The 5 Best Wi-Fi Camera Apps of 2018

More ways to make the most of your device

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Cameras are everywhere now, and we should expect more IP webcams and action cams in our lives. Once you reach the limits of the bundled camera apps, though, try a Wi-Fi camera app to get more out of your camera.

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We Video: Best Editor for Action Cams

Three WeVideo screens from iOS
What We Like
  • The interface is one of the most user-friendly we've seen on a video app.

  • Even the basic mode has plenty of tools for simple video edits and more complex work.

What We Don't Like
  • The in-app purchases feel a little pushy.

  • May be too basic for more experienced video editors.

Action cams like the GoPro are everywhere now, and a lot of fun to use, whether you're ripping down the slopes with it on your forehead, or holding it in your hand to tape the grandkids. We Video is an editing tool for your phone or tablet that will let you upload your video content, trim it, add music and effects, and push it out to YouTube, your email, or anywhere else you want to watch video.

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InShot: Best for Family Fun

Three InShot app screens from iOS
What We Like
  • Puts everything you need to edit both video and photos in your pocket.

  • Designed with social media in mind, making it the most fun for family photos and videos.

What We Don't Like
  • Both ads and in-app purchases drag down the experience.

InShot is the most fun video editor, full of effects, stickers, and other toys and gewgaws, and it's also surprisingly fast. That makes it particularly a blast for families who've gotten a new action cam for Christmas and want to turn their videos into Instagram or YouTube friendly videos with lightning speed. The only problem is if you want the full experience, you're going to have to pay for it, with all but basic features behind a microtransaction paywall, and also loads of ads to deal with.

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IP Webcam: Best App to Recycle an Old Phone

Three IP Webcam screens from Android
What We Like
  • One of the smartest apps for recycling your old smartphone.

  • Lets you view the resulting video feed not just through your phone, but any desktop or laptop.

What We Don't Like
  • No iOS version.

  • It's pretty barebones beyond the basics.

  • The instructions may be somewhat confusing or have you running to Google if you're not as technically inclined as the developer.

Have an old phone and not sure what to use it for? IP Webcam turns it into a webcam you can control over Wi-Fi. This can be particularly useful if you want something cheap, easy to set up, and unobtrusive; you can even just buy a used phone, download the app, and have an instant, high-quality webcam for much cheaper than at the store.

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Action Cam Toolbox: Best Wi-Fi Action Camera App

Three Action Cam Toolbox screens from iOS
What We Like
  • The killer feature of controlling multiple cameras at once, even if it involves a little more manual work.

  • Some GPS and data makes coordination easier.

What We Don't Like
  • Because it's a third-party developer, not all cameras work the same or use the same settings, so you may be Googling configurations for a while before you get started.

  • You'll have to pay to add brands of cameras.

If you love action cams, but are sick of juggling their proprietary apps, or you want to use all the cameras your friends bring to an event, this app is designed to get them all marching to the same drum. While it's aimed at professionals to some degree, not least in that to use certain brands of cameras, you'll have to make an in-app purchase, the coordination and design features are easy enough to use that you'll have multi-camera shoots running in no time.

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Nest: Best Bundled App

Three screens from Nest app on iOS
What We Like
  • The app coordinates with all Nest products, not just your Nest camera, making it easier to monitor your whole house.

What We Don't Like
  • We know it's a branded app, but it'd be wonderful if it played nice with other companies' products, especially as Nest is owned by Google, and will work with your Google Home device... but the Nest app won't control your Google Home.

  • The iOS version is barebones compared to the Android app, and we expect that to get worse as Google and Apple step up their competition.

The same company that makes one of the best smart thermostats also makes a security camera, and it has the best app of any bundled app for a camera we've seen. It's simple to use, the controls are clear, and it works well with all your Nest products, so you can coordinate them more effectively.

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