The Best Wearables for Your Child

Keep an eye on your little ones while introducing them to tech

Wearable technology for kids

I’ve covered wearables for your pet, wearables for staying safe in the sun and even wearables for golf players, so it’s well past time we talk about wearables for the younger set. Today, I’ll run through some of the top wearables for kids on the market, and discuss what makes wearable devices for children different than your average smartwatch or wristband. 

Kid-centric Wearable Features

Many of these gadgets focus on GPS tracking features to ensure you know where your little ones are at all times. With GPS on the device and a companion app that parents can access on their smartphones, these wearables allow you to see where your son or daughter is after school or at any other time. 

Think of wearables for kids as a higher-tech version of child leashes (well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point). 

Along the same lines, another feature you’ll find in some wearables for children is emergency contacts, which lets your son or daughter get in touch if the need should arise.

Though safety is a huge priority for many of the wearables you’ll see below, it’s not the only reason you might purchase your child a wearable. Maybe your kids are a bit envious of the Apple Watch on your wrist and you’re looking for a more age — and budget-appropriate option for them, or perhaps you’re looking to introduce your child to technology at an early age. (And who doesn’t remember their first childhood watch?) In any case, the items below provide a good representation of this product category. 

LG GizmoPal ($80)

This device has been around for a while, and it offers real-time GPS tracking via the companion app for Android and iOS. The design (available in blue and pink) is kid-friendly and water-resistant, and though it's a bit bulky, it does offer two-way calling. There's a prominent phone-call button on the device's face, letting your son or daughter make and accept calls from pre-approved numbers. (Just note that this functionality entails a fee through Verizon.) On the fun side, long-pressing the button will activate a variety of sounds and voice alerts. 

hereO ($179)

While it's only available for pre-order at this time, this GPS watch is worth mentioning for its fun design, available in four bold color combinations. Like the GizmoPal, this device keeps track of kids, with a smartphone app displaying their location. The hereO offers Wi-Fi and a built-in SIM card for unfailing connectivity, and it allows the whole family to share their locations. 

Guardian ($40)

This relatively affordable option lets you set a safety range, and you'll receive an alert when your child moves beyond it. The wristband is short on features, as it's only focused on tracking and safety, with notifications displayed on the app for Android and iOS.

LeapFrog LeapBand ($21-$27)

The LeapBand is proof that not all kids' wearables are simply location trackers. This one is billed as the "first activity tracker made for kids," and it encourages your young ones to get moving with challenges (think: "Pounce a lion!"). When children complete the activities, they're rewarded with virtual pets and more. It's available in three colors: green, blue and pink.