The 10 Best Wireless Mice to Buy in 2017

Make sure you're buying the right mouse for your computing needs

The days of wireless mice being “laggy,” slow or otherwise unresponsive compared to their corded brethren are long behind us. Today, it’s the wireless mouse that’s moving this accessory staple forward with designs that range from simple and inexpensive to detailed ergonomics made for prolonged use without hurting the hand. Not sure which wireless mouse is best for your computing needs? Keep reading to see our best picks (you'll notice that Logitech has developed a stronghold in the space).

Logitech’s MX Master wireless mouse is the overall best choice for shoppers. It features a unique thumb wheel for both horizontal navigation and advanced gestures, and it connects to both Windows and Mac computers via Bluetooth or with a unifying receiver. Capable of working on both glass and other desk and table tops, the Darkfield laser sensors works on any surface that’s at least 4mm thick.

It offers up to 40 days of power on a single charge and you can even juice it up for a full day's use in just under four minutes. Add in hand-sculpted comfort that’s contoured to the shape of your hand to work in a more natural position and you’ll find that using the Logitech day-to-day is worth every penny of its purchase price. As an extra bonus, buyers can even reassign buttons to customize the Logitech to their heart’s content.

VicTsing’s budget-friendly 2.4G portable wireless mouse is an incredible value that doesn’t skimp on features or comfort. Featuring five adjustable DPI (dots per inch) levels to easily adjust cursor sensitivity, there’s no need for any drivers here. Just plug in and go. With more than 33 feet of working distance from a PC, it has more than 15 months of battery life, as well as an energy-saving mode shutting the mouse off after 8 minutes of inactivity.

Additionally, there’s an ergonomic grip that’s contoured to the shape of the palm to help prevent fatigue, and a rubber scroll wheel makes sure there’s no slipping when scrolling. Side buttons offer forward and back capability while browsing online. It works on both laptops and desktops for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Logitech’s M570 wireless trackball mouse might not be the most eye-catching of the bunch, but its sculpted shape helps support and keep your hand in one place. The trackball bears all the workload weight with smooth, precise cursor control whether you’re working on your desk or any other room in the home or office. With battery life good for up to 18 months on one included AA battery, the 2.4GHz wireless connection works up to 30 feet away on both Windows and Mac operating systems. With a bevy of buttons and a unique design, there’s plenty of reason to think this mouse represents a new whole way of working online.

There’s no shortage of competition in the gaming wireless mouse space, so standing out from the pack requires an impressive set of features. Fortunately, Logitech’s G602 delivers with more than 250 hours of battery life and a shelf life rated at more than 20 million clicks. In fact, Logitech delivers a two-millisecond response rate alongside Delta Zero sensor technology. This gaming mouse offers both an ultra-durable build that can stand up to even the most intense gaming experience. Add in 11 programmable buttons and support for Windows and Mac operating systems and you’ll find a gaming-friendly mouse that won’t break the bank. Logitech claims a lag-free gaming-grade experience and the online reviews deliver with a 4.3 out of 5-star Amazon rating.

Ergonomically, a well-designed mouse provides comfort and efficiency over long periods of use. That’s why we love the Logitech M510 so much. The mouse is contoured comfortably to support your hand and wrist and there are rubber grips on the side for your thumb and pinky. Unfortunately, the two buttons on the left side limit its users to righties only.

As for productivity, you can customize shortcut tasks for all of its buttons to make it easier to do tasks such as switch applications, open windows and tabs or jump to full screen. The laser tracks smoothly across every surface (barring mirrored ones like glass) and Logitech claims the battery lasts up to two years with daily use. If you’re a power user, you’ll be pleased to know that Logitech’s Unifying receiver plugs in via USB and connects to up to six devices, including keyboards, to free up previous ports.

Designed solely for Apple’s computer line, the Magic Mouse 2 is a typical Apple design that skips on buttons and scroll wheels and opts for a multi-touch surface instead. Swiping between Web pages or scrolling through documents requires nothing more than the brush of a finger with minimal desk resistance, thanks to an optimized foot design. The built-in battery lasts around 30 days before requiring a recharge through the included Lightning-to-USB cable (it'll fullly charge in nine hours). Apple’s inclusion of multi-touch gestures such as swiping, scrolling and zooming are all a refreshing way to use the mouse. Weighing just 7.2-ounces, Apple’s unique take on the mouse offers a love-it-or-hate-it approach but if you love it, its feature-set is hard to resist.

Logitech’s Marathon Mouse M705 is appropriately named with battery life (powered by one AA battery) that can last up to three years. The M705 is so power efficient that it can vastly outlast most wireless mouse options on the market by 2x the total battery life. Fortunately, battery life isn’t all the M705 does well. It has an ergonomic design with a sculpted shape that fits your hand naturally. Advanced tracking offers an ultra-responsive and accurate cursor control while working on various surfaces without skipping a beat. The three integrated thumb buttons offer quick and easy multitasking with quick swapping between applications. With an easy-to-swallow price tag and battery life that can last longer than your computer, there’s plenty of reason to give the M705 a look.

Continuing its domination of the wireless mouse space, Logitech’s M335 is a compact and portable option that easily fits in your bag or pocket and offers the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere, anytime. The curved and textured rubber shape helps provide a sense of comfort and grip, even after hours of work have passed. The simplified design offers a navigation and tilt wheel, which feels sparse compared to other mouse options in the wireless space, but the M335 gets the job done. Capable of working on Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS computers, the unifying receiver is miniature and doesn’t stick out from the laptop more than a few centimeters. Additionally, a single AA battery offers more than 18 month of battery life.

While a mouse usually works to reduce and eliminate extraneous noise, Logitech’s M330 silent wireless mouse reduces total click sound by up to 90 percent. You can say goodbye to both noises and distractions for your cubicle neighbor with a mouse that offers the same click feel as a “traditional” wireless mouse while offering a high-performance material feel and rubber wheel that whispers along quietly. Add in two years of battery life on a single AA battery and 33 feet of range on both Windows, Chromebook, Linux and Apple computers and the M330 continues to shine as a wireless mouse favorite. Additionally, ultra-precise movement works on just about any surface.

Logitech’s quest to capture the best parts of the wireless mice market continues with the release of the Logitech MX Master 2S wireless mouse. Right out of the gate the extra features will win you over with functions such as Logitech Flow, which allows PC or Mac users to control multiple devices effortlessly and has the capability to copy and paste content and documents between multiple computers. Ultimately, the dual connectivity of the Logitech allows it to connect with up to three Windows or Mac machines via the unifying receiver or onboard Bluetooth technology.

Road warriors and home office users alike will love the Logitech’s “anywhere” build that offers the mouse the ability to track on virtually any type of surface (4mm minimum thickness), including glass. Combine the go-anywhere feature with up to 70 days of power on a single charge and it’s easy to understand why Logitech makes some of the most popular mice the world over. Beyond its strong list of features and functionality, the Logitech is made for comfort with an ergonomically comfortable and natural position for your hand.


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