The 9 Best Workout Headphones of 2020

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Bose SoundSport Wireless at Amazon

"Equipped with StayHear+ eartips with soft silicon fins for a fit that's comfortably loose but also secure and snug."

Most Popular: SENSO Bluetooth Headphones at Amazon

"Offering state of the art acoustic components for rich, full sound quality with deep bass and clear treble."

Best for Running: Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport Headphones at Amazon

"Eight hours of battery life will power you through a quick jog around the block or a marathon."

Runner-Up, Best for Comfort: Bose SoundSport Pulse at Amazon

"With a built-in heart rate sensor, these headphones are capable of providing you detailed information about your run."

Runner-Up, Best Budget: Latitude Wireless Headphones at Amazon

"Delivers rich, pure wireless sound with aptX technology."

Best for Swimming: Stream Waterproof Bluetooth Player at Amazon

"Featuring an IPX8 rating, which means the headphones are 100-percent waterproof."

Best Budget: Anker SoundBuds Slim at Amazon

"Giving you features that are slashed on most other budget headphones."

Best Battery Life: Jaybird Tarah Pros at Best Buy

"Just two hours of charging gives you up to 14 hours of music."

Best Wired: RHA T20i at Amazon

"Combining unfettered, lossless sound with the durability you would otherwise get from a premium set of wireless buds."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Bose SoundSport Wireless


The best workout headphones should be comfortable to wear and have a secure fit. The sweat-proof Bose SoundSport wireless headphones are both. They come with small, medium and large earbuds that are each equipped with StayHear+ eartips with soft silicon fins. This offers a fit that’s comfortably loose, but also secure and snug. As a runner or biker, it’s especially important that you’re aware of your surroundings while out on the road, and the SoundSport let ambient sound filter in for safety.

As far as sound goes, the Bose SoundSport headphones deliver booming bass that will keep your blood pumping all workout long. And with a six-hour battery life, you should be able to squeeze in about a week’s worth of workouts before re-charging.

Most Popular: SENSO Bluetooth Headphones


SENSO Bluetooth Headphones are hugely popular for good reason; despite a remarkably low price point, they boast eight hours of battery life, Bluetooth 4.1 CSR tech and IPX-7 waterproof rating.

The SENSO Bluetooth Headphones offer state of the art acoustic components for rich, full sound quality with deep bass and clear treble. Their lithium polymer batteries charge in under 1.5 hours and offer 240 hours of standby. With its Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology, you can connect your mobile devices up to 30 feet away. Its CVC 6.0 noise suppression means you can enjoy your music without any outside interference. The headphones come with a one-year warranty.

Best for Running: Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport Headphones


With thousands of options on the market, finding the best headphones for running is no easy task. But thanks to the Jaybird X4s — which hit all the right notes when it comes to comfort, sound, and battery — you can call off your search. Each of the ultra-foam tips is designed to conform to individual ear canals. Add in thermo-reactive technology for enhanced sound and the Jaybird X4 already appears to be a winner.

It’s not just the thermo-technology that helps the Jaybird sound good, though. A custom equalizer (EQ) is available on the company’s smartphone app. From there, you can save your own personal settings for the best sound.

Every good running headset should be able to withstand the constant drip of sweat. The Jaybird meets this requirement and then some with an IPX7 rating that ensures you can run rain or shine. No matter the outside conditions, eight hours of battery life will power you through a quick jog around the block or the marathon you’ve committed to finishing. A ten-minute quick recharge will get you 60 minutes of battery life in a pinch. 

Runner-Up, Best for Comfort: Bose SoundSport Pulse


Not to be confused with the original Bose SoundSport, the Wireless Pulse adds an entirely new feature to distinguish itself. With a built-in heart rate sensor, these headphones are capable of providing you detailed information about your run. Connecting to the smartphone app, Pulse owners can see heart rate performance in real time. For serious runners, this will help guide them to step up the run or pull back.

Managing your heart rate isn’t the only highlight of the Pulse. When you move, twist, or turn during running, the last thing you want are headphones that move. Bose’s StayHear+ headphone tips stay in your ears no matter what. The gentle seal that’s created is not only comfortable but also serves to block out ambient noise. The extended wing above the tip also works to keep the headphone in place.

Unfortunately, every run can’t completely remove the world around you. If a call comes in, the inline microphone can answer and end calls. Along with the mic, the inline remote doubles as a way to adjust volume or pause/play music. Five hours of battery life are available with every charge.

Runner-Up, Best Budget: AUKEY Latitude Wireless Headphones


Aukey Latitude’s simple design won’t turn any heads, but when it comes to audio quality, these headphones bring their A-game. Enjoy the rich, pure wireless sound of their aptX technology and choose from three EQ settings to enhance your personal listening experience.

