15 Best Workflows for Apple's iOS Workflow App

Awesome ways Apple's Workflow app can make your life easier

Workflow is a free app for iOS devices that lets you run complicated tasks with just a few buttons. A workflow can be custom made or you can grab pre-made ones, and they work with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch.

The Workflow app can tap into many different areas of the device. Each function that the app supports is called an "action" that Workflow can use to perform a specific task. Multiple actions can be combined into one overall task, and this is when Workflow is most helpful - when it can run several behind-the-scenes tasks to do something complex.

How to Use the Workflow App

Some of these workflows are custom-made, which means you won't find them in the Gallery section of the Workflow app. To get them, just open the link provided below from your phone or tablet, and then choose Get Workflow when asked.

Certain workflows are best run as a Today Widget that you can use from the Notification area of your device or from the first home screen page (when you swipe all the way to the left), while others are more easily used from an Apple Watch, the home screen of your device, or through the action menu (like when you share something from your phone or tablet).

Most workflows can be setup to run from any of those areas but we'll call out which type of workflow is best for each of these tasks below.

Screenshot of a workflow that shows you directions to your next calendar event
Directions to Next Event Workflow.

If your calendar events have a location attached to them, this workflow is extremely handy to jump right into your favorite navigation app to see not only how to get to where you're going but how long it will take too.

When you open this workflow, you can choose which event to navigate to but you can also customize some other things to make it more appropriate for you and your events.

Download the Directions to Next Event Workflow

In this workflow's settings, you can make it see events that start anywhere from seconds away from the current time to years in the future, change the map mode to driving or walking, only query events that are not all day long, and set which GPS app to use for navigation.

This workflow is great for both Apple Watch and iPhones and iPads. You can set it up for the Today Widget and/or Apple Watch workflow type in the settings. More »

Screenshot of a workflow for iPhones and Apple Watch that lets you instantly play any playlist from Apple Music
Play Playlist Workflow.

Do you always play the same music when working out but hate to open the Apple Music app or navigate around your Apple Watch just to open the same playlist each time?

Use the Play Playlist workflow to instantly start your favorite playlist whenever you want, from wherever you want, with just one tap.

Download the Play Playlist Workflow

You can instead choose to have the workflow ask you which playlist to play when you open it. You can also pre-enable shuffle and/or repeat.

Note: Unlike some workflows, this one does not pop up with any alerts or prompts asking you for anything (unless you want it to). Just customize the workflow and your music will start playing instantly when you open it. This screenshot above just shows the different options you have when customizing it. More »

Screenshot of the Speed Dial workflow on an iPhone
Speed Dial Workflow.

If you find yourself calling the same few people often, use the Speed Dial Workflow to add those numbers into a little menu that you can store as a Today Widget.

If you have more than one number stored in the Speed Dial menu, you get to choose which one to call when you tap it. Otherwise, it will of course prompt you to dial the only number you've stored.

Download the Speed Dial Workflow

There isn't much to customize with this very simple Workflow except for the icon and name, but it's extremely useful.

If you don't want to preset a number, just choose Ask When Run in the phone number text box. That way, when you run the workflow, you can choose any contact you want or type in any phone number.

This workflow is best used as a Today Widget or Apple Watch workflow. If you're on your iPhone, just swipe left on your home screen and tap the workflow to start calling someone. More »

Screenshot of a workflow that helps you find pizza, gas, or anything else
Find Gas (or Anything) Workflow.

If you're already low on gas, there's no need to waste more time opening your map and searching for nearby convenience stores.

Use this Workflow as a Today Widget to find the closest gas station and then immediately get directions to one.

Download the Find Gas (or Anything) Workflow

You can customize the distance of the gas stations that you're given as well as which map app should be used to give you directions.

In fact, you even change the workflow altogether to find anything, be it restaurants, parks, museums, etc. Edit the workflow and change gas to wherever you want, even Ask When Run so that you can search for anything without having to edit the workflow. More »

Screenshot of a tip calculator workflow on an iPhone
Calculate Tip Workflow.

