The 12 Best iOS 15 Widgets

Put the handiest tools on your Home screen

Home screen widgets were introduced with iOS 14 and since then have grown to include a significant number of options. With iOS 15, Apple introduced even more widgets for popular iPhone apps. Here, we list the best iOS 15 widgets and others that are the cream of the crop.

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Best for Communicating: Contacts

The Contact widget showing large and small screens

Message, call, email, or FaceTime your favorite contacts with a tap. The Contacts widget lets you communicate with those you do most often. When you tap a contact, you’ll see their Contacts card with all the options you need to check in with them.

The Contacts widget comes in three sizes so that you can display one, four, or six contacts on one. You can also select which contacts to display and in which order.

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Best for Locating People or Items: Find My

The Find My widget: Best widget for locating objects or people on iOS 15.

The Find My app grew from finding your iPhone to locating your friends and other devices. Choose a People widget to see where your connected friends or family are. Or pick the Items widget to find items with AirTags.

The Find My widget comes in two sizes per option. So, you can add a small or medium widget to find people or the same sizes for your items.

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Best for Gamers: Game Center

Game Center widget

If you’re a gamer, then the Game Center widget is ideal. Pick up and play where you left off, or check out what your pals are currently playing.

The Game Center widget comes in three sizes per option. Use a Continue Playing widget to display one, three, or four recently played games. Or pick the Friends Are Playing widget to see what one or a few friends are scoring on.

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Best for Checking Emails: Mail

Mailbox widget

One of the most convenient additions to the widget collection in iOS 15 is the Mail app. Get the Mail widget for the simplest way to see incoming emails without opening your inbox. If you want to open or reply to an email, select it in the widget, and you’ll go directly to the message in the Mail app.

The Mail widget comes in two sizes, medium and large, and you can select the inbox to display on the widget. So, you can see emails from whichever account or mailbox you like.

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Best for Seeing Memories: Photos

Photos widget on iPhone

Get those magic moments right on your Home screen with a widget for your Photos. You’ll see photos from your Memories and featured pictures picked by the Photos app.

The Photos app comes in three sizes and is a great way to see a favorite memory with a glance at your screen.

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Best for Your Schedule: Calendar

Calendar widget on iPhone

You’ll never be at a loss for what’s on your schedule each day with the Calendar widget. You can see your upcoming events, what’s happening in the current month, or a compact list of events.

The Calendar widget comes in three sizes for Up Next and one size for the Month and List views. Use one or use them all to stay on top of your schedule.

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Best for Tracking Physical Activity: Fitness

Fitness widget on iPhone

Do you like to keep an eye on your activity rings? With the Fitness widget, you can see which rings are full and which you still need to work on. You can also see the number of calories burned, minutes you walked, and hours you stood concerning your goals.

The Fitness widget comes in two sizes, each displaying your movement throughout the current day.

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Best for Viewing Screen Activity: Screen Time

Screen time widget on iPhone

If the activity you want to keep up with is your time on the screen, then check out the Screen Time widget. You can see your activity or that of a family member you monitor. Depending on the size you select, you can see the total screen time, a breakdown by the hour, and your most-used apps.

The Screen Time widget comes in three sizes and shows you daily activity.

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Best for Playing Songs: Music

Music widget on iPhone

If your iPhone is your go-to music source, the Music widget is for you. You can view the current song playing and access recent tunes with a tap.

The Music widget comes in three sizes and lets you open the Music app from your Home screen.

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Best for To-Dos: Reminders

Reminders widget on iOS

There’s no better way to keep up with your to-dos than with the Reminders widget. You can choose which list you want to view and see a nice compact list of those reminders.

The Reminders widget comes in three sizes. If you want to see more than one list on your Home screen, you can add more than one widget and pick a different list for each. 

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Best for the Conditions and Forecast: Weather

Weather widget on iPhone

Rain, snow, sleet, or heat? Check out your daily forecast with the Weather widget. With a glance at your screen, you’ll know if you need an umbrella or a jacket when you head out the door.

The Weather widget comes in three sizes. With the small widget, you can see the temperature. You can get more details like the hourly forecast with the medium or large widgets.

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Best for Multiple Tools in One: Smart Stack

Smart Stack Widget

One of the handiest widgets of all is the Smart Stack. With it, you receive several widgets in one. Based on your usage, you’ll see the Smart Stack rotate throughout the day, displaying suggested widgets. For example, you may see Mail in the morning, Music in the afternoon, and Screen Time in the evening.

In addition to automatically rotating, you can manually swipe through the various widgets within the Smart Stack. It lets you see a particular widget whenever you like. Plus, a Smart Stack can include widgets from your third-party apps in addition to Apple’s.

The Smart Stack widget comes in three sizes and can be customized once you add it to your screen.

If you’re an iPad owner as well, be sure to check out the widgets on iPadOS, too.

  • How do I add widgets in iOS 14?

    Press your finger to the home screen and hold to add a widget. When the icons jiggle, click the plus sign on the upper left. You'll be able to add widgets from the next screen. You can add widgets for both Apple and third-party apps.

  • How do I make a widget in iOS 14?

    To make a widget on an iPhone, you'll need a third-party app from the App Store, such as Widgetsmith. Download the app and tap Add (Size) Widget to create a widget to your desired size. Tap your new widget, and tap the Default Widget box to edit. After saving the widget, you can add the widget to your screen as usual.

  • How do I edit a widget?

    To edit a widget, touch and hold the widget to open the Quick Actions menu. Tap Edit Widget, make your changes and then tap outside the widget to exit the edit screen.

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