The 9 Best TVs at Walmart in 2019

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Best Overall: LG 65” 4K HDR Smart UHD TV

LG 65


It's hard to walk away from LG’s 65-inch AI ThinQ-enabled 4K TV unimpressed. The television’s name might be an absolute mouthful, but it should be the first model you consider at Walmart. Everything from the brushed metal frame to the barely-there stand make it feel ultra-premium. Displaying beautiful lifelike picture in 4K — with support for a variety of HDR content including HDR10 and HLG, as well — the screen is easily viewed from all angles. The 65-inch display's beauty is made possible by LG’s Nano Cell technology; this tech incorporates deeper blacks and a larger color gamut to provide a hyper-realistic picture. 

Though the LG 65” 4K HDR Smart UHD TV could sell itself on picture alone, rest assured that every other component is just as up to snuff. With built-in LG AI (artificial intelligence), the TV becomes the center of your smart home. Grab the LG Magic Remote to control smart lights, check the weather, view family photos, and more. Alongside the AI is webOS which is compatible with programs like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Sling, and more for streaming movies, shows, and music. 

Best Budget: Sceptre 55” 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Sceptre 55


As Walmart’s best-selling TV brand, it’s not surprising the Sceptre 55-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV edges out other budget picks to lead the pack. Nearly half the price of competing models, the Sceptre features 4K picture quality with over 8 million pixels. The crisp display belies its budget pricing with deep blacks and vibrant colors that enhance all of your favorite movie and TV shows. That the TV can upscale 1080p content to near 4K quality is just another added bonus often not found in this price range. While it lacks a smart TV system for content streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu, there are four HDMI 2.0 ports so you can rig up external hardware.

Connecting a video game system or Blu-ray player is as easy plugging in a cord. Once set up, you can flip the input switch on the included remote and find your additional hardware. Adding even more value is a Mobile High-Definition Link — or MHL. This special USB port expands functionality by allowing users to mirror a compatible smartphone, tablet, or other portable devices on the Sceptre’s screen. Show pictures, movies, or apps right on the big screen with just a single plug.

Best for Streaming: LG 65” 4K Super UHD TV

LG 65” 4K Super UHD TV


If you’re looking to stream a bunch of online content on an internet-enabled TV, your best Walmart choice is the LG 65” 4K Super UHD TV with AI ThinQ technology. Right away LG differentiates itself with outstanding picture quality; boosted by the performance of an a7 intelligent processor, this model can push out real-world color experiences. Everything from HDR to Nano Cell allows the LG to provide a deep color gamut. Nano Cell is so natural that it creates an image 64 times more detailed than standard TV formatting, in fact, and the result is bluer skies, greener grass, and deeper blacks.

Along with outstanding picture quality, the TV has excellent features. The inclusion of Dolby Atmos creates one of the most detailed sound experiences available without the addition of external speakers. The audio mimics surround sound for exceptionally crisp detail and gamers can also take advantage of the audio and picture with ultra-fast HDR gaming in 4K. Navigating all your streaming services is made easy by LG’s much-loved Magic Remote. The remote is compatible with smart home devices and you can use Google Assistant to controlling your television with ease.

Best Large Smart TV: Vizio 70” D-Series 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV

Vizio 70” D-Series 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV at Walmart,


The D70-F3 70” 4K HDR Smart LED TV stands out from the large screen pack with a dizzying array of baked-in features. With built-in Chromecast, Vizio offers users the ability to stream thousands of compatible apps and programming. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa provide the backbone for voice navigation for finding news, weather, and movies. Vizio's WatchFree service also offers more than 100 free streaming channels. You’ll discover live news, movies, sports, music, and more without any extra fees. 

All of the outstanding smart functionality requires a stellar display and sound to truly stand out. Fortunately, the D-70 does not disappoint. Thanks to a spatial scaling engine, HD and Full HD content are upscaled to 4K Ultra HD resolution. High dynamic range ensures that colors look as real-world as possible including deeper blacks and whiter whites. Three UHD-HDMI ports on the rear support the latest HDMI standards for plugging in game consoles and Blu-ray players. Virtually simulating surround sound, DTS Studio Sound pleasantly surprises from dual the built-in speakers.

Best Small Smart TV: Vizio 43” SmartCast D-Series LED TV



Made by one of the most popular budget TV manufacturers, Vizio’s SmartCast D-Series LED TV offers an impressive array of smart TV options. At 43 inches in size, the display is neither too large nor too small — especially for bedrooms and small living rooms. What it lacks in 4K quality, it makes up for with extras like a 120Hz motion refresh rate. Screen technology like a full-array LED backlighting ensures the picture is clear and crisp. Alongside the sharp picture is equally impressive sound; DTS studio sound immerses you in a surround-sound experience that feels like you’re in the middle of the action.

Vizio’s picture isn’t the only thing worth raving about on this TV. Google’s Chromecast is built in enabling thousands of compatible apps to stream to the television. Just tap the “Cast” button on the remote and stream from nearly any smartphone, tablet, or PC. Vizio’s Smart TV menu is also simple and user-friendly; apps like Netflix and Hulu are on board for even more streaming options. That all of these functions and more can be voice controlled through Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa makes the Vizio an even bigger winner.