The earbuds feature a two-part design, with a slim in-ear tip and an ear-hook, both made from a sturdy, comfortable silicone material that isolates sound without causing strain. The headphones boast an IPX4 water-resistance rating to guard against sweat and rain, along with magnetic tips that fasten around your neck for hands-free convenience. The battery life lasts is about eight hours — that's 120 songs — and the headphones take just 90 minutes to fully recharge. Aukey also offers a 45-day money back guarantee and a 24-month product replacement warranty should the wireless earbuds not live up to your expectations. 

Best for Swimming: Stream Waterproof Bluetooth Player by H20 Audio


When it comes to top-notch underwater performance, nothing compares to the Stream Waterproof Bluetooth player and Headphones by H20 Audio. The water-friendly gadget features an IPX8 rating, which means the headphones are 100-percent waterproof, impervious to perspiration, rain and even submersion up to 12 feet in water. Competitive athletes will be impressed by the product’s hydrodynamic design, which H20 Audio boasts as being “designed by swimmers, for swimmers.” The headphones are tailored to promote proper alignment in the ears and come with eight different sized earbuds, practically ensuring maximum comfort and security.

In terms of audio quality, these headphones sound as good as they feel, with premium underwater sound performance and a punchy bass. The MP3 player has 10 hours of battery life and an 8 GB memory to fit all your favorite music (that's up to 2,000 tunes). The Stream also offers Bluetooth connectivity, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work underwater. Still, with a 30-foot range, Bluetooth works perfectly for jogging and other on-land workouts.

Best Budget: Anker SoundBuds Slim


For less than $30, the Anker SoundBuds Slim gives you features slashed on most other budget headphones, including wireless audio, a solid microphone and an intuitive remote.

The SoundBuds are made of rubber that make them water-resistant rated at IPX4 and they house 6mm drivers that will deliver a solid bass. The battery will last you about seven hours, which is impressive in this price range, and they come with an extensive array of customizable earbud and ear fin options to ensure the perfect fit for your ear. Best yet: If you’re uncertain about buying budget headphones, you can rest easy because Anker offers an 18-month warranty.

Best Battery Life: Jaybird Tarah Pros

Jaybird Tarah Pro

Best Buy

These Tarah Pro headphones are one of the more premium offerings from Jaybird’s lineup of workout headphones, and they offer a few features you won’t find in the more affordable X series. They earn this spot on our list because of the amount of playtime you get on a single charge. Just two hours of charging gives you up to 14 hours of music (almost double the play time of the brand’s other headphones). On top of that, you can plug in the Tarah Pros for just five minutes and get a full two hours of music time, which is great if you’re pressed for time. There’s a waterproof rating of IPX7, which means they’ll work well in inclement weather and you won’t have to worry if they’re exposed to sweat for a long period of time.

The sturdy, braided cable seems is also pretty premium, and they’ve built the earbuds themselves on a swivel, so you can wear them both under or over your ears depending on what’s most comfortable. There are also three sizes of wing-shaped silicone tips included in the box for extra comfort and a more customizable fit. Fire up the accompanying Jaybird app to customize the EQ and sound settings, and these earbuds will support you through any run or workout routine.

Best Wired: RHA T20i

Most of the time, workout headphones should be wireless. Considering Bluetooth technology has come so far, cutting the cord will give you more time to run and go to the gym without the extra step of plugging your headphones into an audio source. But, at the same time, Bluetooth still isn't perfect. For one, it inhibits sound quality, resulting in a spectrum of sound narrower than that of analog, wired technology. The RHA T20i earbuds reel in the best of both worlds, combining unfettered, lossless sound with the durability you would otherwise get from a premium set of wireless buds.

These dual-driver headphones offer a high frequency response range — from 16Hz to 40,000Hz — and, because it employs a DualCoil system, it is able to dedicate an independently voiced driver to respective sections of the frequency spectrum. In other words, they sound amazing. And they're really sturdy, too, a symptom of their oxygen-free copper wire-connected injection-molded stainless steel enclosures.

Open up the box and you'll find eight different silicon tips, all at different sizes, along with proprietary foam tips for a tighter seal. Best of all, for working out, its over-ear wings are made of bendable cabling. Tighten them up or loosen them as you see fit.

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Our Process

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What to Look for in a Pair of Workout Headphones

Comfort - It’s possible you’ll be using your workout headphones for up to a couple of hours a day. If you go for an in-ear style, make sure they are comfortable and the ear tips fit securely in your ears. For other styles, ensure that they will stay put, even during vigorous activity.

