The 8 Best Xbox 360 Fighting Games of 2020

Get ready to rumble with these Xbox 360 fighting games

Best for Style: Aksys BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND Limited Edition

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND will first draw you in with its beautiful stylized animations but the accessible, beginner-friendly combat will keep you playing for hours on end. The 2D fighting game is full of quirky characters and is a perfect first step into the fighting genre.

The control scheme in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND is simple: three buttons do basic attacks while one button performs a super power move (basically a “do something cool” attack). Advanced techniques and combos give the fighting system additional depth. The roster of fighters features 14 unique characters that have a playstyle or preference perfect for any gamer. There's a variety of game modes including a branching story mode for every player, extensive training options to perfect moves and local versus matches so you can challenge your friends.

Best for Wrestling Fans: 2K WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 is a wrestling fan's dream come true. Its fluid animation and in-game commentary give the exciting wrestling action vivid realism. The game is loaded with tons of customization and a gigantic roster of 135 playable wrestling stars from both past and present.

All of your wrestling favorites are here: The Rock, John Cena, Sting, Ric Flair, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and many more. If that’s not enough, you can even make your own personalized customizable character and put it on the road to being a WWE champion. WWE 2K17 is stuffed with different ways to play like jumping into quick matches with friends offline and a universe mode where you can create your own WWE shows where you stir up rivalries and orchestrate storylines within the WWE universe. Extensive customizations allow you to control the show with your own music, show intros, fireworks and cheesy dialogue to make for an entertaining wrestling experience perfect for any fan.

Best for Super Heroes: Warner Bros. Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition

If Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't do it for you, here's where you can make it right. Injustice: Gods Among Us pits all of your favorite DC heroes and villains against each other in an epic fighting game for the Xbox 360. The game blends 2D-style fighting with 3D environments for a 2.5D experience. You'll mix it up with a variety of impressively detailed stages and a diverse roster of 25 distinct characters featuring plenty of fan favorites.

Injustice: Gods Among Us takes place in an alternate universe where Superman becomes a tyrant and it's up to Batman to put a stop to his totalitarian regime.

The interactive stages are based off various locations in the DC Universe, like the Batcave and the Fortress of Solitude. You’ll be able to practice your moves and fight against your friends.  Kick, punch, juggle and super move your way through battle after battle against DC's biggest and baddest.

Best for Boxing: Electronic Arts Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion's detailed realistic presentation, feeling and great lifelike graphics make it the best boxing game for the Xbox 360. A story mode that's reminiscent of a Hollywood movie will make your fighter feel like Rocky Balboa. The game's combat and visuals don't shy away from depicting the violence and brutality of the sport.

The blood and damage in Fight Night Champion give it a bit of humanity; you'll watch the scrapes, gashes and swelling add up round after round giving each fight weight and consequences. The main campaign tells a captivating story of an amateur boxer who rises in the ranks. Yes, it's filled with boxing cliches, but the heavy moments of hardship along the way give it heart. The game includes a roster of over 50 real-life boxers that truly captures their distinct styles. Hop into the ring with Muhammad Ali and he'll toy with you while Mike Tyson utilizes his signature peek-a-boo stance.

Best for Arcade Style: Bandai Tekken 6

Tekken 6 is a traditional arcade-style fighting game that perfects the conventional fighting game formula with balanced characters and fun gameplay. There's plenty of modes to play around and practice in and the roster of 40 characters will give you plenty of movesets to experiment with.

Easy to learn but hard to master, Tekken 6 gives beginners and casual fans of fighting games a fun baseline to start from, while experienced players will love the gameplay's depth. Get to know each characters' special moves and combos but gain a strategic edge by perfecting countering methods like parrying, sidestepping and interrupting. The variety of modes will keep you busy and have plenty of replay value. You can battle friends head-to-head offline, enter a survival tournament or use the game's practice mode to execute that suplex or Tidal Wave.

Best for Pre-Teens: Bandai Namco Games Digimon All-Star Rumble

Digimon All-Star Rumble is a light fighting game on the Xbox 360 perfect for everyone 10 years and up due to its cute characters and easy to play controls. The game includes an all-star cast of 12 unique Digimon characters that fans will recognize from the show.

Do battle in 3D battle arenas taken from the Digimon universe including a train terminal called Digital Station and in the heart of an active volcano named the Lava Pit. During fights, players can build up their power meter to Digivolve to a more powerful version of their character and deal out massive damage. Story mode delves into each of the character's backstories while versus mode lets you and a friend face off.

Best for Dragon Ball Fans: Bandai Namco Games Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon Ball Xenoverse captures all of the fast-paced action and huge battles of the Dragon Ball anime in a frenetic fighting game. Fights take places on the ground, in the air and underwater in huge 3D battle arenas that fans of the series will recognize from the Dragon Ball universe.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse features a roster of all your favorite Dragon Ball characters (including Goku, Piccolo, Frieza and many more) and gives you the option to make your own customizable character. In the story mode, your created character becomes an apprentice, learning moves from all of the other Dragon Ball characters and attempts to stop two time-traveling villains seeking to alter history. The game goes the extra mile with detailed facial expressions, dialogue and graphics to make it the only Dragon Ball Z fighter worth buying for Xbox 360.

Best for Weapon-Based Fighting: Bandai Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV is an Xbox 360 fighting game that specializes in weapon-based combat. Players choose characters who specialize in a certain weapon such as swords, axes, whips and even lightsabers. The game rewards players with thoughtful timing and quick reflexes.

Soul Caliber IV's roster includes classic characters from the previous games, a guest appearance by Jedi Master Yoda and the ability to make your own character. Multiple modes provide variations of gameplay including a dedicated story mode surrounding the game’s lore, a standard versus mode, practice and more. The game is accessible for beginners but includes all the technicalities for more experienced players along with extensive single-player challenges and more.