The 8 Best VR Games to Buy for Google Cardboard in 2018

Step into another world and get your game on

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Immersing yourself today into virtual reality is both easy and affordable; all you need is a simple headset like the Google Cardboard and a smartphone. From there, anyone can download a number of virtual reality games available on both Apple’s App Store or the Android’s Google Play market.

To help, we put together a comprehensive list of the top games you can buy for the VR Google Cardboard Headset. The good news is, a lot of the virtual reality games on the list offer a simplistic approach to immersion. Of the best VR games for Google Cardboard on the list, some require nothing but one button to be pushed as you look around and move from one area to the next. Maybe you want something more extreme like a first-person shooter or the dangers of crossing the street? We have that, too. For every heart-pounding and wild virtual reality game out, there is an equally gentle and forgiving one, and VR on the Google Cardboard is accommodating to anyone curious enough to dive in, even your grandpa. Read on to see our picks for the best VR games for Google Cardboard.

Our Top Picks

Best for Beginners: Need for Jump VR

Need for Jump
Courtesy of Google

If you are a beginner with virtual reality, then one of the best games to first test yourself in a virtual world is Need for Jump VR. The best part of this type of game is that it can be played by anyone — simple movements sparked by a need of exploration and jumping over obstacles. That’s it!

Need for Jump is a game made for beginners, but also those who want to soak in the awe factor of a virtual world without too many stimuli or loss of control. Players move in four directions in the virtual world of Need for Jump VR as they walk in the real one (so play in an open area), following directions across lush green planes, collecting coins and jumping over steps by pressing on the Google Cardboard’s headset button. The game comes with a multiplayer mode, too, so you and your friends can join up and stroll through green polygon fields together.

Best First-Person Shooter: Flats

Courtesy of Google

Flats is a beautiful saturated colorful first-person shooter that looks likes a mix between Katamari Damacy and Counter Strike and is the best game on the list for a first-person shooter experience you can get in virtual reality. Flats offers the full FPS package with options to customize your character with gameplay features such as aiming down your sight, sprinting, destructible environments, health regeneration by taking cover, melee kills, as well as hit detection.

Flats is so entertaining that you’ll enjoy the moments where your bullets ricochet off of solid walls and hit your foes as they fall in slow motion — it’s that intricate. The game gives players six different themed levels such as a beachside town, department store and theme park where they can duke it out in a multitude of modes from team deathmatches to headshot challenges. The game is best played with a connected wireless controller for maximum enjoyment and immersion.

Best Sci-Fi: Galaxy VR

Galaxy VR
Courtesy of Google

Galaxy VR is the quintessential sci-fi adventure game for the Google Cardboard, where players pilot their own spaceships and engage in four different core game types. Players can enjoy intense dogfights with other spaceships, explore alien planets on foot in FPS-style format, race through corridors and solve puzzles.

It’s easy to get lost and addicted to Galaxy VR — it brings to life an immersive world with beautiful graphics, giving players a complete full game feeling for VR they wouldn’t normally expect. While you pilot your spaceship, you can move your head independently to look around you as you dodge lasers, twisting and turning past asteroids and giving you a sense of realism. Galaxy VR is multiplayer, too, so you can battle against other online players in free-for-all deathmatches and races. It requires a connected joypad or keyboard to play.

Best Tower Defense Gameplay: Evil Robot Traffic Jam

Evil Robot Traffic Jam
Courtesy of Google

Unique, beautiful graphics, and one of the most addictive tower defense games to hit the virtual world of Google Cardboard is Evil Robot Traffic Jam. Players will feel like they’re in the middle of a battlefield as they build missile towers, rail guns and call in battlecruisers all for the sake of containing oncoming traffic from getting through.

Evil Robot Traffic Jam throws players smack dab in the middle of a little cute town with a twisting road filled with various foes they must stop: vehicles such as little sedans and monstrous tractors. Your objective is to stop all free-flowing traffic from escaping by building and upgrading various defense towers that stop, thwart and explode the incoming traffic. As players progress, they encounter tons of varied enemies and boss battles all while employing special weapons such as hacker drones and bombing raids that help combat advancing hordes of cars.

Best Google Cardboard Game For Patience: VR Street Jump

VR Street Jump
Courtesy of Google

Similar to Frogger, VR Street Jump makes crossing the street a fun and exciting adventure and trains players to pay attention and wait or else get hit by a car. The simple-to-play, automobile-avoidance game trains players to be patient by being aware of their surroundings in order to progress.

VR Street Jump lets players look around in a vivid polygonal environment filled with blocky green trees and colorful boxed cars and trucks. The controls are simple: you look in the direction you want to go and hit the Google Cardboard button to move. You can compete with your friends to see who has the highest score in being able to cross the street without getting run over. Remember, in VR, you have no peripheral vision, so look both ways before you cross the street!

Best for Pong-Like Gameplay: Proton Pulse

Proton Pulse
Courtesy of Google

Proton Pulse imitates the same gameplay as Breakout, where players smack a ball around to break down bricks and other objects. The game is filled with features such as stunning beautiful neon graphics, intense music, intuitive head-tracking controls and over 50 levels.

Protons Pulse places players into a 3D zone where they play “atomic paddleball” by deflecting a ball and other projectiles in order to destroy various obstacles such as statues and bricks in front of them. The game includes a “Space-Time Dilator” that turns your missed ball hits into deadly volleys, while multiple power-ups give players the ability to enter in slow motion mode or attack with multiple balls. Unlike some other VR games, Proton Pulse has a story, where an entity named M.O.A.I. is set to destroy the world and it’s up to you to stop him.

Best for Intensity: Voxel VR

Voxel VR
Courtesy of Google

Voxel Fly VR is a game that tests your reaction time by throwing players into a spaceship of their choice while dodging obstacles and enemies at lighting fast speeds indefinitely. Players who want a virtual reality game with an exhilarating rush and challenge should pick up Voxel Fly VR.

Voxel Fly boasts impressive polygonal graphics with a dedicated development team that always keeps the game fresh and updated. Gameplay is virtually endless — players are thrown into a spaceship of their choice and are forced to dodge obstacles and tack down various enemies that zip on by and pester. The game includes four different modes depending on your preference play type: an explorer mode with a slow speed and many enemies; madness, with a fast speed and less enemies; destroyer, where you can crash into your enemies; and Attacker, where you destroy enemies and objects with fire.

Best for Puzzle Lovers: Mekorama VR

Mekorama VR
Courtesy of Google

By far the best puzzle game for the Google Cardboard, Mekorama VR requires a clever mind and caring heart to guide a little robot named B through a world of puzzling and dynamic dioramas. The game is chockfull of over 50 levels with thousands of downloadable user generated ones and is great for anyone that enjoys relaxing “at-your-own-pace” gameplay.

Mekorama VR is kind of like guiding your own puppy through an obstacle course. Players use a magnetic wire that rotates in a 360-degree viewpoint and manipulates little diorama obstacle worlds (think pulling down a staircase or some blocks) in order for B, the robot, to get to his destination. The game includes a diorama maker mode where you can build your own little worlds with blocks, grass, stone, motors or robots and then play or share with your friends through a QR code.