The 8 Best VR Games to Buy in 2019 Without a Controller

Step into a whole different dimension

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Jumping into virtual reality is easier than you think. And while some virtual games require a separate controller in order to experience it to the fullest, there are plenty that offers the “path of least resistance” toward your exciting new experience in VR. Because why should you have to buy all this fancy equipment to jump into a virtual world? You don’t.

The best VR games without a controller, listed below, offer a full realm of genres that will delight both casual and hardcore players. Can you imagine what its like to be Pac Man? You now can. You can also sit back and look around at a full 360 degrees as you ride a roller coaster. Maybe you just want to throw a few snowballs at some kids? Or perhaps you like first-person shooters? Even if you want to cross the street and avoid getting hit by menacing oncoming traffic, you can — without the need of a controller.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Smash Hit

Smash Hit
Courtesy of Google

Available on the most popular VR platforms, Smash Hit is an on-rails type shooter where players dive into an otherworldly dimension while moving in synchronicity with both physics, sound, and music. Surreal and addicting, players smash their way through a futuristic atmosphere by firing weighted chrome marbles into obtrusive shiny glass obstacles and structures.

Smash Hit requires nothing more than quick eyes to focus and a ready trigger finger to press the one button on the side of your VR headset in order to destroy passing targets and obstacles that interrupt your journey. Both music and audio pairs together with each stage you enter while obstacles move along with new tunes. The game boasts a whopping 50 different rooms with 11 different graphical styles, and realistic glass-breaking effects that’ll wow you as much as the world it encapsulates you in.

Best Updated Classic: VR Pac maX

VR Pac-mac
Courtesy of Google

Mimicking that other famous game, VR Pac maX gives you a first-person perspective of what its like to run around in a maze eating tons of pellets and escaping from menacing ghosts. There’s no stopping in VR Pac-mac, it’s a constant walk through complex mazes where you turn your head in order to turn yourself, and you’ll often turn your head around as you come face to face with a ghost.

VR Pac maX gives players an immersive first-person experience as they navigate through various mazes and gobble up as many points as possible, all while avoiding ghosts (or eating them up once they have a power-up). The game comes with a mini-map overlay in the lower left corner of your peripheral that shows you an overhead view (like you’d see in the classic game), so you know where you’re going. The developers behind VR Pac maX are always updating the game, listening to user’s reviews and tightening up both the AI and graphics to make the gaming experience even more enjoyable for its players.

Best Rollercoaster: VR Rollercoaster

VR Rollercoaster
Courtesy of Google

Just sit back and relax (or not) with VR Rollercoaster, a simulation game that gives players a sense of realism as they enter the front seat of a virtual roller coaster. Players can look around in their environment as they experience the rush of various rollercoaster rides that send them through lifelike environments with all the twists, turns and loops you’d expect.

VR Rollercoaster doesn’t take much to control; on your headset, you’ll tap with one finger to re-calibrate yourself in the forward direction as you look around in your seat while tapping with two fingers restarts the ride. Ideal for the Google Cardboard headset, VR Rollercoaster uses stereoscopic rendering and head tracking for your mobile smartphone, so you can look around at each randomly generated city surrounding your rollercoaster. Immersion isn’t just solely visual — the environment is filled with noisy crowds, buildings, birds, screaming riders and even airships.

Best for Snowball Fights: Snow Strike VR

Snow Strike VR
Courtesy of Google

Snow Strike is a kind of tower defense style game where players uphold their snow fort and throw snowballs at upcoming invaders (think school kids and evil snowmen. The casual fun shooter style game has players look around a full 180 degrees as invading forces draw near to them in a snow-filled atmosphere.

While controllers are compatible, players aim and shoot by aligning themselves to their foes and tapping the single button on the side of their VR headset. Players can dodge incoming snowballs by weaving their heads away and anticipate enemies as their feet crunch on the snowy fields surrounding them. Snow Strike is great for anyone who wants a casual and gentle first-person style “shooter” experience without too much demand, action or violence.

Best for Horror Lovers: Insidious VR

Insidious VR
Courtesy of Google

For the horror lovers, Insidious VR provides one of the best virtual reality experiences with no controller necessary. Players will be guided by a woman who will show them the terrors of the afterlife while they navigate through 1080p visuals of a disturbing experience unlike any other.

The game is best used with both Google Cardboard and a reliable set of headphones. Insidious VR is essentially a free-flowing movie adventure that’ll get you anticipating in every moment. Players start off in a dimly lit house while giving full ability t look around and observe their dynamic surroundings. Players will have to utilize their full 360-degree range of motion for visuals in order to fully experience the true horror that Insidious VR has to bring. Just sit back, relax, get ready to be scared and don’t close your eyes.

Best First-Person Shooter: Trooper 2

Trooper 2
Courtesy of Google

Trooper 2 is a simple point to look and press to shoot style game that can be played by virtually anyone because it doesn’t require any complex control schemes; all you’ll have to do is stand up, walk around and press the single button on your VR headset to fire. The first person shooter is a rarity among the list and offers a full 360 degrees of view with non-stop action at every turn.

Trooper 2 puts players in the position of a soldier who battles against a multitude of invading green block men in a vector like block world. The fast-paced game starts off with five practice levels that aim to familiarize you with its controls, packing a total of 14 different levels with four different bosses. When standing and playing, be careful and be aware of your surroundings as you turn your head to battle against foes while playing the game.

Best Racing: VR XRacer

VR XRacer
Courtesy of Google

VR XRacer is another superb virtual reality game that requires nothing more than a VR headset, a little tilt and quick reaction time. The high-speed racing game features beautiful polygon graphics and structures that players dodge by tilting their head in order to move their ship.

VR XRacer has players pilot their own high-speed spaceship as they are thrown in a polygonal world filled with numerous towers, bonus point rings and various power-ups (think slow-motion abilities and speed boosts). The game essentially sees how long you can go for in a seemingly endless distance and gets progressively more and more difficult the longer its played. The developers behind VR XRacer are consistent with updates, so you can expect it to be smooth running and reliable with its gameplay.

Best for Intensity: VR Street Jump

VR Street Jump
Courtesy of Google

VR Street Jump offers a simplistic gameplay style that has you looking around before you jump. Controls are operated via facing the direction you want to go and pressing the button on the side of your VR headset to move forward.

VR Street Jump takes the basic everyday aspect of crossing the street and turns it upside down into a serious game of life or death. Players start off on a nice green terrain with multiple roads filled with trucks, sedans and even menacing buses that they must avoid while crossing.

This game requires careful consideration and situational awareness, which has players looking around at a full 360 degrees to take in their environment and anticipate their next move.