The 9 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets of 2021

Ditch the wires when you game

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The Rundown
"Gives you all the best features you could want—and for a reasonable price."
"Produces surprisingly rich highs and lows for the price, with support for virtual surround sound."
Best Clarity:
Logitech G533 at Amazon
"Its 2.4-GHz wireless audio is low-latency, lossless, and clear."
"Its sound quality will have even discerning audiophiles using it, not just for games, but for music and movies as well."
"These headphones can go a whopping 30 hours before needing a charge."
"HyperSense truly adds extra levels of immersion to your gaming experience."
Best for Xbox Series X|S:
Razer Kaira Pro at Amazon
"Sounds great, whether you're navigating the chaos of the battlefield or enjoying your favorite tunes."
"The PS5's Tempest 3D audio tech makes it a must-purchase."
"This low-key, comfortable headset relies on leatherette ear pads and mesh to make it comfortable for long-term wear. "

When it comes to seeking out the best wireless gaming headsets, there are a wide variety of different full-featured options these days to choose from. For the most part, you'll get the same type of quality with the same laundry list of features you can expect from the best wired headsets on the market.

But not every headset can be considered the best wireless gaming headset. There are a few important factors that you should keep in mind when picking one up: what the one you have your heart set on is compatible with (Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Switch, and PC), as well as its laundry list of functionality. 

You also need to keep in mind the same things you would with any other headphones: audio quality, mic clarity, comfort, design, and noise cancellation. We've assembled the top picks across several different use cases and options out there, so you can find something that works best for you.

Best Overall: SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset
What We Like
  • Excellent boom mic

  • Great wireless range

  • Compatible with all consoles and PC

What We Don't Like
  • Few extra frills

If you’re a serious gamer looking for a serious wireless headset, the latest version of the SteelSeries Arctis 7 gives you all the best features you could want. Lag-free audio is critical, and you’ll definitely get low-latency, lossless audio with an all-around high-quality, balanced sound. The Discord-certified ClearCast boom microphone provides excellent recording quality and background noise reduction, too, so nothing gets in the way of clear communication with your teammates.

At the same time, the top-notch sound comes with the convenience and flexibility of a wide 40-foot wireless range and an impressive 24 hours of battery life. The Arctis 7 connects wirelessly on the 2.4-GHz frequency through a USB dongle, making it compatible with PC and Mac computers as well as the Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. You also have the option of making a wired connection to phones or any other sources with an audio jack.

The design of the Arctis 7 is relatively straightforward compared to other gamer-centric peripherals. It comes in black and white color options and not many other frills, but the build quality can’t be denied. The headset feels well-made and sturdy enough to survive drops and everyday wear. Velcro straps on either side make the elastic “ski-goggle” headband fully adjustable, allowing it to securely and comfortably crown just about any head size and shape.

"The best, most comfortable gaming headset out there for marathon sessions." — Alan Bradley, Tech Editor

Best Budget: Turtle Beach Wireless Gaming Headset

What We Like
  • Excellent 50mm drivers

  • Useful equalizer presets

  • Glasses friendly

What We Don't Like
  • Fairly limited range

With versions designed for PS4/PC and Xbox One/PC, Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 headset proves that you can get great performance and wireless gaming features on a budget. The 50mm speakers produce surprisingly rich highs and lows for the price, with support for virtual surround sound. There are four equalizer presets to play around with, including Bass Boost and Superhuman Hearing settings. You can switch through these modes with a button on the left ear cup. Also on this side is the power button, volume control, and a microphone that mutes when you flip it up and out of the way.

The Stealth 600’s 20-foot wireless range isn’t as wide as other headsets, but you still get a strong signal and lag-free audio, which is the most important thing when you’re in the middle of the action. Its 15-hour battery life is reasonably long, too. Your comfort with the headphones will depend on your preferences, but for bespectacled gamers, the Stealth 600’s construction includes glasses-friendly design that’s meant to relieve pressure on your eyewear.

Best Clarity: Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

What We Like
  • Excellent lossless clarity

  • 50-foot range

  • Great DTS 7.1 surround sound

What We Don't Like
  • Fairly vanilla aesthetics

Wireless gaming headsets still call for higher price tags than their budget-level wired counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find any that are affordable, effective, and attractive at the same time. Just look at the Logitech G533 for PC. Its 2.4-GHz wireless audio is low-latency, lossless, and clear, with an excellent range that reaches up to 50 feet. It supports DTS 7.1 surround sound for positional audio that can give you a bit of an in-game edge by hinting where your enemies are coming from.

