world, Titanfall allows you to call down a giant Titan robot to help out. These Titans are massive and powerful, but surprisingly nimble and well-armed (and their presence on the battlefield can dramatically change the course of action).

Titanfall is a refreshing take on online multiplayer warfare because it is surprisingly complex. You start out as a normal soldier on the ground, but after two-minutes you can drop a Titan. You aren’t helpless while you’re waiting for your Titan, however, as you have a jet pack and wall-running abilities that allow you to climb up and over and around anything on the map so you can attack other players and Titans from pretty much any angle. It makes the matches really fast, frantic and amazingly dynamic as players and Titans can really use every square inch of the map, both horizontally and vertically.

Titanfall doesn’t have any sort of single-player offline content, unfortunately, as it is a multiplayer-only game, but you can find it for a more than fair price these days. Plus, you get to pilot awesome giant robots, which counts for a lot in our book.

Best Zombie Apocalypse Game: Dead Rising 4

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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In Dead Rising 4, you get to beat up an army of zombies in ways unimaginable like punching them with giant green Hulk hands. The goofy fourth installment in the series has you fighting off literally thousands of zombies in an open world environment. Your mission is to investigate a shopping mall to find out exactly what happened that caused this undead epidemic once again.

Unlike its predecessors, Dead Rising 4 doesn’t have a timer system, so you can spend many sweet hours finding over 200 weapons ranging from boring assault rifles and motorbikes to food carts and fire-breathing triceratops heads. Not all zombies are made the same either, as players will encounter craftier, smarter enemies and even face off with murderous humans in dangerous cults and elite mercenary groups. Players can also join with up to four of their friends online to battle the zombie hoards and complete missions in cooperative mode.

Best Post-War Game: Fallout 4

Ryse: Son of Rome
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Nukes have destroyed the earth, and in Fallout 4, you’re one of the only surviving humans forced to face the aftermath. Post-apocalyptic America is a desolate wasteland; full of mutant cults running around and killing people, marginalized radiated humans, and synthetic slave androids that aren’t too happy.

Luckily, dog is still man’s best friend, and you’ll meet a few companions along your journey after making your fully customized character with different physical and personal traits to your liking. If you maximize your speech skill, you can convince even the most bloodthirsty of mutants that you’re buddies. Fallout 4 centers around survival and adaptation, it’s one of the few genres that combines a first person shooter with a role-playing game and does it so well that gameplay becomes addicting. Players find new weapons, items, friends, enemies, and unravel a plot that reveals a thorough and well fleshed out story just as amazing as the gigantic open world it’s in.

Best Modern Era Game: Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4
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For a more current day war experience, you can’t do better on Xbox One than Battlefield 4. The game features three factions – the United States, Russia, and China – fighting for world supremacy. While the game does feature a brief single-player campaign, the real appeal of Battlefield 4 comes in the massive large-scale multiplayer battles with up to 64 players.

The maps the game take place on are huge in size so they can accommodate a high number of players. And you can turn the fight in your favor with tanks, APCs, helicopters, boats and even jet fighters. The levels themselves can also go through “Levolution” where, when requirements are met, the map actually changes. These levolutions cause underground pipes to explode (which creates a trench in the street), levees to break or skyscrapers to be destroyed.