Top 10 Xbox 360 Local Multiplayer Games

This list covers the best local multiplayer (not Xbox Live) games on the Xbox 360. Both competitive and co-op games are included.

Gears of War
Epic Games / Microsoft Studios

Co-op, competitive – Gears of War is one of the best co-op experiences ever. The levels were really designed with co-op play in mind, so you can take different paths and flank your enemies and actually use real tactics, and the story mode really shines when you have a buddy playing with you. The deathmatch modes are also very fun, but splitscreen isn’t super-enjoyable in deathmatch because it can be hard to see. More »

Co-op, competitive. Another fantastically designed co-op experience. The levels are incredibly well designed, and that coupled with the fact you can customize your weapon loadout means you and your friend can take different paths as well as use different tactics to get the job done. Competitive modes are also available, and are More »
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Rock Band 2 & Beatles Rock Band


Co-op, competitive - Rock Band 2 and Beatles Rock Band are the ultimate party games. Music always brings people together, but when you can sing, or play drums, or play bass or guitar and actually work together to create music, it is a pretty incredible feeling. Both games have great track lists that will appeal to pretty much anyone young and old (particularly Beatles RB) and have excellent features like "No Fail" mode that ensures everyone can play and have a good time.


Co-op - All of the LEGO games are great for co-op because they have something that can appeal to everyone. Who wouldn't like cute little LEGO people running around in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or Batman scenes? No one, thats who. They offer just the right combination of challenge and fun that they are great to play as a whole family. More »


Co-op – Marvel Ultimate Alliance is an action-RPG that puts the powers of Marvel’s greatest super heroes in your hands. It is basically a beat-em-up, but is very satisfying and well put together all around. It is a great single-player game, but inviting some friends over for some co-op really makes the game shine. More »

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Soul Calibur IV

Namco Bandai

Competitive - Fighting games were built for multiplayer, and on the Xbox 360 Soul Calibur IV is the best fighter available. The large character list ensures that everyone will find a character that fits their style and the finely tuned gameplay means that it is easy to pick up and play.


Competitive - Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action was one of the best party games on the Xbox 360 thanks to the easy to use “Big Button Controllers” and the fact that movie trivia is something that pretty much everyone is good at. The sequel, Scene It? Box Office Smash, improves on pretty much every aspect of LCA which makes it pretty easy to recommend. Even better, if you already have the controllers from last year you can pick up Box Office Smash by itself. Find out all of the details right here. More »


Competitive, Co-Op - For local multiplayer, you really can't go wrong with Halo 3 or it's spinoff, Halo 3 ODST. Playing co-op is a blast and the competitive multiplayer is some of the best around. Using the game's Forge level customization in multiplayer also creates some very interesting and usually quite funny situations. Halo 3 is just a quality experience that gets even better when you can play with other people. More »

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Fight Night Round 3


Competitive – Fight Night is a fantastic multiplayer game because it allows you to use a ton of different tactics and strategies in order to try and win. Like I said about Madden, the AI can’t ever really deliver a satisfying overall experience, but add a second human player to the mix and you have something special here.

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Co-Op - Sacred 2 is an action RPG where you basically just wander around, hack up enemies, and collect massive piles of loot that they drop. It doesn't sound like much, but playing and fighting for [i]just one more[/i] piece of rare kit is incredibly addictive and will keep you busy for hours. Add another person to the experience and it gets that little bit more competitive, more interesting, and more satisfying when you find something great. More »

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