The 15 Best Weight Loss Apps for Apple Watch in 2021

Track nutrition, exercise, progress, and more on your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is an excellent tool if you're embarking on a weight loss journey. Fitness and weight loss apps for the Apple watch help you track calories, weight fluctuations, habits, and more. We looked at Apple Watch weight loss apps and picked our 15 favorites. Try these apps and see which ones are most helpful for your journey toward health.

If you don't have an Apple Watch, there are also excellent weight-loss apps for iOS and Android devices.

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Best for Keeping an Eye on Basic Nutrition Facts: Foodvisor Calorie Counter

Foodvisor app tracking calories on the Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Take photos of your meal and access nutrition facts.

  • See your current calorie intake.

  • View how many calories you have left each day.

What We Don't Like
  • You can't add meals from your Apple Watch.

  • May not be completely nutritionally accurate.

  • Missing some well-known food brands in the nutrition lookup.

Foodvisor is the ultimate calorie counter and nutrition fact finder for almost any meal you can imagine. Using the in-app feature, take a photo of your plate with your iPhone, and the app reveals the meal's nutritional makeup and whether or not it's balanced.

Log your steps and exercise to see how many calories you've burned compared to your logged meals. You can't add meals from your Watch, but you can see your current calorie count from your wrist.

Although the app is free to download, upgrade to Foodvisor Premium to access recipes, diet plans, and a live chat with a nutritionist. Plans range from $9.99 a month to $59.99 per year.

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Best GPS Running Tracker: Runkeeper GPS Running Tracker

Runkeeper app tracking a run on the Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Track your workouts in real time.

  • Receive audio updates as you progress.

  • The workout plan is tailored to fit your needs.

What We Don't Like
  • Speed and interval workout-tracking can experience short delays due to countdown timers.

  • Drains phone battery significantly when used for longer workouts.

Rated as one of the best GPS running trackers in the App Store, Runkeeper, by ASICS, helps you track workouts, set goals, create a personalized plan, and more.

What sets Runkeeper apart is its ability to track your stats on your Apple Watch without needing an iPhone. In-app challenges and exercise rewards keep you motivated on your weight loss and fitness journey. Plus, there's plenty of race-training plans for those embarking on their first marathon.

Runkeeper is free to download and offers a premium version that includes side-by-side workout comparisons, weather data, and more. Prices range from $9.99 per month to $39.99 per year.

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Best for Fun Workouts: Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run app tracking a new run on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Storylines are fun to follow and totally motivating.

  • Listen to your story and progress from your headphones.

  • There's no actual competition, just good fun.

What We Don't Like
  • Instructions aren't detailed, and there's a small learning curve.

  • App may continue to use your location while not in use, which can drain the battery.

  • Not as practical as other apps with tracking weight loss goals.

If you need some motivation to lose those extra few pounds, zombies might do the trick. Zombies, Run! is a fun, story-based workout-tracking app that immerses you in a zombie apocalypse. Every run you take becomes an escape mission.

The app has more than 200 missions, something new for every workout. As you run or walk, you'll listen as you're instructed on your next course of action. Collect supplies to help you survive as you listen to your music. The app works as well on a treadmill as it does around the park.

Zombies, Run! is free to download, and requires a paid upgrade to unlock all storylines and features, including unlimited play and interval training. Prices range from $5.99 to $34.99.

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Best for Tracking Your Weight Loss Success: MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal app tracking calories and nutrients on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Track everything from water intake to exercise.

  • Update your weight to see your progress.

  • Extensive nutrition lookup information.

What We Don't Like
  • May underestimate calories.

  • Calories burned through exercise are placed into the daily calorie limit, which is inaccurate for most weight loss plans.

  • Food database is huge, with most nutrition information user-generated.

MyFitnessPal is a complete weight loss tracking app that displays your weight loss progress over time while tracking daily nutrition intake, exercise, and more.

The nutrition database is huge and covers a range of brands, restaurants, and food types. Use your Apple Watch to input your water intake as well as your calories, making this app stand out from other calorie-counting apps on this list.

MyFitnessPal is free to download and use. It offers a premium version with access to the Nutrient Dashboard; Calorie Goals by Meal; the ability to quickly add your carbs, protein, and fat; as well as other features. Plans range from $9.99 to $49.99.

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Best for Tracking Your Hydration: My Water Balance

My Water Balance tracking liquid intake on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Tracks more than just water.

  • Notifications help make sure you don't miss your water count.

  • Add water and liquid intake from your Apple Watch.

What We Don't Like
  • Premium version required to unlock different beverages.

  • If you're using the app only for water intake, you must tap water for every entry, every time.

  • Water requirement calculator isn't always accurate.

My Water Balance helps track your water intake, which is critical to any weight loss goal. The app also allows you to track other beverages, such as tea and soft drinks. As you track your intake, the app creates charts detailing your progress.

