The 6 Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts of 2020

Recharging your phone just got a whole lot easier

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The Rundown
"One of our favorites due to its smooth setup, fast charging capabilities and compatibility."
"Gets the job done at a budget-friendly price."
"Has a nearly invisible design, using magnetic technology to secure the phone to the mount."
"Compatible with an incredibly wide range of devices so that you don’t have to consistently swap out mounts."
Best for Dashboard Mounting:
ELLESYE Car Phone Holder at Amazon
"This charger sits closer to your line of vision so you don’t need to constantly glance down."
"This dual wireless charging dock custom designed for Tesla Model 3s."

The best wireless phone charging car mounts hold your phone in place while making sure your battery never dies out. Car mounts are great for driving. If you use Google Maps, Waze, or another app as a GPS, they keep your phone in an easy access area perfect for viewing navigation. By charging your phone, these mounts also make sure your battery never dies out while you are out on an important journey, so you will always have access to maps, emergency calls, etc.

When looking for your new device holder, consider its location in your vehicle. Some prefer to have it attached to the dashboard like the iOttie Easy One Touch at Amazon, while others prefer vent attachment styled like the Nesolo 10W QI Wireless Car Charger at Amazon. The Nesolo 10W QI even lets you wirelessly charge your device while it is inside its case creating another added layer of convenience.

Secure your phone service in more ways than one with one of the best wireless phone charging car mounts.

Best Overall: Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Car Charger

Anker has established itself as one of the leading phone accessory brands, making premier phone cases and battery packs that both look great and work well. Its wireless car charger joins the club, as one of our favorites due to its smooth setup, fast charging capabilities, and compatibility.

It clips onto almost any car’s air vents, with the exception of spiral-style vents. Once mounted, just place your phone down and its device-detection technology will conform to secure your device — no fiddling required. It is compatible with most new Qi-enabled smartphone models, including Samsungs (up to 10W) and iPhones (up to 7.5W) though some may require a Quick Charge 3.0 car charger. It even charges phones with protective cases us to 5 millimeters thick. The mount can rotate so you can use your phone in landscape or portrait orientation and the included two-port charger lets you charge up additional devices.

Best Budget: Nesolo 10W QI Wireless Car Charger

Driving costs add up. Between gas, tolls, maintenance, parking, and insurance, the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on peripheral accessories. Lucky for you, this Nesolo 10W wireless car charger gets the job done at a budget-friendly price. Some chargers hardly better your battery if your phone is in use, but this 10W charger will juice you up even while using GPS and playing music.

The design uses simple air vent installation and its handy gravity linkage principle keeps your phone secured in place with automatic locking and release. It’s compatible with most modern smartphone models, from four-inch screens to seven-inch screens, including iPhone 8 through iPhone X; Galaxy S7 through S9; and Note 5 through 8. That means it also works with most phone cases that are less than .3 inches thick. (Note: Nesolo recommends using the Quick Charger 3.0 Adapter when charging with a case.)

On top of that, its intelligent protection technology prevents dangers like overcurrents, short-circuiting and overheating. And you can feel even safer knowing that the charger has gone through rigorous testing before being shipped. Nesolo offers a one-year warranty and promises responsive customer service within 24 hours.

Best Design: DOCA Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

The smartest design is the design you don’t notice. This DOCA magnetic wireless charger has a nearly invisible design, using magnetic technology to secure the phone to the mount. While it requires pasting a thin magnetic plate between your phone and its case, once the setup is done, it’s entirely hassle-free. The square wireless mount can be attached to either the air vent or the dashboard and the car mount has swivel ball allowing 360-degree all direction rotation. The charger has four strong magnets to attract the magnetic plate installed in your device, ensuring a very sturdy mount. However, DOCA warns that if your case is metal or thicker than 3 millimeters, it may not work.

The charger is compatible with most smartphones, including iPhone XR, XS, Max, X, 8, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8/S8 Plus. However, some people who had larger phones said that the magnet wasn’t strong enough to hold up their phone. If that turns out to be the case, rest easy knowing the charger also comes with an 18-month warranty and has a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.

Most Compatible: iOttie Easy One Touch

Do you have separate work and personal smartphones? Or perhaps you share your car with someone who has a different smartphone model than you? If that’s the case, you’ll want to purchase this iOttie Easy One Touch fast charger car mount. It’s compatible with an incredibly wide range of devices so that you don’t have to consistently swap out mounts.

This design mounts to your dashboard or windshield using a suctioned semi-permanent pad, although some people note that it doesn’t work so well on leather dashboards. The phone grip uses a patented lock and release mechanism with automatic locking arms to keep your phone securely in place. It also has a telescopic arm that extends from 4.9 inches to 8.3 inches and pivots on a 225-degree arc so you can angle it at nearly any position you could need. It supports Qi Wireless Fast Charging, which iOttie claims charges your devices up to 40 percent faster than standard wireless charging. While this feature is only available for Qi Wireless Fast Charge-Enabled Devices, other Qi-enabled devices will charge at the standard speed. The mount also has an additional USB port to charge your secondary device.

Best for Dashboard Mounting: ELLESYE Car Phone Holder

If you prefer a wireless car charger that mounts to your car’s dashboard or windshield rather than the air vent, look no further than this ELLESYE charger. When using GPS, this charger sits closer to your line of vision so you don’t need to constantly glance down. Better yet, its wireless fast-charging capabilities mean that your phone’s battery won’t drain down while navigating.

The base has a strong suction cup that extracts air out to attach the charger securely onto your dashboard or windshield. Its arm can extend from 2.8 inches to 4.76 inches and can rotate 270 degrees so you can adjust to your preferred viewing position. You can also flip your phone from portrait orientation to landscape easily. The mount is suitable for phones from four to six inches, which includes most recent models like the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. And its charging capabilities are superior: One reviewer rated the charging speed at about 50 seconds per one percent, on par with most home chargers.

Best for Tesla: BASENOR Model 3 Dual QI Wireless Phone Charging Dock

Do you have a Tesla Model 3? Lucky you. But it would be a shame to muck up such an intelligently designed car with a clunky windshield or dashboard mount. Instead, spring for this dual wireless charging dock custom designed for Tesla Model 3s. It seamlessly integrates into the center console for a complete factory look.

Installation is easy and well-documented, using no tools but two just USB splitters (included). Once installed, you can just drop your phone onto the charging dock, no plug-in required, and pick it up when you’re ready to use it. It can charge two devices simultaneously at up to 10W output for each side but also supports 7.5W charging for iPhones. When tested with an iPhone X, it charged one percent of power in 2 to 3 minutes with 5V 2A USB input. The charging dock automatically shuts off when your Tesla is off, and two sleek LED charging lights can tell you at a glance whether your phone is charging. Tesla owners praise this charging dock for its simple installation, ability to charge even through wallet-style cases, and accurate fit so phones aren’t slipping and sliding throughout the drive.