The Best Vocals/Mic/DJ Accessories for the iPad

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The iPad has a number of good accessories for vocalists and DJs, including a couple of DJ stations that can give you the tactile feel of turntables alongside the digital power of the iPad. For singers, there's the choice between an iPad-compatible microphone, an adapter to hook in your own studio-quality microphone, or even a docking station that will allow most microphones and instruments to be hooked into the iPad.

iRig Mic

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The iRig Mic is a microphone designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad. The microphone plugs into the headphone jack and works alongside IK Multimedia software like VocalLive and iRig Recorder. It will also work with any other vocal or recording apps for the iPad. Those wanting to use it with a microphone stand can use the iKlip to clip their iPad to their microphone stand.

iDJ Live II

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iRig Mix is nice, but if you really want to transform your iPad into a DJ station, iDJ Live II might be a better fit. This portable rig features a dual turntable setup with a central mixer. The system interacts with your iPad, allowing you to pull music from your library and power the station with the djay app. You can also use iDJ Live for video mashups using vjay.

iRig Pre

The iRig Mic is fine if you want to buy a microphone for your iPad, but most singers already have a microphone. Or two. Or three. There's no need to add one more to the collection just to hook into the iPad. The iRig Pre provides an XLR microphone interface for your iPhone or iPad. And in addition to just getting connected, the adapter includes a 48v Phantom Power feature running on a 9v battery so you can hook in a condenser microphone and not worry about the drain on your iPad's power.

Apogee MiC

Another solid microphone for the iPad is made by Apogee. The MiC has a "studio quality" capsule and a built in preamp to give the vocals a boost. In addition to Garage Band, Apogee's MiC is compatible with other apps like Anytune, iRecorder, and Loopy among others.

Alesis iO Dock Pro

The iO Dock is designed to be a docking station for musicians. The unit includes an XLR input and phantom power for condenser microphones. It also has a 1/4-inch input for electric and bass guitars or simply plugging the output from your mixer into the docking station to use your iPad as a recording studio. iO Dock also includes MIDI in and out, so you can hook up any MIDI device and make use of the many MIDI-compliant apps on the iPad. This makes the iO Dock a good solution for the multi-talented musician or the band looking to make use of solid studio software without spending an arm and a leg.

iRig Mix

iRig Mix can be used with a single iPhone or iPad, utilizing the input to add a microphone or instrument into the mix, or with dual devices in a more traditional DJ setup. The unit can be powered by a battery, an AC power supply or via a USB cable plugged into a PC and it is designed to work alongside apps like DJ Rig, AmpliTube, VocaLive, and GrooveMaker.

Numark iDJ Pro

A step up from iDJ Live is Numark's iDJ Pro. This unit takes the same idea Numark used with iDJ Live and turns it into more of a professional workstation. This unit includes RCA inputs, a microphone input, balanced XLR outputs and headphone outputs. Whereas iDJ Live can be great at practice and at parties, iDJ Pro aims to bring the party to the club.