The 8 Best Wii Balance Board Games of 2019

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Best for Simplicity: Walk It Out!

Walk it Out!

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The approachability of Walk It Out allows for a more simple step-by-step (no pun intended) familiarity with the Nintendo Wii Balance Board; you just take steps. Walk It Out! isn’t as boring as it sounds, but evokes a sense of purity with a game that’s multifaceted and comprising of exercise, motivation, music, and virtual tranquility that can form healthier habits.

Walk It Out! welcomes you to a vast entertaining beautiful and vibrant world that changes with every step you take as you rhythmically step to the beat of over 120 different songs (20 of which are licensed hits from artists like Demi Lovato and more). If you’re tired of walking, you can always take a break and play one of its many minigames, including a whack-a-mole style game and puzzle sequence. Walk It Out! gives you visual charts and graphs that detail and show the number of calories you’ve burned, the distance you’ve traveled, steps taken, and more.

Best Puzzle: Tetris Party Deluxe

Surprisingly, Tetris Party Deluxe uses the Wii Balance Board and manages to do it in such a fun way that completely changes the game. The controls become a game in itself as you coordinate your balance while playing in multiple different modes of Tetris and guiding the fall of the blocks.

So how do you play Tetris on the Wii Balance Board? Tetris Party Deluxe features “Wii Balance Board Tetris," a game variant of Tetris with modes of both practice and facing off against a computer. Control is based off using physical balanced movement, tapping left and right to move the Tetris blocks, leaning forward and backward to drop it downwards, and rotation via squats. You can set a variety of different rules and difficulties, too, including setting the types of falling Tetris blocks and changing the starting level for more intensified gameplay. 

Best for Dancing: Gold’s Gym Dance Workout

For both a workout and dancing, Gold’s Gym Dance Workout tailors a sequence of exercise routines that keep you busy on your Wii Balance Board. The game features over 30 songs from house to pop that get you in the rhythm to move.

Gold’s Gym Dance Workout lets you make your own customized workout routine and track your success with the number of calories you've burned, time spent, and your total score. When using the Wii Balance Board, you’ll perform fast moving choreographed dancing, including samba, salsa, and more. The game walks you through a tutorial first so you can learn the steps before you jump right in, and then gradually increases the challenge with more advanced stages as you master the dance.

Best Party: Rayman Raving Rabbids TV

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV is a slapstick wild and wacky style party game that makes creative use of the Wii Balance Board. The game features a collection of more than 65 minigames (based off TV themes such as films, gardening shows, and sports events) of which, 40 percent can be played using the Wii Balance Board with pressure applied to its four main directional pads.

The creativity in Rayman Raving Rabbids TV involves the use of multiple gameplay genres whether you’re “snowboarding” on the belly of a yak down a hill or even racing through a farm in a turbo-powered lawnmower. The Wii Balance Board allows you to steer in many of the racing aspects of the game using your glutes as well as your feet in other games to accelerate or brake.

The multiplayer features allow up to eight players in a turn-based mode and four players simultaneously. The game prides itself as the “first video game you can play with your butt” and was nominated by IGN for its Best Use of the Wii Balance Board.

Best for Exercise: Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout

What makes Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout great is that it combines the best of both worlds of an exercise routine disguised as a fun arcade-style video game. The variety of activities allow for the use of both the Nintendo Wii’s motion controls and Balance Board for cardio boxing, running, and more, so count on working up a sweat.

Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout incorporates a fitness regiment following timed sequences of routines and periodically uses the Balance Board for leg raises, push-ups, and other exercises. The game carefully tracks and maintains a calendar of your fitness exercises, the calories you've burned, and even body weight changes registered via the Balance Board. The game keeps itself fresh and challenging by adjusting its difficulty to keep up with your workout mastery and continue optimizing your exercises. 

Best Challenge: Vertigo

Vertigo translates the movements you make on the Wii Balance Board with a challenge that tests your steadiness and patience. You play as a marble, and your adventures involve navigating through multiple death-defying mazes.

Vertigo takes place across 54 different tracks in nine different environments, including a wooden labyrinth, a rocky floating canyon, and virtual cityscapes, all of which give off an ethereal artistic otherworldly feel.

The fast gameplay combines futuristic racing, puzzle solving, and an exercised lesson in control as you carefully balance yourself on the Nintendo Wii Balance Board. The excitement of Vertigo lies in pulling off a well-executed disciplined movement while blasting through the chaos of high speeds, thin ledges, and clearing tight loops.

Best for Snowboarding: We Ski & Snowboard

We Ski & Snowboard was designed with the Wii Balance Board in mind to simulate a fun arcade-style form of skiing and snowboarding on snowy mountains. The intuitive controls make for fun gameplay as players distribute their weight on the Balance Board in order to steer themselves.

We Ski & Snowboard makes use of every Wii accessory on hand: when you’re skiing, you’ll use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to act as virtual ski poles or propelling yourself forward when you’re snowboarding. You can change between skiing and snowboarding at any time during gameplay depending on your own personal preference and what feels best. The game includes 7,000 vertical meters of skiing and snowboarding and has multiple modes, including training, a half-pipe challenge, and even a four-player multiplayer option.

Best Horror: Ikenie No Yoru

One of the best horror games for the Wii’s use of the Balance Board is the imported Ikenie No Yoru (which means “Night of Sacrifice”). You can play the game if you have a Japanese Wii or by finding a way to unlock your system in becoming region free (there are plenty of tutorials out there).

Ikenie No Yoru has you playing as five different college students who decide that it was a good idea to explore a ghost-infested mansion where people used to make sacrificial offerings. The game makes full use of the Wii Balance Board by allowing you to walk forward, backward, and tapping to run away from ghosts in order to not die. The Wii Remote acts as a flashlight while the Nunchuk is used to make and pick up calls from your cell phone, adding a sense of physical realism for a game that will give you nightmares.