The 9 Best Wii U Accessories of 2019

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Best Controller: Wii Remote Plus

Wii Remote Plus
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A great feature of the Wii U is that not only is it backward compatible with the original Wii games and accessories, but you can also use those same accessories, such as the Wii Remote Plus, to play many Wii U games as well. This is particularly useful for multiplayer games, as it gives you a fairly inexpensive option to ensure everyone has a controller without breaking the bank. There are many third-party Wii remotes available, but we greatly prefer the official Nintendo Wii Remote Plus due to its superior durability, guaranteed compatibility, and overall better accuracy and performance compared to third-party remotes. Nintendo’s official Wii Remote Plus comes in a number of different color options as well, which is helpful to ensure everyone can keep track of their favorite remote in frantic multiplayer sessions.

Best Third-Party Controller: NEXiLUX Wireless 3-In-1 Pro

NEXiLUX Wireless 3-In-1 Pro
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The Wii U Pro Controller is undeniably fantastic, but the lack of compatibility with original Wii games is a bit of a let down. Enter the Wireless 3-In-1 Pro Controller from NEXiLUX. This controller gives you the same shape and button layout as Nintendo’s Pro Controller, but has some extra features as well. First, it works with all compatible (as in they use the Classic or Pro controller) Wii U and Wii games, as well as every game on both versions the Virtual Console. It also has a Wii Remote mode where it can mimic the motion controls of a Wii Remote Plus, which makes navigating the Wii or Wii U dashboard a breeze. Despite being a third-party controller and all of the caveats that naturally comes with, it really is an incredibly convenient controller to have around and is well worth the investment.

Best Microphone: Wii U Microphone

For Nintendo Wii U microphones, it doesn’t get any better than Nintendo’s official Wii U Microphone, made specifically for the console itself. The Nintendo’s Wii U Microphone is a quality build mic that allows you to utilize all of the system’s singing and voice-enabled games.

The Nintendo Wii U Microphone works best with games like SiNG Party and The Voice. It’s the most compatible mic for the Nintendo Wii U console on the market, making for an easy connection with the Nintendo Wii U system. This is a great overall mic for its affordable price point, ease of set up and powerful audio pickup quality.

Most Affordable Controller: PowerLead Wireless Controller Gamepad

PowerLead Wireless Controller


You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to have a decent quality controller and play with your friends and family on your Nintendo Wii U – that’s where the PowerLead Wireless Controller Gamepad comes in. A first party Nintendo Wii U controller will run you over $70, but the PowerLead is no more than $20 and doesn’t skip on quality control.

The PowerLead Wireless Controller Gamepad operates and is designed exactly like a Nintendo Wii U controller. It’s built with an ergonomic and comfortable design that has an easy learning curve once you pick it up. It’s compatible with your Nintendo Wii U system and connects wireless with Bluetooth through an easy sync process. The PowerLead comes with a 12-month warranty too, just in case anything goes wrong.

Best Headset: Gioteck HS-1 Superlite Stereo Headset

You won’t find many complementing and slick headsets made specifically for the Nintendo Wii U, but the Gioteck HS-1 Superlite Stereo Headset does it. Its minimal and sleek design complements the Wii U in style, and is durable enough to last you long. You don’t have to spend a fortune either with its affordable price tag of under $25.

Lightweight and comfortable, the Gioteck HS-1 Superlite Stereo Headset is designed with padded ear cups and a strong headband that disperses weight evenly. It comes with a reversible wired mic boom that protrudes without being cumbersome. It comes with a 90-day warranty.

Best Wheel: Wii Wheel

Wii Wheel
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There aren’t a ton of racing games available for the Wii U so your options for steering wheels are basically nonexistent as far as a traditional wheel and pedal setup goes. All is not lost, however, as there is still a wheel option available in the form of steering wheel-shaped shells that utilize the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote Plus. You just snap a Wii Remote Plus into the wheel, and now your steering motions are accurately re-created in the game you’re playing. Because these are just simple plastic shells, you can safely buy cheaper third-party models instead of the official Nintendo unit and save some money. Obviously the experience isn’t going to be quite the same as playing with a real wheel and pedal set, but the motion controls work great in games like Mario Kart 8 and definitely makes the games more fun to play than on a standard controller, especially for kids.

Best Balance Board: Wii Fit U w/ Wii Balance Board

The best balance board you can buy for your Wii U is its first party dedicated Wii Balance Board with Wii Fit U. The innovative Wii U accessory allows for a whole new way to play games by encouraging players to get up and exercise.

The Wii Fit Balance Board comes with Wii Fit U – a game with 70 different activities you can do that utilizes the Wii Balance Board. The board calibrates to your weight and movements, and through a recorded user profile, accurately keeps track of every calorie you burn while playing games on it. It’s tough shell casing allows for users to personalize their own workout routines with activities such as yoga, strength exercises and dancing.

Best Hard Drive: MiniPro 2TB External USB 3.1 Portable Hard Drive

Boasting a massive 2.0 TB capacity, the MiniPro 2TB is a fully compatible American made portable hard drive for your Nintendo Wii U. Its USB 3.1 technology makes for the fastest speeds, so you can access a boatload of games and content immediately without any hiccups.

With a 2.0 TB capacity, the MiniPro is virtually capable of holding every single Nintendo NES and Super Nintendo game in existence. You’ll never have to worry about relying on the limited internal memory space issues with Wii U when you download games from Nintendo’s eShop. It isn’t cumbersome either, measuring at 7.8 x 6.3 x 1.8 inches. The MiniPro is backed by a three-year warranty, so you can rest assured if for any reason the hard drive crashes.

Runner-Up, Best Controller: Wii U Pro Controller

Wii U Pro Controller
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The Wii U Gamepad is great with games that actually utilize the built-in touch screen well, but not all games make smart use of it, and sometimes you just want to play with a more traditional controller, so in those cases the official Wii U Pro Controller is a must have. The Pro Controller gives you precision control in almost all Wii U games and Wii U versions of Virtual Console titles, and it has an absurdly long 80-hours of playtime on one full charge. The only negative is that it isn’t compatible with original Wii software (including Wii Virtual Console titles) on the Wii U, so you’ll still need Wii remotes and classic controllers to play Wii games. For Wii U games, however, you won’t find a better traditional controller than the Wii U Pro Controller.