The Best Video Game Gifts for iPhone Owners

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Last Updated: Nov. 10, 2015

We all have video game lovers on our gift lists this holiday season. And most gamers also have at least one Apple device. In fact, with its tens of thousands of titles and innovative controls, the iOS is the leading mobile game platform in the world. If you want to make a gamer's eyes light up this holiday season, press play on these video game gifts. 

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4th Generation Apple TV
The Apple TV offers a big library of apps and games. image credit: Apple Inc.

The new Apple TV does a lot of things—stream movies and TV, play music, run apps—but one of the things it does best is games. With its powerful processor and cutting-edge graphics, games on the Apple TV give the Playstation and Xbox a run for their money. The Apple TV also supports touch interfaces to make games more immersive. Even better, some games that exist on both the Apple TV and iPhone are aware of each other and let you pick up where you left off, no matter what device you're playing on. Expect to spend US$150-$200. More »

While the combination of the multi-touch screen and sensors built into the iPad and iPod touch offer great controls, accessory manufacturers have developed add-ons to assist gamers. If you've seen any modern video game console controllers—and you can bet your recipient has—these look familiar. Gamers who demand high performance may appreciate these options. Keep a special eye out for controllers like the SteelSeries Stratus (pictured here), which can control games on both the iPhone and the new Apple TV. Expect to spend $40-$80 (the Stratus retails for around $80, but can be found on sale many places, including Amazon)

Remember the great days of rocking along with your friends to your favorite songs using Guitar Hero? Well, Guitar Hero is back with a new version for the Apple TV. Guitar Hero Live combines a Bluetooth guitar controller with an Apple TV app to put you center stage. This bundle (regularly priced at $100) includes the app, guitar, and 40+ songs. It also provides access to GHTV, a live music video network that offers hundreds of songs and the chance to challenge people all around the world to shred-offs.   

Perhaps the biggest entertainment event of the end of 2015 is the release of the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens. Bring the Star Wars action off the screen for your gamer with the BB-8 App-Enabled Droid (expect to spend around $150). This remote-control robot is powered by an iPhone app that allows its user to guide the droid, set it to explore on its own, have it respond to the user's voice, and even record video. 

Silver lit Bluetooth Mercedes
Silver lit Bluetooth Mercedes. image credit: Silverlit

Wish that the gamer in your life would get off the couch and into the outdoors a little more often? Maybe they will with a remote-control car, like the Silverlit Interactive Bluetooth Remote Control Mercedes SLS (expect to spend around $100). This scale reproduction of the Mercedes SLS connects to an iPhone over Bluetooth and is controlled by an app. Even cooler, you can control all kinds of things from the remote: open the doors, sound the horn, flash the lights, and even stream music from the iPhone to the car's stereo. More »

If your gamer would rather take to the air, consider a drone like the Parrot Bebop Drone shown here (between $450 and $500). This lightweight drone is controlled by an iPhone app that allows its pilot to set altitude, speed, flip the drone, stream 14-megapixel photos and 1080p HD video back to the iPhone.

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Infinity Blade III
Infinity Blade III. image credit: Chair Entertainment Group

If you're looking for a more affordable gift, consider giving games from the App Store. Most cost between $1 and $15 and offer hours of entertainment. From casual games to puzzles to first-person shooters, there's a game for every player at the App Store. If you want your gift to be a surprise, choose the option to have the email including the gift sent on a specific future date. More »

If you prefer to let your gift recipients choose their own games to buy, an iTunes Gift Card is the way to do it. Load it up with from US$25-$100 to keep your gamer happy for weeks or months to come. Besides games, a gift card can be used for anything at iTunes, including music, movies, audiobooks, subscribing to Apple Music, or buying other apps.