The G533’s design isn’t as flashy as many high-end gaming headsets, but it’s still sleek and professional-looking. The left ear cup has an extendable and flexible microphone in front, with the headset’s controls in the back. This includes an on/off switch, volume knob, and a “G” button that functions as a mute button by default, but you can map it to a different custom function, like play/pause.

You configure button this in Logitech’s G Hub software, where you can set the EQ globally or for individual games, and adjust the volume for each of the seven channels (for example, if you want to crank up the rear channels to avoid sneak attacks). The G Hub also lets you see the charge level of the replaceable battery, which can last for a good 15 hours on a full charge.

Best Sound Quality: Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless
What We Like
  • Superb audio quality

  • Massive frequency range

  • Transmitter box with EQ controls

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

Wireless headsets are already luxury items in a lot of ways. If you’re going to go all out, go with the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless for PS4 and PC. While most headphones make concessions in terms of sound quality when they ditch the wires, the superb sound is the Arctis Pro Wireless’s greatest strength. Its high-resolution, low-latency audio will have even discerning audiophiles using it not just for games, but for music and movies.

Its stereo drivers are capable of a frequency response range from 10 Hz to 40,000 Hz, a broader spectrum of sound beyond the 22,000-Hz cap of standard headsets (or what humans can typically hear). If you want to tweak its already-rich, well-balanced sound, there are equalizer controls right on the included transmitter box.

While the Arctis Pro Wireless shares the same excellent ClearCast microphone and comfortable ski-goggle construction as the Arctis 7 and other SteelSeries headsets, the transmitter embodies a number of extra features that help it stand out. It has ChatMix controls for balancing game volume with separate chat audio. You can connect to Bluetooth simultaneously to use a mobile chat app or take phone calls.

You also get two removable batteries, so you can charge and monitor the level of one in the transmitter box while you use the other, and then swap them as needed for functionally endless power. 

Best Battery Life: HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Flight
What We Like
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life

  • Excellent detachable boom mic

  • Solid audio quality

What We Don't Like
  • Not XBox One/Switch compatible

For travel, marathon gaming sessions, or simply the convenience of not having to plug in and recharge, you’ll want a headset that can sustain long stretches of use on a single charge. That’s exactly what you can expect from the Cloud Flight, a PS4/PC-compatible wireless headset from HyperX, the high-performance product division of Kingston Technology.

When using it at about half of the max volume and with its stylish LED lighting effects turned off, the headphones can go a whopping 30 hours before needing a charge. This goes down to 18 hours with the LEDs in pulsing mode, and with the LEDs always on it’s closer to 13 hours, which is about the battery life you get on many other wireless headsets anyway.

Another element of the Cloud Flight that stands out among its competitors is the quality of its detachable boom microphone. You and your squad will be able to hear each other literally loud and clear, thanks to the mic’s excellent recording quality and powerful noise processing technology, which keeps a lot of background noise at bay. Its overall solid audio quality and strong value for a wireless headset are notable, especially if you want to avoid the hassle of frequent recharging.

Best Innovation: Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless Gaming Headset

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless
What We Like
  • Haptic feedback

  • THX Spatial Audio

  • Great integrated controls

What We Don't Like
  • Wire required for XBox, Switch, and smartphones

While most gaming headsets start to feel like they have similar specs and feature sets, the Razer Nari Ultimate aims to stand out with several unique touches. The first is its HyperSense haptic technology, which engages more of your senses by delivering dynamic, real-time touch feedback to the headset. Going beyond basic rumbling, the Nari Ultimate generates vibrations with realistic levels of intensity based on game audio curves.

And speaking of audio, the Nari Ultimate forgoes the surround sound found in other headsets in favor of THX Spatial Audio, which simulates 360 degrees of positional audio all around you. Combining this with the haptic feedback, the headset truly adds extra levels of immersion to your gaming experience, not to mention potentially giving you more of a chance to react quickly to your in-game surroundings.

Other ways Razer tries to innovate with the Nari Ultimate’s design is by giving you more controls directly on the headset rather than in separate software. It has a wheel for adjusting volume and another for tweaking the balance between game and chat audio. There’s even storage space for the USB dongle, used to connect via 2.4-GHz wireless to PC and PS4 (only wired connections are supported for Xbox, Switch, and smartphones).

