The 5 Best Wine Apps of 2022

A good wine app can transform your wine drinking and shopping

A good wine app can do more than keep track of your bottles of Cabernet and Shiraz. A wine app worth downloading can help you pair wine with food, compare wine suppliers and prices, read reviews written by other wine aficionados, and let you upload your thoughts and photos of your latest glass to share with your friends.

Here are some of the best wine apps on iOS and Android worth investing your time in.

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Best Wine App for Food Pairings: Hello Vino

Hello Vino wine app on an iPhone and Android smartphone

Hello Vino

What We Like
  • Easy to find wine and food pairings.

  • Niche categories for experienced wine enthusiasts.

What We Don't Like
  • Too many pop-ups announcing new app features.

  • Lacks basic red and white wine browsing for newbies.

Hello Vino is one of many apps that let you rate your bottles or glasses of wine, but its most noteworthy feature is its tool for pairing wine with food.

The app conveniently breaks down food by ingredients or occasion. You can easily find a wine to have with your sausage pizza or to give as a gift at a dinner party serving Chinese food with Moo Shu pork.

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Best Wine App for iOS: Delectable

Delectable wine app on an iPhone


What We Like
  • Scanning a wine bottle is fast and works most of the time.

  • Home feed is well designed with easy navigation.

What We Don't Like
  • Some niche wines are missing from the Delectable database.

  • Buying wine kicks you out of the app to a website.

Delectable is one of the best smartphone apps for scanning wine bottles to get user reviews, ratings, and background information. Using your phone's camera, Delectable takes only a few seconds to take a photo of a bottle and retrieve data on it.

Most popular wines register within the app correctly; however, some niche brands are missing, and you need to enter them manually. Once a bottle is in the Delectable system, though, it appears next time a user scans it and shouldn't cause any problems after the initial registration.

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Fastest Wine Scanning App: CellarTracker

CellarTracker wine app on iOS and Android


What We Like
  • Anyone can use the app's features without an account.

  • Barcode scanning is incredibly fast.

What We Don't Like
  • Lacks manual entry or request for wine registration.

  • App design isn't as modern as other smartphone apps.

CellarTracker is one of the most popular wine tracking apps due to its barcode scanning functionality and listing of over 3.6 million wines.

This app may not look as visually impressive as other apps in the Apple or Google Play apps stores, but it scans and processes wines the fastest. It takes less than a second to read a barcode and render a result.

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The Vivino Vivino wine app being used on an iPhone to scan a wine bottle label.


What We Like
  • Facebook and Twitter integration.

  • Wine reviews are easy to read and create.

  • An impressive amount of data to dig into.

What We Don't Like
  • Syncing Twitter followers can take a long time.

  • Detailed wine product pages can be intimidating.

Vivino is a social media app for wine enthusiasts. You can post photos of your latest bottle of wine, write reviews, like photos and posts made by others, and comment on content for deeper conversations about which wine to try (or not try).

The app can connect to both Facebook and Twitter, which makes populating your Vivino friends list incredibly easy and fast. It also recommends featured users who frequently post about new wines and have built up a significant following.

Vivino can help you when shopping for wine in a physical retail store, too. Simply by taking a photo of a bottle of wine, the app pulls up a collection of information and ratings made by other users, making the decision to buy much easier.

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Best Wine Travel App: Wine Events

Wine Events app on iPhone

 Wine Events

What We Like
  • App is available globally with most regions supported.

  • Users can submit their wine events for promotion.

What We Don't Like
  • The majority of events are U.S.- or Canada-based.

  • Too many links open in a web browser instead of in the app.

As its name suggests, the Wine Events app, powered by, is an app for discovering events relating to wine. You can browse the rather extensive listing of events by location or find last-minute tastings or tours happening during the upcoming weekend.

Of particular note is Wine Events' dedicated section for wine and food vacations. This section encourages your wanderlust with details and imagery of tours through stunning locations such as France, Italy, and Argentina.

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