It's best to have your tip calculations ready to go when it's time to pay. This workflow does all the math for you, including not only how much the tip amount is but also what the total bill is when added to the tip amount.

When you launch this workflow, you're asked for the amount of the bill and then the tip percentage that you want to have applied. The tip amount and total price are displayed for you like you see in this picture.

Download the Calculate Tip Workflow

This workflow is fully customizable from the tip percentage all the way down to the number of decimal places to calculate. You can modify the options to include a smaller or larger tip percentage and even customize the final alert box.

The Calculate Tip workflow works with any device, be it your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

If you make it a Today Widget on your phone, for example, you can launch it from the Notification center and never have to open the Workflow app. More »

Screenshot of the Photo Grid workflow that can make a photo collage on an iPhone or iPad
Photo Grid Workflow.

The Photo Grid workflow is a prime example of how advanced the Workflow app can be but still make user input as simple as a few taps.

When you open this workflow, you get to choose which images you want to build a collage out of. Everything else happens automatically to spit out a collage with all your photos in it.

You can then save it or share it like you can any image on your device.

Download the Photo Grid Workflow

We don't recommend trying to edit much of this workflow since most it involves if/then statements and plenty of variables that don't need modified.

However, if you'd rather have the workflow do something else with the collage when it's done making it instead of just show you the picture, you can remove Quick Look from the very bottom and add a different action.

For example, choosing Save to Photo Album will instantly save the image without asking you what to do with it. Send Message will open a new text message window with the collage already inserted into the body. More »

Screenshot of a workflow on iPhone that shows where an image was taken
Where Was This Taken? Workflow.

Ever wanted to see where a picture was taken from? You can extract the GPS from a picture with this workflow, but that's not all it does.

When you open this workflow, a pop-up message will tell you when the image was taken and how far away it was taken from your current location (if it's more than one mile away).

Then, the workflow will open your navigation program to show you, on a map, where the picture was taken.

Download the Where Was This Taken? Workflow

This workflow is best used as a Normal or Today Widget.

Some options you might want to adjust with this workflow is the "if greater than" value so that the pop-up will not give you a distance for images taken more than one mile away. You can also adjust any of the message text. More »

Screenshot of a workflow showing how long it takes to travel to any destination
Travel Time to Address Workflow.

With this workflow, you no longer need to open an address in your GPS app just to see how long it will take to get there. Just "share" the address with this workflow to get an alert showing you the time to get there.

If you decide that you do want to start navigating there, you'll be given that option from the pop-up menu.

Download the Travel Time to Address Workflow

This workflow is best used as an Action Extension so that you can highlight an address and then tap Share... to get the travel information. More »

Screenshot of an RSS reader workflow for iPhone
RSS Reader Workflow.

Workflow includes a Browse Top News workflow that you can modify to make into your own custom RSS news reader.

When you run this workflow, the different websites that you've set up RSS feeds from will show in a menu. Pick one to read the news from that website and a new page will show that gives you a list of articles that you can open.

Download the RSS Reader Workflow

This RSS reader is totally customizable and is best used as a Normal or Today Widget.

From the menu section at the top, enter your own favorite websites that you want to read news from. 

In each corresponding section below the menu, paste the RSS feed's URL. Below that, pick how many items should be fetched from the RSS feed. This is how many articles will show up in the list of feed items to pick from.

You can even add filters to only show articles from a certain author, ones that include certain words of your choosing, and more. You can even change which browser to read the news in, from Safari to something else like Chrome. More »

Screenshot of the Video to GIF iPhone workflow
Video to GIF Workflow.

There are two GIF Workflows that are great for making a GIF file from your iPhone or iPad. 

One is Shoot A GIF which prompts you to take multiple photos so that it can turn them into a GIF. The other is called Video to GIF and does just that: you can convert videos and Live Photos stored on your device directly into GIF files.