Best for Xbox Series X|S: Razer Kaira Pro

What We Like
  • Great sound quality that works with Xbox Series X|S

  • Comfortable, lightweight headset frame

  • Plush earcups and memory foam headband

What We Don't Like
  • May be too lightweight for some looking for sturdier options

Xbox Series X|S fans need a reliable headset for use with their brand new console, and Razer was happy to fill the void. This sturdy yet lightweight headset offers bass-boosted midsized and highs, with high-fidelity sound that sound great, whether you're navigating the chaos of the battlefield or enjoying your favorite platforming game. Encased in a smooth, matte plastic, this Razer headset features plush ear cups and a memory foam-enhanced headband for lasting comfort. 

Its detachable boom mic is great for chatting in-game, and the internal mic is an excellent choice should you decide to use it when chatting on the phone or some casual Discord conversations. It also offers upward of 20+ hours of battery, so there's little recharging required so you can jump in and out of games as you see fit. 

Best for PS5: Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

What We Like
  • Amazing support for PS5 3D Audio feature

  • Supportive build with silicone construction

  • Pleather earcups make the headset feel good for hours at a time

What We Don't Like
  • Some may find its utilitarian look a bit less than what they want for a “gamer” headset

Sony's official Pulse 3D Wireless headset is a veritable must-have for PlayStation 5. The PS5's Tempest 3D audio tech makes it a must to purchase equipment that supports this feature, and Sony's made it simpler than ever to make sure you can get the most out of its newest system. The white plastic-clad build features a utilitarian look and feel, with a silicone band and pleather earcups for a comfortable yet hardy piece of tech. It's sturdy yet built for comfort. It’s an absolute must-have for anyone who’s adding a PS5 to their home entertainment repertoire. 

The headset automatically connects to your PS5, and while it works fantastically as a vanilla way to enjoy any type of media by way of the system, it truly shines with the console's 3D audio. You can hear cars whizzing past as well as bullets flying near you. NPC conversations, and other intriguing bits of the game that you wouldn't otherwise thanks to this unique type of recording. Even with this type of support, the headset can get up to 12 hours of battery life, with quick charging support.

Best Fit: Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

What We Like
  • Amazing support for PS5 3D Audio feature

  • Supportive build with silicone construction

  • Pleather earcups make the headset feel good for hours at a time

What We Don't Like
  • Some may find its utilitarian look a bit less than what they want for a “gamer” headset

Razer has been knocking it out of the park when it comes to pushing a variety of great, reliable headsets over the past year or so, and as such the company is responsible for some of the best audio we've seen in some time. The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is a great example of what the company has been capable of as of late. This low-key, comfortable headset relies on leatherette ear pads and mesh to make it comfortable for long-term wear. 

In terms of its audio quality, the BlackShark V2 Pro offers a bright, cheery sound with a bass response of around 200Hz that feels perfect for electronica, action-packed games with an abundance of shootouts, explosions, and any other time there happens to be an abundance of gunplay. It also includes a great microphone that easily picks up a range of voices. It's an excellent option for anyone looking to invest in a new headset, no matter their space in the market. 

Final Verdict

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 at Walmart gets the nod as the best wireless gaming headset because of its excellent all-around quality—great sound, range, features, and fit. If you're looking to save a few bucks but want lossless clarity and amazing range, consider the Logitech G533 at Amazon.

How We Tested

None of our picks for the best wireless gaming headsets have been put through their paces by our team of trusted experts just yet. However, their hands-on testing will consist of logging significant hours on their computer or console, paying attention to the overall input and output quality, as well as how long they can go without having to charge a particular model.

About Our Trusted Experts

Anton Galang has been writing about tech and gaming for more than ten years now. His extensive expertise in PCs, computer hardware, and peripherals, makes him perfectly suited to guide our roundup of wireless gaming headsets.

Alan Bradley is a tech journalist and editor who's been working in the field for more than eleven years now, and been building PCs and playing with peripherals (including some of the headsets on our list) for far longer. He frequently uses the SteelSeries Arctis 7 at home during marathons of the latest epic open-world RPGs and strategy games.

What to Look for in a Wireless Gaming Headset

Audio quality - Regardless of what you're using them for, the most important characteristic of any headset is how accurately it reproduces sounds, and how well it performs across low, mid, and high tones. This is just as true for wireless and gaming headsets as elsewhere, so we definitely prioritized it when filtering products for our list.

Comfort - More than a lot of other headphone use cases, gaming requires a comfortable fit, particularly if you're the sort of gamer who tends to measure your play sessions in hours rather than minutes.

Compatibility - Unless you exclusively plan on using your headset with a single system, getting something that's compatible with every console you own (and, if you're rocking an awesome gaming rig, PC) is critical. While many of the options on our list are broadly compatible with every modern platform, some are exclusive, and others require a wired connection to function with certain devices.

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