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The iPhone weather app that comes pre-installed is a great app for beginners. However, there's a whole world of alternative weather apps available that provide more accurate forecast data or display it in a way that's more in line with your personal tastes.

Here are six of the best iPhone weather apps you should be using instead of the one you have installed right now.

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Weather Line: Most-Streamlined iPhone Weather App

Weather Line app on iPhone
Weather Line boasts a completely unique weather report design.
What We Like
  • A completely original design aesthetic that's fast to read

  • No background location tracking

What We Don't Like
  • No support for iPad or Apple Watch

  • The white background gets a bit boring after a while

One big problem with iOS weather apps is they all begin to look the same after a while. It's the same issue on other platforms too. The developers behind Weather Line have tackled this issue head-on by not only rejecting some of the typical weather app clichés, such as giant sun icons, but they've also invented a brand new visual style for interpreting a weather report.

Weather Line looks incredibly basic upon first glance but it actually includes most of the weather app information you'd want in a smartphone weather app. The horizontal lines curve up and down to communicate the temperature, the small icons express if it was sunny, snowy, or rainy; important announcements, such as a thunderstorm beginning in five minutes, are generated in English at the bottom of the app.

Those concerned about their privacy will be pleased to hear that Weather Line turns off location tracking while the app is minimized or closed. Weather Line also supports a Notification Center weather widget for fast access to the day's weather report.

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Weathertron: An iOS Weather App for the Minimalist

WeatherTron app on iPhone
WeatherTron uses a different graph style for weather reports.
What We Like
  • The entire app concept is very cool, almost artistic

  • Supports weather data for over 15,000 cities

What We Don't Like
  • Weathertron's aesthetic would make for a great Apple Watch app, but it doesn't support the device at all

  • The app shows weather, time, and temperature but little else, which may leave some users wanting more

Weathertron is another iPhone weather app that attempts to reinvent how people consume forecast data, and it definitely succeeds. The $1.99 app features almost zero text and instead communicates weather conditions and the temperature through a creative use of colored bars and graphs.

From a distance, Weatherton looks almost like digital artwork, but after a few minutes of use, the design aesthetic begins to make sense and you'll come to appreciate just how effective and relaxing this style of weather app is.

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RadarScope: For Weather Professionals

RadarScope app on iPhone
RadarScope is an iPhone weather app for enthusiasts.
What We Like
  • Reliable radar imagery from a variety of sites around the world

  • A great option for the science or weather buff

What We Don't Like
  • Definitely not an iPhone weather app for the average person

  • Very expensive app and subscription prices

RadarScope is a high-end iPhone app for those more interested in the science behind the day's weather instead of casually checking for the chance of rain. The app allows you to view NEXRAD Level 3 and Super-Resolution radar data to track storms, tornados, and other weather conditions in surprising detail, with data updated every few minutes.

With a $9.99 initial cost and additional in-app purchases for membership subscriptions ranging from $9.99 to $99 though, RadarScope is very much an app for the dedicated weather enthusiast and not the casual user.

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Weather Live°: The Best Weather App For iPhone

Weather Live app on iPhone
Weather Live features stunning photographic backgrounds.
What We Like
  • Includes an iPhone weather widget in the Notification Center

  • App icon updates in real-time to display the weather

What We Don't Like
  • The app's text may be hard to read for some users due to the font choice that uses thin letters and pushes them very close together

  • Weather Live° isn't a free app, though it does only cost $2.99

Weather Live° is one of the most-comprehensive iOS weather apps out there with support for almost every kind of weather tracking; from temperature and rainfall to humidity and wind chill. Weather forecasts are available either daily or weekly and each reading is enhanced by dynamic weather photography used in the background.

Weather Live° supports alert notifications, a special weather widget for the iPhone's Notification Center, and an app icon on the Home Screen that changes appearance based on the current weather conditions; you don't even need to open the app to check if it's raining. Ever found yourself asking what the best iOS weather app is? Weather Live° is it.

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Fresh Air: Best Weather App For Productivity

Fresh Air iPhone weather app
Fresh Air features stylish weather charts and forecast data.
What We Like
  • The Calendar integration is a great idea

  • Apple Watch version of the app looks great

What We Don't Like
  • Weather radar map only works for the US

  • iPad version has a lot of unused screen real estate

Fresh Air sets itself apart from the numerous other iOS weather apps by pulling event data from your iPhone's calendar and displaying it alongside the weather report for that same time period. This integration makes Fresh Air a solid two-in-one solution and will be appreciated by those frustrated with switching between apps to cross-check information. Will it rain during your picnic next Wednesday? Fresh Air will tell you all in one place.

This iPhone weather app isn't all about the calendar functionality, though. Fresh Air also supports basic weather app features for checking the daily forecast and offers up to seven days of weather data presented in a rather artistic graph.

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