The 8 Best Wear OS Watch Faces of 2020

Refresh your wrist with a new Android watch face

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Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) is Google's smartwatch operating system, letting users handle notifications, apps, and more all from their wrist.

Available across a range of smartwatches from a variety of manufacturers, there's likely a Wear OS design for everyone. But did you know you can customize your device with a fresh watch face? Here are eight of the best Wear OS watch faces of 2020.

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Bubble Cloud Wear Launcher Watchface

Wear OS Bubble Cloud Wear Launcher Watchface
What We Like
  • Fast access to settings, messages, and more.

  • Most frequently used bubbles get greater on-screen prominence.

  • Supports countless complications throughout.

What We Don't Like
  • Not all features are free.

  • The layout can be overly complex at times.

Bubble Cloud Wear Launcher Watchface is excellent if you like to stay in touch with a lot of people, while also having quick access to all your Wear OS apps.

The watch face lets you create a slew of pages to which you can pin your apps and contacts. This is especially useful for creating groups of complications (such as tasks and note keeping apps), as well as clusters of friends (frequent contacts, family).

Additionally, if you already have a watch face you like, you can choose to use Bubble Cloud as a launcher only, allowing you to slide it in from the side and thereby replacing your smartwatch’s standard launcher.

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Photo Wear Watch Face

Photo Wear Watch Face for Wear OS
What We Like
  • Lets you display up to nine photos at a time.

  • Is able to pull your most recent images directly from your Instagram account.

  • Includes features for editing images.

What We Don't Like
  • Not all features are free.

  • No automatic refresh to pull images from your smartphone.

Photo Wear Watch Face lets you use your images as your watch face. You can choose just one, or create a photo grid with up to nine shots. These photos can come from your camera roll or your most recent Instagram uploads.

Additionally, the app includes some simple image editing features for each photo you pick. There are several options for customization, including crop, contrast, and brightness tools. The app also has an array of image filters, which is great if you want all nine photos to have a specific look.

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ustwo Watch Faces

Wear OS ustwo Watch Faces
What We Like
  • Great designs.

  • Simple interfaces.

  • Free.

What We Don't Like
  • Fewer features than other watch face apps.

While some will want lots of fancy complications or rapid access to their apps and contacts, many people will want something that looks clean and fresh on their smartwatch. And that’s what ustwo seems to understand with this set of watch faces.

From the contrasting colors of Invert to the minimalist Stadium, there’s a style for every wrist. And while the focus is on good looking design, some of the watch faces do offer a few extras. These include Zodiac, which gives you dual time zones, and Museum, which also displays the date.

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Last Laugh Tattoo - Mr Jones Watches

Wear OS Last Laugh Tattoo - Mr Jones Watches.
What We Like
  • Unique design.

  • Playful features.

What We Don't Like
  • Not easy to simply glance at.

  • Not free.

If you’re feeling bold and are more interested in a good looking watch face than a functional one, check out Last Laugh Tattoo from Mr Jones Watches.

The vibrant calavera design is certainly striking, but if you pay close attention to the details you’ll soon see it’s just as playful as it is colorful: the top row of teeth display the hour; the bottom row show the minutes; the floral eyes even turn as time passes.

This might not be the most glanceable watch, but it’s certainly among the most fetching.

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GPS Tracker

Wear OS GPS Tracker
What We Like
  • Dedicated features for runners and hikers.

  • Includes useful integration with Google Maps and Google Earth.

  • Works as a watch face, standalone app, or complication.

What We Don't Like
  • Not all features are free.

  • May be overly complicated for some.

As the name suggests, this is a GPS tracking app for your Wear OS device that can also serve as a watch face. Aimed at those with walking and/or running in mind, GPS Tracker lets users see how many miles they’ve covered at a glance. It also offers quick complications to view current location, launch a map, check travel speed, and more. There are also quick functions for music playback and for sharing stats.

Alternatively, if you’re happy with your current watch face, you can add GPS Tracker as a complication, still giving you quick access all its features.

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Timr Face

Wear OS Timr Face
What We Like
  • Minimal-yet-colorful design.

  • Useful for monitoring seconds, minutes, and hours.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited functionality.

  • Not entirely free.

At first glance, this is a good looking watch face that seems to have limited functionality. But take a closer look, and you’ll see a moving ruler in the bottom half of the display, closely tracking each passing second. If you’re somebody who needs to watch the seconds as well as minutes and hours (think interval training or cooking), this could be what you need.

Additionally, there are options to change the color swatch with 11 variations for the slider and three options for the background display. All in all, Timr Face blends simple design with rich time-tracking functionality.

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DosFace Watch Face

Wear OS DOS watch face
What We Like
  • Nerdy (in a good way).

  • A variety of colorways.

What We Don't Like
  • Not easily glanceable.

  • Not free.

What better way to dress up your modern smartwatch than to give it a 1981 look? This DOS-inspired look really is about as retro as it gets. There are several looks to choose from, including the classic terminal and the infamous blue screen of death.

You can also opt to display time in 24-hour or 12-hour formats, and tapping the display will also show your smartwatch battery level.

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Dieterist Watch Face

Wear OS Dieterist Watch Face
What We Like
  • Classic design.

  • Features a date complication.

  • Free.

What We Don't Like
  • Little variation between the faces.

  • No digital numbers.

Inspired by the work of German industrial designer Dieter Rams, Dieterist Watch Face features a handful of watch faces focused on functionality.

While the simple white and orange hands on a black face may be too simplistic for some, the aesthetic perfectly evokes memories of Ram’s famed Braun alarm clock from the 1970s.

There’s little variation between the faces themselves, and you're restricted to (skeuomorphic) analog hands, but with watch faces based on such an iconic design, skewing close to the original is really what it's all about.