There's also a water-requirement calculator to help you determine how much water you need in a day. It's best to take into consideration your lifestyle, activity level, and weight loss goals for a specific requirement.

My Water Balance is easy to use on the Apple Watch, with the ability to add entries from your wrist. The app is free to download and use. It requires a premium subscription to unlock all beverage options. Subscription options range from $3.99 a month to $14.99 per year.

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Best for Tracking Your Macros: Lifesum Diet & Macro Tracker

Lifesum app tracking calories and macros on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Choose from diets such as keto, fasting, vegan, and more.

  • Track both your calories and your macros.

  • See healthy recipes inside the app.

What We Don't Like
  • There's no quick-add option on the Apple Watch for calories or macros.

  • The meal prep feature is limited.

  • The food database is lacking compared to other calorie-counting apps.

When you need to track your macronutrients in detail, Lifesum is a great addition to your Apple Watch. From your iPhone, enter your daily food and water intake to see your current nutritional stats. Then, view your progress throughout the day on your Apple Watch.

Lifesum offers healthy recipes from inside the app, depending on your diet plan. Choose from diets such as keto, fasting, Mediterranean, and more. There's also a basic meal-prep option with suggestions.

Lifesum is free to download and use. It requires a paid subscription for recipes, specialized diets, and other features. Prices range from $21.99 for three months to $44.99 for a year.

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Best for Working Out Fast: Seven - 7 Minute Workout

Seven app tracking a workout using the Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Perfect for busy lifestyles.

  • View your complete workout progress on your Apple Watch.

  • Control your workout from your Apple Watch.

What We Don't Like
  • Additional workouts require a premium subscription.

  • You must start a new workout if you want to perform a circuit.

  • No audio cue for moving to the next move in the workout, only illustrations.

The seven-minute workout has been hailed as a great way to get a high-intensity workout in a short amount of time, boosting weight loss efforts. Seven is an Apple Watch app that gives you access to a library of seven-minute workouts to fit your weight loss goals.

As you work out, your Apple Watch shows illustrations to instruct you on what to do. Pause or end your workout from your Watch. Choose your goals, such as get fit or lose weight, to tailor your workouts. The app also reminds you when it's time to work out each day.

Seven comes with several basic workouts to get you started. To access all workouts available and more than 200 exercises, you'll need to purchase the 7 Club premium membership. Prices range from $9.99 a month to $79.99 a year.

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Best for Meal Prepping: MealPrepPro Meal Prep Planner

MealPrepPro app tracking daily meal intake on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Check meals off your daily list using your Apple Watch.

  • Track your water intake as well as your macros and calories.

  • See your current calorie count on your Apple Watch throughout the day.

What We Don't Like
  • The app creates the meal plan for you. To make changes, use your iPhone.

  • Although basic recipes are available, most require some cooking skill.

  • After a seven-day trial, you must purchase a subscription.

Meal prepping is important for sticking to a healthy diet, and MealPrepPro does the heavy lifting for you, creating a personalized plan. If you don't like what it presents, go into your iPhone and switch the meals around. Track your water intake as well as your macros and calories inside the app.

Your Apple Watch updates with your progress throughout the day, and it's easy to check your daily meals off your list from your Watch. There are many recipes available, but most require some cooking skills to accomplish.

MealPrepPro is free to download for a seven-day trial. After that, you'll need to purchase a premium subscription. Prices range from $5.99 a month to $47.99 a year.

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Best Preinstalled Activity Tracker: Activity

Activity app tracking daily activity on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Activity is built into the Apple Watch, so no extra steps are required.

  • See your daily activity progress on your Apple Watch.

  • Get activity reminders on your wrist throughout the day.

What We Don't Like
  • Delivers only basic activity stats, so it's not ideal for weight loss plans.

  • Activity is tracked only if your Apple Watch is on your wrist.

  • Glitches can cause issues with step-tracking.

The Apple Watch comes with the Activity app, which offers a user-friendly interface and a basic overview of your daily activity. You'll receive notifications when it's time for you to move, which is perfect for those who work in offices or in sedentary positions.

Has your Apple Watch stopped tracking your steps? There are some easy troubleshooting steps to follow.

The Activity app shows how many calories you burned in a day, as well as how many minutes of exercise you completed. Goals are set depending on your lifestyle and habits.

Apple's Activity app is free to download and use on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

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Best for Tracking Your Calories: Lose It! Calorie Counter

Lose It app tracking calories and nutrients on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Scan food labels to input nutrition information easily.

  • Keep track of your calorie and macro count in one place.

  • See your current calorie count on your Apple Watch.

What We Don't Like
  • Nutritional information isn't always accurate. Look for foods with the green check mark to ensure accuracy.