With the first GIF maker workflow, you can adjust how many photos you'll be required to take, the number of seconds that each photo should be seen when the GIF is made, whether to loop the GIF, and more.

The video-to-GIF maker lets you trim the video to create a GIF of any clip.

With either workflow, you also have the option to remove the very last Quick Look action to be anything you want. Maybe you want to save the GIF to your phone or tablet or email or text it someone immediately after it's been made. Those options can be added from the Actions menu. More »

Screenshot of the birthday reminder workflow on an iPhone
Birthday Reminder Workflow.

This workflow will find the contacts on your device that have birthdays within the next week and then compile them into one list.

This is a great way to get a heads up of anyone having a birthday in the next few days, or even months if you customize the workflow to include birthdays further into the future.

Download the Birthday Reminder Workflow

You can modify this little app to adjust how many contacts are shown in the alert, change what the alert says, choose when their birthday must be in order to be shown in the alert, sort the list of names, and more. More »

Screenshot of the delete last photo workflow
Delete Last Photo Workflow.

If you're one to take lots of temporary screenshots or always find that you're deleting blurry pictures you just took, then this workflow will quickly become your best friend.

It makes it much easier to delete recent photos rather than opening the full Photos app just to remove some pictures.

Download the Delete Last Photo Workflow

Make this a Today Widget so that you can use it from the Notification area or home screen, and just tap it once to instantly be prompted to delete the last photo that was saved.

Keep using it to remove the most recently added images. For example, you can tap it once to delete the most recent picture and then again to delete the new most recent picture, and so on.

If you want, you can customize the picture count to be even more, like 10 if you want to be asked to delete that many at once. You can even include or exclude screenshots from this workflow. More »

Screenshot of how the google chrome search workflow works
Chrome Google Search Workflow.

Safari is the default web browser for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, so it's common for other apps to open web pages in Safari instead of other browsers like Google Chrome.

This workflow is useful if you always find yourself opening Chrome to use Google. Just highlight any text that you want to search for in Chrome, and then use the Share... button to open this Google Chrome search workflow.

The text you highlighted will be imported into a new Google search result in Chrome. This works not only from Safari but also any application that lets you select and share text.

Download the Chrome Google Search Workflow

For this workflow to actually work, it must be set up as an Action Extension workflow. As you can see in this screenshot in Safari, tapping Run Workflow would open the same highlighted text in a new Google search within Google Chrome.

Bonus: If you like searching in Chrome, you might also like the Open URL in Chrome workflow that can quickly open links from other browsers directly in Chrome. It works in much the same way as this Google search one. More »

Screenshot of the Clean Completed Reminders workflow
Clean Completed Reminders Workflow.

It's easy to get reminders on your iOS device, dismiss them or complete them, and then just leave them be in the Reminders app. This is a surefire way to clutter up the app with old and useless reminders.

Use the Clean Completed Reminders workflow to instantly get rid of all of those completed reminders that you don't need.

Download the Clean Completed Reminders Workflow

This workflow is built in a way where it only searches for completed reminders, but you can add other filters too if you want to find and remove specific reminders.

For example, you can clean reminders from certain lists, only delete reminders that have a specific due date, delete ones that match a specific creation date or title, only remove reminders that aren't completed, etc. - there are lots of filters you can set up here. More »

Screenshot of the running late iPhone workflow
Running Late Workflow.

If you're often late to your calendar events, this Running Late workflow will save you time letting someone know that you won't be there on time.

When you run this workflow, you can choose which event you're late to, and a new text message window will automatically insert the text "Running a little late to <event>! Be there in <time it takes to drive to event>."

For example, if you're late to a hockey game with some friends, the message might say "Running a little late to hockey! Be there in 35 minutes."

Download the Running Late Workflow

By default, this workflow will work just as it's been described above.

However, you can make a lot of changes to it to really customize how it works with not only your events (which ones it finds) but also what the message says (any of the text can be changed), whether a contact should be preloaded into the compose box, and what app to send the message through (maybe you prefer email or WhatsApp). More »

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