The 7 Best Windows WYSIWYG HTML Editors of 2021

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WYSIWYG is an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get." WYSIWYG editors are HTML editors that display a webpage as it will appear in a browser while you are working on it. They are visual editors, so you usually don’t manipulate the code. There are many WYSIWYG web editors out there for Windows, but these are some of the best.

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Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2021

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is one of the most popular professional web development software packages available. It offers power and flexibility to create pages that meet most needs. 

Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG editor and code editor that handles everything you can throw at it including CSS, JSP, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, and XML development. It is a good choice for professional web designers and developers.

Because Dreamweaver is so robust, the learning curve for beginners can be intimidating. If you're new to Dreamweaver, check out Adobe's video tutorial section for beginners and experienced users.

Dreamweaver CC 2021 is available through Adobe's Creative Cloud as part of a monthly or annual plan.

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CoffeeCup's HTML Editor

CoffeeCup software does a great job of providing what its customers want for a low price. The CoffeeCup HTML editor is a tool for web designers that comes with lots of graphics, templates, and extra features.

Use the Components Library to save menus, footers, and headers that are reused across pages. Update one, and they all update. This timesaver alone is worth a look at the editor. Use the split-screen preview feature to see a WYSIWYG version of your webpage right below your code.

The HTML editor welcomes Structured Data, PHP, Markdown, CSS 3, and HTML 5. Its low price makes it an excellent choice. CoffeeCup also offers a free trial so you can try before you buy.

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Mobirise logo.

Courtesy of Mobirise 

Mobirise is a delightful free app that is structured for building small and medium websites. This beginner-friendly website builder is minimalistic and easy-to-use, and it's mobile friendly to boot.

Designers who prefer to work visually and design without dealing with the underlying code will appreciate Mobirise's themes and complete devotion to a WYSIWYG workflow. No code is needed, and mobile versions of your website are generated automatically.

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 16

WYSIWYG Web Builder uses structured data and responsive menus to provide a better browsing experience for visitors to your web pages. It includes login and avatar tools, a flex grid based on CSS Grid Layout and Google Fonts Manager.

If you want your website to do something in particular, there is a good chance WYSIWYG Web Builder 16 has an extension that can handle it. Hundreds of extensions include navigation, slideshows, audio and video, web shops, and data viewers.

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NetObjects Fusion

Fusion is a powerful WYSIWYG editor that is perfect for beginners and advanced users as well. This easy-to-use software combines all the tasks you need to get your website up and running, including development and design features and an FTP client. Plus, you can add special features to your pages such as e-commerce support.

Fusion accommodates image editing, database connectivity, CSS3 and HTML5 editors, drag-and-drop videos, YouTube videos, rich media, task management and more. This powerful all-in-one solution delivers WYSIWYG previews that require no technical skills.

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BlueGriffin Editor

Courtesy of BlueGriffin 

The BlueGriffon web and EPUB editor is a powerful responsive WYSIWYG web design editor. BlueGriffon is based on the Gecko rendering engine and works in your browser. Most of its features, including HTML 5 and CSS 3, are available without a license, but some, such as the CSS Editor Pro, responsive design, and EPUB capabilities require a license.

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SeaMonkey. Screen shot by J Kyrnin

SeaMonkey is the Mozilla project all-in-one internet application suite. It includes a web browser, email and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and composer—the WYSIWYG HTML page editor.

The HTML editor offers dynamic image and table resizing, improved CSS support and support for positioned layers.

One of the nice things about using SeaMonkey is that you have the browser built-in, so testing is a breeze. Plus, it's a free WYSIWYG editor.

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