  • Without a premium subscription, there are frequent ads for the app.

  • Must use your iPhone to see most of your daily stats.

Although many of these apps offer a calorie counter, you may prefer an app specifically for entering your calories each day. Lose It! is a complete calorie counter that tracks your daily intake of calories, macros, protein, and more.

The recipe database is large and lets you scan barcodes to access exact nutritional information for many brands. (Nutritional information verified by the Lose It! team is marked with a green check mark.)

Lose It! is free to download and use. It offers a premium subscription for advanced features, including information on which foods are sabotaging your weight loss. Prices range from $4.99 a month to $39.99 a year.

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Best for Audio Workouts: Aaptiv Audio Fitness

Aaptiv workout tracking on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Follow each workout from your Apple Watch.

  • Workouts include strength training and indoor cycling.

  • Gain motivation by listening to fitness experts.

What We Don't Like
  • Must download a workout before you can use it.

  • Premium subscription required for most workouts.

  • Some workout moves may be too advanced for beginners.

Aaptiv is a great audio workout app with many unique workouts to access on your Apple Watch.

To get started, find a workout you want to use and download it. Then listen as the instructor tells you what to do next. Some moves are difficult for beginners without prior knowledge, but practicing will reduce the learning curve.

To access most of the workouts, you'll need to purchase an Aaptiv subscription. Prices range from $9.99 to $99.99 for unlimited on-demand classes.

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Best App for Keto: Carb Manager

Carb Manager app tracking carbs on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Track net carbs, total carbs, or diabetes carbs.

  • Access to keto-friendly recipes.

  • See your carb intake on your Apple Watch.

What We Don't Like
  • The design isn't as user-friendly when compared to other apps.

  • Creating a unique recipe is time-consuming.

  • Full health tracking requires a premium subscription.

If you're on a keto diet, you'll need an app that counts your daily carbohydrates. Carb Manager tracks net carbs, total carbs, and diabetes carbs while giving you access to thousands of keto-friendly recipes for easy meal planning. Add new recipes based on your own cooking, as well.

Although there's a bit of a learning curve, this app is great for tracking keto success while also offering health-tracking features for your weight-loss progress.

Carb Manager is free to download and requires a premium subscription to unlock all recipes, health tracking, and more. Prices range from $8.49 per month to $39.99 per year.

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Best for Tracking Your Weight Loss Habits: Done

Done tracking daily habits on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Mark tasks off your to-do list on your Apple Watch.

  • Completed goals are highlighted in color on your Watch so you can see your progress.

  • Create tasks for building and quitting habits.

What We Don't Like
  • The free version allows you to add three habits or goals.

  • Can't use your Apple Watch to add new habits or goals.

  • If you accidentally complete a task on your Watch, you can't undo it.

Part of a successful weight loss journey is developing new habits, including drinking more water and exercising. The Done habit tracker helps you build good habits, quit bad habits, and complete goals on the Apple Watch.

In the app, add up to three unique habits or goals using the free version (unlimited with an upgrade). Set how you want your habits to look, take notes about your habits, add motivational quotes, and more.

Done is free to download and use. To unlock unlimited habit and goal tracking, you'll need a premium subscription, which costs $8.99 for a one-time upgrade.

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Best for Intermittent Fasting: Zero Fasting Tracker

Zero tracking fasting time on Apple Watch
What We Like
  • Choose from popular fasts or create a fast.

  • See your fast timer on your Apple Watch.

  • Start and stop a fast using your Apple Watch.

What We Don't Like
  • No way to schedule fasts around when you have to eat, such as a work lunchtime.

If you use intermittent fasting as part of your weight loss plan, Zero is the perfect companion. Choose from popular fasts such as 16:8 or Circadian Rhythm, or create your own fast using the app.

After your fast, you can rate how well it went and add notes. You also earn badges by completing milestones and receive education on protocols for the safest fasting practices. Start and stop a fast easily using your Apple Watch.

Zero is free to download and use. Unlock additional features with a Zero Plus subscription for $9.99 monthly or $49.99 per year.

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Best for Discovering Healthy Recipes: Kitchen Stories Recipes

Kitchen Stories healthy recipe app
What We Like
  • Recipes for beginners and experts.

  • Thousands of recipes to choose from.

  • Access the in-app shopping list on your Watch.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't add your own private notes or adjustments to a recipe.

Kitchen Stories, which is an Apple Design Award winner, is a popular recipe app that provides thousands of free, healthy recipes as well as videos and articles on cooking and baking. Access tutorials, plan your grocery list, share your recipes, and rate available recipes.

Access your shopping list from your Apple Watch for ease and convenience. Download and use the app for free or upgrade to a paid subscription with additional features for $4.99 per month or $24.99 yearly.

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