The Best Virtual World Games

What's a virtual world?

In a virtual world, you can be anyone you want. You get to mingle, decorate your space, and in some games, you can have a job. They are all incredible fun to play, though, In order to maintain servers, a monthly subscription fee is required for most worlds. Here are the 5 best virtual worlds to dive into right now! 

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Virtual reality
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Play, shop, explore, and talk in the online game "There." You'll pick and name your aviator, before you can take part in the virtual world. Not only do you get to go shopping, chat with friends, but also you can take part in events, such as Halloween. More »
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Moove is a 3D online world. Decorate your home, invite others to come over, or explore the world by visiting your neighbors. You are required to pay a monthly fee to play, with the option to try it for free. More »
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"Second Life" offers something "The Sims Online" doesn't - a complex social and economic structure. You can fully customize your home and appearance. For the basic membership is free. More »
Over 1000 unique worlds to immerse yourself in. Shop, play games, and hang out with others. Rick’s Café, Pollen World, Fantasy World, and Castles World are samples of worlds you can be a part of. More »
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Created by Disney, this is the place for kids to hang out. Create a toon in your image and play games with other toons. Watch out for Mickey and Friends they may show up! More »
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