The 8 Best VR Games for iPhone and Android in 2019

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You don’t have to own high tech gear to get a taste of virtual reality. In fact, if you have an iPhone or Android device, you’ll be able to pick up a virtual reality game right now — but it’s probably smart to buy an affordable headset that’s compatible with your smartphone in order to play these VR games the way they were intended. Below are the best VR games for iPhone and Android smartphones. They're sure to please any sort of gamer from casual to hardcore, and gaming scenarios will have you battling waves of enemies, shooting zombies and more. If you’ve ever been curious about VR, now's the time to try it out. These games are guaranteed to turn you into a VR fan.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: GermBuster

Courtesy if iTunes

Germbuster takes the cake as the best VR game because of its simplistic, easy-to-learn gameplay, impressive graphics and fun factor. The game plays like an arcade first-person shooter where players use a bubble gun to eradicate a myriad of various menacing germs.

Using body motion-based input controls, players explore one of four stages, including a bedroom, living room and kitchen to battle against a green blob germ army while avoiding being slimed. The graphics are beautiful, with environments that look similar to a PlayStation 2 game, giving it more of a high-end aspect in terms of how VR games go. GermBuster advertises itself as being one of the only games where you don’t need VR equipment, but instead, just a piece of cardboard in order to play and enjoy the game.

Best Zombies: Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR
Courtesy of iTunes

Games just aren’t complete without a zombie genre and our favorite pick is the Zombie Shooter VR. Players enter a post apocalyptic world full of zombies in dark environments that will howl at you as you unleash an arsenal upon them using various weapons.

Zombie Shooter VR uses look-to-shoot style controls that make the game both user-friendly and immersive. Players start the game by picking a weapon of their choice and then are thrown into dimly lit tunnels where an army of undead await them. The game offers a full 360 degrees of exploration and is compatible with most virtual reality glasses out on the market. Gameplay does take some concentration and a steady focus to defeat zombies, so be prepared and vigilant!

Best for Situational Awareness: VR Street Jump

VR Jump Street
Courtesy of iTunes

Be sure to look both ways before crossing the street. VR Street Jump is much like the arcade classic Frogger, but instead, puts you in the first person perspective of the unfortunate individual that must cross multiple busy streets. It’s a fun little addictive game that’ll build character, especially your patience.

VR Street Jump is compatible with multiple devices such as Google Cardboard, Merge VR and ANTVR, with controls that have you clicking the side button of your headset in order to move forward. Of course, in order to cross the street successfully and all in one piece, you’ll need to look left and right to see any oncoming traffic like cars, trains, trucks, or taxis. You can compete with other friends and see scores that showcase who has the best reaction time and situational awareness. There’s something that strikes fear in the heart of the player knowing the 3D pixelated headlights of a truck are staring you down.

Best for Horror: Sisters

Courtesy of iTunes

Horror and VR go together wonderfully, giving players a whole new realm of terror, much like you’d find in Sisters. Sisters is a story-driven mystery type game with a delightfully haunting atmosphere that has you in the middle of an old creaky house during a storm.

Sisters gives players a full 360-degree view of 64-bit graphic visuals with appropriately chilling binaural and directional audio. The simple look-based controls are easy to pick up and use head tracking that makes you feel like you’re actually there. The game isn't fair either, as it’s programmed to know and respond to what you’re looking at, so there’s always an opportunity of fright and potential jump scares. Are you brave enough to tackle the imaginary?

Best for Space Battles: End Space VR

End Space VR
Courtesy of iTunes

Buckle up, End Space VR is the best space battle game with amazing graphics at 1080p HD, offering ambient futuristic atmospheres and intense gameplay. In End Space VR, players pilot a spacecraft with laser blasters and are thrown into deep space as they battle against hostile enemy space fighters all around them.

End Space VR has players looking in all directions at 360 degrees, viewing above and below them the vast depth of space filled with asteroids, planets and a rush of whirling lasers and missiles. Graphics are impressive, giving players a cockpit view of their spacecraft as they target various waves of enemy combatants with realistic sound effects. Players can upgrade their ships and weapons as they progress through each level, continuing to battle an onslaught of more difficult enemies that will challenge their fighter pilot skills.

Best for Racing: VR XRacer

VR XRacer: Racing VR Games
Courtesy of iTunes

VR XRacer is the quintessential space racer that’s both easy to learn and fun to play. The game places players in a hovercraft where they zip past impressive 3D geometrical pillars and obstacles at high speeds.

VR XRacer is a game that tests how long you can go with its heart-pounding top speed tower dodging gameplay style. Players control their spacecraft by simply tilting their head left or right in order to move side by side, so they can weave through obstacles. The game gets more difficult as you rack up your high score for distance traveled and features a multicolor theme selection for your racer.

Best for Tower Defense: Romans From Mars 360

Romans From Mars 360
Courtesy of iTunes

As strange as the name sounds, Romans From Mars 360 takes the cake for the best tower defense VR game (and consider yourself warned: It is very addicting). Gameplay has you facing off countless waves of invading martians set on taking over the world, and its up to you to fend them off.

Romans From Mars 360 gives players a wide depth of field as they sit stationed in their castle rook, aiming their crossbow and firing at an invading alien army that gets stronger and stronger with each wave. The game boasts an immersive experience of a fun and colorful world with a full 360-degree field of view. Players collect gold as they complete each level, using it to upgrade their crossbow ballista and improving rates of fire, critical hit chance and hit radius.