Waterproof - One important factor in which pair of headphones you’ll buy is the kind of workout you’ll be doing. If you’re a runner, you may want waterproof headphones that will last through a rain shower. Or you may just want a water-resistant pair that can stand up to sweat.

Price - Like any other piece of technology, you can spend a lot of money on headphones, so make sure you know what features are important to you. If you’re an audiophile, you may be willing to pay more for better sound quality. Alternatively, having fully waterproof headphones for swimming might be worth a splurge.

Test Results: Bose SoundSport (Best Overall)

What We Like
  • High-quality sound

  • Solid battery life

  • Comfortable fit

What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive

  • Small, tough-to-find power button

Bose SoundSport
Bose SoundSport
Bose SoundSport
Bose SoundSport
Bose SoundSport

For our reviewers, the best feature of these headphones was their superior sound quality. “Bose has a great reputation for sound quality,” one said, “and these earbuds live up to the reputation.” Our testers found that this pair was also quite comfortable, and had better-quality bass sound than other earbuds. In terms of drawbacks, one reviewer thought that the power button was small and difficult to find.

Test Results: SENSO Bluetooth Headphones (Most Popular)

What We Like
  • Customizable fit

  • Premium quality

  • Great bass response

What We Don’t Like
  • Some connectivity problems

  • Muddy sound

  • Muffled microphone sound

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones
SENSO Headphones
SENSO Bluetooth
SENSO Bluetooth exercise Headphones

Our testers loved the fit and construction of the SENSO Bluetooth Headphones. “The over-ear wings can be adjusted and hold firm to any ear shape,” remarked one of our reviewers. Calling them “ideal for EDM and pop music fans,” one of our testers noted, “You get a surprising amount of bass for such small drivers.” However, while the bass response was great, one of our reviewers said “the rest of the frequency spectrum gets covered up, resulting in a sound that lacks detail.” One of our testers also had issues with disconnecting and reconnecting the earbuds and said the lack of remote/placement of the microphone made phone calls muffled. In general, though, our reviewers recommended these as a “reliable” set of earbuds.

Test Results: Jaybird X3 (Best for Comfort)

What We Like
  • Multiple bud and wing options to ensure a comfortable fit

  • Great sound quality

  • Strong battery life

What We Don’t Like
  • Cumbersome charger

  • Could be louder

Jaybird X3
Jaybird X3
Jaybird X3
Jaybird X3

This comfortable pair of headphones “fits securely and doesn’t fall out during workouts,” wrote one of our reviewers. Plus, with its app and strong Bluetooth connection, our testers never had any of the connectivity issues that plague some wireless headphones. Their eight-hour battery life also helped one of our reviewers avoid having to recharge throughout the day — which included a trip to the gym. However, on the flip side, one tester wished these earbuds were a bit louder.

Test Results: Anker SoundBuds Slim (Best Budget)

What We Like
  • Super comfortable

  • Good sound quality

  • Easy to control

What We Don't Like
  • Spotty Bluetooth connectivity

  • Microphone positioning not convenient

Anker SoundBuds Slim
Anker SoundBuds Slim Headphones
Anker SoundBuds Slim
Anker SoundBuds Slim Speaker
Anker SoundBuds Slim Controls

Our testers loved these headphones for their high-quality sound, “handy controls at the fingertip,” and comfort level, with one of our reviewers calling the product “an almost perfect design.” One of our testers loved that “magnets at the end of earbuds make it sit nicely around neck when not in use,” but noted the one thing she would change is the positioning of the microphone, which sometimes slips behind the neck. One of our reviewers also thought the Bluetooth range and connectivity could be improved. “Overall, this product is great and value for money,” one of our testers declared.

Test Results: Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport Headphones (Best for Running)

What We Like
  • Attractive design

  • Quality build

  • Intuitive accompanying app

What We Don't Like
  • Super tight fit

  • Not USB compatible for charging

  • Sound a bit muffled

Jaybird X4
Jaybird X4 headphones
Jaybird headphones
X4 headphones
Jaybird X4 exercise headphones

According to our testers, if you’re in the market for “athletic-first earbuds,” these are a great purchase. “The cool color options, the understated earbud design, and the substantial rubber casing are all great for athletes and runners,” raved one of our reviewers. And while one of our testers warned the tight fit is uncomfortable and also affects the sound quality a bit, he felt “runners will love the build quality, bass response, and snug fit.” Another major plus, according to our testers, is the accompanying app: “It has really intuitive EQ controls and presets, ‘find my earbuds’ functionality, and even how-to guides,” revealed one of our reviewers.