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Best Value: Samsung 55” Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV

Samsung 55


There’s no shortage of value options in the television space, so it takes some real work for brands to stand out from the pack. Samsung’s 55-inch ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV delivers a bunch of extras that allow the TV to do just that. First, its most important feature is its picture; with dynamic crystal color, the TV delivers one of the widest color spectrums around creating a memorable viewing experience. High dynamic range adds even more lifelike quality with vibrant contrast and deeper blacks. Even the inclusion of 240Hz motion rate makes for a highly enjoyable experience during action sequences or sporting events. Last but not least is the TV's 4K quality which quadruples the resolution of 1080p Full HD. 

So Samsung’s picture is good, but how is everything else? Features like Bixby help the Samsung differentiate itself from the crowd with voice control. Just search for content or ask questions about the weather, all by using voice commands. It only takes the click of a voice button on Samsung’s OneRemote or through the smartphone app. Even gamers will appreciate auto game mode which optimizes the settings to minimize input lag and boost refresh rates.

Best Big Screen: Samsung 75” QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Samsung 75” QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV



If filling up your wall is what matters most, look to the Samsung 75” QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV. With more than one billion shades of Samsung’s “Q color,” this display is nothing short of spectacular. Everything from Quantum Dot technology to “Q contrast” ensures the picture is of the utmost quality. Colors pop with blacks among the deepest in this price range. High dynamic range brings even more vibrancy to the colors culminating in a best-in-class display. That everything is shown in 4K is just one more reason this TV should be at the top of any big screen TV shopping list.

Beyond its display, Samsung offers a bevy of options including a Smart TV experience. Searchable with the company’s OneRemote, the smart menu interface is offers user-friendly navigation right from the start. And with voice command capability, searching for your favorite app or show is made even simpler. Bixby Voice enables you to search for new programming, flip through channels, or find up-to-date weather forecasts. Samsung also made sure the TV featured SmartThings, its software which allows you to control all of your home's smart devices right from your TV screen.

Best Small Screen: Samsung 32” Smart LED TV

Samsung 32” Smart LED TV


What Samsung’s 32-inch smart LED TV lacks in size it more than makes up for in value. With 720p display quality, there’s plenty to enjoy with Samsung’s PurColor technology. This tech provides a more natural color experience bringing objects and people one step closer to real world accuracy. Details and shadows are improved thanks to Micro Dimming Pro technology. Even for small spaces, there’s plenty of vivid detail with less distortion than standard or analog televisions. 

While it might “only” offer 720p picture, Samsung doesn’t skimp on all extras. Their SmartHub interface is available with the touch of a button, so everything from Netflix to Hulu to YouTube is at your fingertips. That equals thousands of hours of TV shows and movies available at the push of a button. Additionally, the television only takes up 18 inches in height and 29.3 inches in width, making it ideal for bedrooms, dorm rooms, and small living rooms.

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Best Curved TV: Samsung 55” 4K Curved QLED TV

Samsung 55” 4K Curved QLED TV


Even if curved screens have lost a little of their popularity, there’s still excellent viewing to be had with the Samsung 4K curved Smart QLED TV. Whether it’s displayed on a stand or mounted on a wall, the arced screen provides terrific viewing angles. Led by Samsung’s “Q” technology, the screen is immersive in nearly every way. Part of the “Q” in QLED, the tech pushes the boundaries by revealing lifelike color with incredible detail. The combination of anti-glare technology and deeper blacks also boosts the viewing experience. 

Of course, a curved screen as good as Samsung’s is only most enjoyable when the audio supports it. With Dolby Digital Plus built-in, you can bet that the TV's audio exceeds all expectations. The 40-watt 4.1 channel speakers provide ample sound for dialogue, action scenes, and everything in between. Finding quality content to listen to and watch is made simple thanks to Samsung’s smart system. Connecting to both the Samsung OneRemote and downloadable app, there are thousands of shows available at the press of a button. The app is even able to control compatible smart devices. 

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What to Look for in a TV at Walmart

Size - When determining what size TV you should buy, first survey the size of the room. How far is the seating away from the TV? Will it be mounted or sit on a media stand? These are all factors that play into your selection. Generally, larger TVs will be pricier, but most models come in a slew of sizes so you won’t have to make sacrifices on features.

Picture quality - The primary factor in delivering optimum picture quality is the resolution. If you want the best resolution out there, look for 4K (also referred to as Ultra HD), which equals a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. That’s roughly 4x the number of pixels in a Full HD screen. With so many more pixels crammed into the screen, your pixel density is higher, which means you see a much clearer picture with incredible detail. 

Smart capabilities - Smart TVs are almost the standard these days as streaming TV shows and movies is now the norm. Brands usually have their own proprietary interface, so play around with different ones if you can, taking note of usability. A good setup will save you valuable minutes when navigating to your favorite shows.