The 8 Best Wii Party Games of 2019

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Best Fighting Party Game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Beyond just being one of the best Wii games ever made, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is also a great pick as a Wii party game. That’s because it offers a solid multiplayer experience for up to four players at once.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl lets you and your friends pick from a wide variety of popular Nintendo video game characters, including Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus, and even some less typical ones like the anonymous Pokemon Trainer and the Metal Gear franchise’s Solid Snake. Then you can all duke it out on a selection of maps based on other popular games or designed just for Smash Bros.

What makes Super Smash Bros. Brawl such a good party game is that the moves and abilities of each character are not as complicated as a typical fighting game. Serious and casual gamers alike will be able to grasp what their character can do, and then all that’s left to do is fight and party.

Best Musical Party Game: Rock Band 2

If you like to get a bit musical with your friends on party night, but don’t like going out to bars to wait for your turn in karaoke, you can have a lot of fun playing Rock Band 2. This is one of the best music games released for the Wii, and its support for multiple players singing or playing instruments makes it a great party game as well.

To play, you’ll also need to get some instruments made for the game, like the guitar (which can be used for bass parts as well), a microphone, or a drum kit. Once you’ve got all the pieces, you’re ready to start up your band and play your way through a wide selection of songs from The Who and Steely Dan to Metallica, Modest Mouse, and Nirvana.

There’s a bit of music for everyone, and with the option to set the difficulty for each player separately, you don’t have to worry about Rock Band 2 being too hard for one player and too easy for another. If you have a party of four, you may even enjoy creating your own characters and taking them through the World Tour mode.

Best Rhythm Party Game: Rhythm Heaven Fever

For an insane mash-up for mini-games and musical rhythm, Rhythm Heaven Fever is an incredible game. And, since it supports multiplayer for some head-to-head competition, it makes for a great Wii party game. Plus, with each mini-game being fairly short and amusing to watch, taking turns during a party should be no issue.

Each mini-game features a musical component that will help you get a feel for when you need to press buttons on the controller, and they range from tasks like catching peas on a fork to controlling a pro wrestler in an interview. All the scenarios are fairly comedic, and the subtle touches of characters' reactions when you mess up makes it that much funnier to watch and play.

Rhythm Heaven Fever is a cute game with a family-friendly rating. And, thanks to brief tutorials available before each mini-game, anyone can pick up the controller at your party, learn what they have to do, and challenge the rest of your guests.

Best Mini-Games: WarioWare: Smooth Moves

WarioWare: Smooth Moves is as simple a party game as they come. It is loaded with mini-games, and we mean very mini. Each mini-game is just a couple of seconds long, but that’s where the fun really comes in since you and your friends will only have a few seconds to figure out what the game requires you to do and execute.

Players will take turns using the Wii motion controller to perform tasks, including flapping a fan to make little critters fly off a mountain, shaving Wario’s mustache, and pulling a tablecloth out from under a bunch of dishes. The many mini-games require quick thinking and careful movements, making it just as fun when you and your friends fail as it is when you succeed.

Nintendo has put over 200 mini-games into WarioWare: Smooth Moves. You and your friends can take turns playing through the single-player mode or can jump into a competitive multiplayer mode, like the 12-player Survival mode, while you party to keep track of who has the quickest wit and the smoothest moves.

Best Platform Party Game: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a perfect party game for a few friends to gather around and enjoy some retro Mario fun with a new spin: simultaneous multiplayer. That’s right, in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, four players can play at the same time.

The game consists of the typical old-school Mario gameplay, running through increasingly difficult 2D levels with a ticking clock and enemies and bosses in your way. While New Super Mario Bros. Wii can be played in single-player, the fun really starts when you add in more players, as they’re just as likely to harm one another as they are to help.

Four players on one screen can be a bit intense, especially since they can’t stand in the same place. Sometimes you’ll find yourself bouncing on top of your friends head, which can see them fall short on a jump they were making. You can also bump other players if you run into them, and the ability to pick up other players can make the game truly chaotic, especially if someone wants revenge. All the possibilities for teamwork and competition make New Super Marios Bros. Wii a great party game.

Best Sports Party Game: Wii Sports Resort

The original Wii Sports was a great Wii party game, but Wii Sports Resorts took the formula of the original and improved on it, making it an exceptional sports game. It does this using the more advanced Wii Motion Plus controller for improved motion tracking as well as the Wii Nunchuk controller.

Wii Sports Resort lets up to four players challenge each other in a variety of sporting events. The activities included are archery, frisbee, basketball, cycling, canoeing, power cruising, table tennis, air sports, bowling, swordplay, golf, and wakeboarding. All of the games rely on careful use of the Wii controllers to complete the physical actions, making a bit of a physical workout as well.

In archery, you’ll hold out your bow and draw back arrows to try hitting targets that get farther and farther away. In canoeing, ​you have to move the controller like it’s actually a paddle. Playing with friends turns it into a great party game, as everyone can get a bit active and there’s ample opportunity to take a break and chat while someone else has a turn.

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Best Racing Party Game: Mario Kart Wii

Nothing completes a party like a bit of competitive racing and the Mario Kart Wii is the perfect game for this. Mario Kart Wii lets you play with up to four people racing on a variety of racetracks with many popular Nintendo characters as drivers, including Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and even a number of baby versions of the characters.

In Mario Kart Wii, you can challenge your friends to single races, go through a full grand prix with computer-controlled opponents to fill out the races or even go head-to-head in the battle mode, which is all about combat.

Mario Kart Wii offers more advanced controls than previous installments in the series, as the Wii motion controllers give you the option of using the rotation of the controller to function like a steering wheel. Nintendo also sold small steering wheel controller holders to give you a fun, semi-authentic feeling while you race your friends.

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Best Dancing Party Game: Just Dance 2018

Ubisoft has shown a surprising willingness to continue supporting the Wii game console despite the Wii U and Nintendo Switch having superseded it. Just Dance 2018 is a dancing game bringing recent musical hits to the Wii with colorful dancers showing you the dance moves you’ll need to get a higher score in the game.

The base game comes with songs such as "Despacito," "Shape of You," "24K Magic," and many others, including some oldies. If you want to turn your get together into a bit of a dance party, Just Dance 2018 is one way to do it with the help of the Wii.

Just Dance 2018 is also available for Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. These versions also grant access to the Just Dance Unlimited subscription service that lets you dance to an ever-growing library of popular songs. The Wii version does not appear to have Just Dance Unlimited access due to limited online functionality, but it still includes many dances and even a host of kid-oriented songs and dances.

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