Best Xbox Live Games on OG Xbox

What were the best Xbox live games on the original Xbox?

There are tons of Xbox Live enabled games on the market now, and while most of them are decent — even average games are more fun when you can play with your friends — some are definitely a cut above the rest. These are our picks for the best Xbox Live games on the OG Xbox. All of them are available now and many of them can be found for fairly cheap.

Note: Xbox Live for the original Xbox no longer works, so you can't play these games online anymore, unfortunately, but it is fun to look back on the games that originally made Xbox Live so fun to begin with.

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'Halo 2'

Original Xbox

Evan-Amos/Wikimeda Commons/CC by 2.0

"Halo 2" is THE game to play on Xbox Live and is a best seller for a reason. The online play is smooth and fairly painless (occasionally you’ll find people who want to “de-level” by killing themselves and/or teammates) but overall it is quite fun. It requires a fun mix of individual skill and teamwork to be successful that simply works incredibly well. You can now play "Halo 2" online via the "Halo: Master Chief Collection" on Xbox One.

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'Street Fighter Anniversary Collection'

Of the online fighting games available, "SFAC" seems to perform the best online. 90% of the matches I have played in "Hyper Street Fighter II" and "Street Fighter III" have been lag free so it is very easy to enjoy these incredible games. There isn’t usually a ton of people playing, so finding an opponent of similar skill can be an issue, but part of the beauty of fighting games is that you learn a lot when you lose which means you’ll be getting better and having more fun.

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'Dead or Alive Ultimate'

Original Xbox

Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons/CC by 2.0 

"Dead or Alive Ultimate" isn’t as smooth as "Street Fighter," but once you get used to the lag it is still very fun. It replicates the arcade feel by having groups of people all playing together and “waiting in line” to play while still being able to watch the match currently going on. You get to hang out with fellow fighting game fanatics and learn how to play better at the same time. This game is flat out fun.

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'Burnout Revenge'

"Burnout Revenge" trumps the incredible "Burnout 3" in pretty much every way and thanks to a better implemented online mode than B3 you can actually connect and find games easily this time around. The racing is smooth and fast and pretty much lag free and the wealth of modes and options available make this game a ton of fun to play online.

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'Madden 06' and 'ESPN NFL 2k5'

Original Xbox Controller


All sports games are fun online, but nothing can quite match the fun and intensity of online football. Both "NFL 2k5" and "Madden 06" play wonderfully on Xbox Live and finding a game is always easy. Good times.

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'Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike'

"Summit Strike" and "Ghost Recon 2" are both great games to play online. They are solid shooters all around and have plenty of modes and maps and options to keep fans of realistic military shooters happy. The online experience is pretty smooth and it is simply a lot of fun overall.

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'Forza Motorsport'

Xbox Original controller

Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons/CC by 2.0

"Forza Motorsport" is an incredible game, but taking your game online makes it even better. You can race in an online career mode complete with class and performance restrictions except, or course, the other cars are controlled by human drivers. In my experience, everyone races pretty clean and you shouldn’t expect to be spun out or wrecked too much because there is a lot of respect between players online.

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'Star Wars Battlefront II'

"Star Wars Battlefront" is the biggest selling Star Wars game of all time, so it should be no surprise we’re getting a sequel. What is surprising, though, is just how much better Battlefront II is than the original. Every single aspect of the game has been improved and new features such as space combat and the ability to use Jedi and other hero characters just seal the deal. More planets, more vehicles, more characters, more weapons — it all adds up to be more fun.

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'Battlefield 2: Modern Combat'

"Battlefield 2: Modern Combat" is a solid first-person-shooter that delivers a fun single player experience and some of the best Xbox Live play around. It isn’t as big or as polished as the PC "Battlefield" games, but there is a lot to like here which makes "Battlefield 2" worth owning for shooter fans. Multiple classes, huge maps, vehicles — "Battlefield 2" has is all covered and more.

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'Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf'

Original Xbox controller and games


Giant robots rock, and being able to take those giant robots online and battle with other giant robots rocks even harder. There are lots of game types and mech types (along with tanks and planes) and the game plays runs pretty smoothly.