The Best Windows Web Editors for Beginners

HTML editors for web design newcomers

If you’re just starting out building a web page, it can be helpful to have an editor that is WYSIWYG—What You See Is What You Get—or that explains the HTML to you. All of the web editors listed here offer free versions. Some of them offer reasonably priced versions as well. In most cases, you don't need to know any HTML to design your own web page.

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CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor
CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor.

The CoffeeCup Free HTML editor is a text editor with lots of potential. The free version is a good HTML editor, but purchasing the full version of the editor gives you WYSIWYG support, so you don't have to know how to code to develop a website.

The full version CoffeeCup HTML editor is a great tool for web designers. It comes with lots of graphics, templates, and extra features—like the CoffeeCup image mapper. After you purchase CoffeeCup HTML Editor, you receive free updates for life.

The HTML Editor includes an Open From Web option, so you can use any website as a starting point for your designs. A built-in validation tool checks code as you write it and automatically suggests tags and CSS selectors.

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SeaMonkey is the Mozilla project all-in-one internet application suite. It includes a web browser, email and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and Composer—the web page editor. One of the nice things about using SeaMonkey is that you have the browser built in already so testing is a breeze. Plus, it's a free WYSIWYG editor with embedded FTP capability to publish your web pages.

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Evrsoft First Page 2000

Evrsoft 1st Page 2000.

Evrsoft First Page 2000 is the free version of the Evrsoft software. It does not include a WYSIWYG editor and some of the more advanced features of version 2006 of the editor. It offers three development modes: easy, expert and hardcore. First Page 2000 supports HTML, CSS, CGI, Perl, Cold Fusion, ASP and JavaScript, among others.

There are two versions of the Evrsoft editor: Evrsoft First Page 2006 and Evrsoft First Page 2000. The First Page 2000 version is free.

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Evrsoft First Page 2006

Evrsoft First Page
Evrsoft First Page.

Evrsoft First Page 2006 is a text and WYSIWYG editor for Windows. It offers the features you expect from a professional web editing package. Among them are CSS Insight, which helps you with CSS code development, advanced syntax highlighting, a tag property sheet inspector, auto tag completion, asset management, and many others. 

First Page 2006 includes online webmaster tools that scan and check your website, submit it to search engines, check webpage availability, validate your documents and obtain website rankings on Alexa.


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Dynamic HTML Editor

Dynamic HTML Editor Free
Dynamic HTML Editor Free.

The current version of Dynamic HTML Editor has a clean intuitive workspace. The WYSIWYG program requires no HTML knowledge, and it supports CSS and tabled layouts. Use the primary pages and e-commerce tools to develop dynamic webpages. 

The free version of Dynamic HTML Editor is an early edition of the paid version, and it’s only free for nonprofits and personal use. If you don’t want to learn anything other than file transfers for getting your webpages to your host, then this program works fine. It has some graphics editing capabilities, and it is easy to drag and drop elements on the page.

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PageBreeze Professional

PageBreeze Professional
PageBreeze Professional.

PageBreeze Professional is designed for commercial use. It has built-in FTP publishing capabilities, support for PHP, Flash files and iFrames in the visual editor, along with all the features of the free version. PageBreeze Pro offers free upgrades for life.

There are two versions of PageBreeze: Free and Professional.

PageBreeze Free HTML editor is a WYSIWYG editor that makes it easy to edit your web pages. You can switch between WYSIWYG and source mode to check your HTML.

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