The Best Uses for the iPad

What can you do with your iPad?

Between its ability to stream movies to its ability to play great games to the thousands of apps available in the Apple App Store, the iPad offers many great uses.

Surf on the Couch

Let's start with the most obvious use for the iPad. Have you ever been watching TV and wondered where you'd seen a particular actor before? Or perhaps a show lets loose with a strange fact and you wanted to know if it was actually true. Having IMDB, Wikipedia, and the rest of the web at your fingertips from the comfort of your couch can be a wonderful thing.

Check Facebook, Twitter, and Email

Setting up an email account on an Apple iPad device
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The iPad also makes a great way to keep up with all of your friends. And if you like to update Facebook or tweet during shows, it can be the perfect companion. You can even connect your iPad to Facebook, which will make it easy to share everything from websites to photos. Are you nuts for Twitter? There are a number of dedicated Twitter clients, and like Facebook, you can connect your iPad to your Twitter account.

Play a Game

ipad pro gaming
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With each generation, the ability to game on the iPad gets better and better. The iPad 2 included the front-facing and back-facing cameras, which made playing augmented reality games possible. The iPad 3 brought the gorgeous Retina Display, which allows higher resolution graphics than most game machines. Recently, Apple has added a brand new graphics engine called Metal, which takes games to the next level. And while you may get a lot of other uses out of the iPad, gaming is definitely the most entertaining.

Read a Book

The ability to read eBooks from Apple's iBooks, Amazon's Kindle, and Barnes and Noble's Nook certainly make the iPad one of the most versatile eReaders on the market. The iPad isn't the lightest eReader, but it's easier to read in bed on the iPad than a traditional notebook computer.

Help in the Kitchen

ipad in the kitchen

The size and portability of the iPad make it great for any room in the house, including as a handy helper in the kitchen. While the iPad can't yet do the cooking itself, there are plenty of other uses for the iPad in the kitchen. Start with recipes from great apps like Epicurious and Whole Foods Market. The App Store offers dozens of recipe managers that can keep your recipes neat, organized, and just a tap away. You can even manage your gluten sensitivity with apps like Find Me Gluten Free.

Family Entertainment

When you combine Apple's rigorous inspection of each app with the parental controls found in their iOS devices and the thousands of great games and apps on the iPad, you get the perfect family entertainment system. The iPad is great for family vacations when you need to entertain the kids in the backseat. Not only will they get access to movies, but they can also play games for far cheaper than most portable gaming machines.

Listen to Music

Music Podcasts on iPad

Even if you don't have a large music collection loaded on your iPad, there are plenty of great ways to stream music to your iPad, including the ability to create unique radio stations that are customized to the music you love. The iPad has good speakers, but more importantly, it also supports Bluetooth. This makes it a great match with wireless headphones, and with many new television soundbars supporting Bluetooth, the iPad can essentially become your home stereo.

Take Photos and Record Video

The back-facing camera on the iPad is surprisingly good. It's not quite as good as the iPhone camera, but the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro cameras can compete with most other smartphone cameras. But, what really makes the iPad a great camera is the beautiful display that helps you frame up the perfect shot. And if the iPad's camera isn't good enough for you, try from several ways to improve the photos taken with the iPad.

Connect the iPad to Your TV

The iPad has a lot of great entertainment value, including the ability to stream HD video and play high-quality games. But what about watching it on the big screen? There are several methods to connect your iPad up to your HDTV including using AirPlay to wirelessly connect the iPad to Apple TV. And most solutions work with both video and sound, so you can really get the full HD experience.


How to Connect an iPad to a TV

Say Goodbye to Premium Cable

Stream NetflixHulu, and HBO NOW directly to your HDTV to replace your premium channels without being forced to watch movies on a smaller screen. And, considering the amount of television available on those services, some people could dump cable completely.

Say Hello to Premium Cable

While cord-cutting is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the availability of HBO Now without a cable subscription, cable is still the most popular way to tune into our favorite shows and movies. Many cable providers now offer an app that will let you watch some shows live on your iPad, which turns your tablet into a portable television. Also, a number of broadcast channels have their own apps, so you can watch the latest episode of a show even if you forgot to DVR it.

Edit Photos and Video

pixelmator ipad

The iPad can take a great photo, but even better, it can easily edit that photo. The built-in editing features allow you to crop the photo, brighten it, and bring out the best color. And, even better, you aren't stuck with the editing features of the Photos app. There are a number of great photo-editing apps on the App Store, and plenty of filters you can download to extend the Photos App. Also, the iPad can do a great job at editing videos. The iMovie app is available for free to anyone who has bought an iPad or iPhone in the last few years, and in addition to basic video editing, iMovie comes with fun themes and templates, so you can put music to your video or even create a fictional movie trailer.

Share Photos and Video

You aren't stuck with Facebook or Instagram for your only ways to share photos and videos. The iCloud Photo Library includes shared albums that create a private album with just your friends or family and share both photos and videos to it.

Create a Printed Photo Album

Sample of iCloud Photo Library
Apple, Inc.

What about those friends and family who aren't so tech-savvy? You aren't limited to just taking photos on an iPad. You can also create your own photo album and have it printed and shipped to you. After editing the photo in an iCloud Photo Library album, get the photos to your door. Though, it is important to note, that this will require a Mac with either the Photos or iPhoto app, which includes the ability to have photos professionally printed and sent to you.

Scan Documents

Your use of the camera isn't limited to just taking family photos, selfies, and shooting video. You can actually use your iPad as a scanner. The many different scanner apps do all of the hard work for you, cropping the photo so just the document shows up and focusing the camera so that the text is legible. Some scanner apps can even fax the document or will let you digitally sign it before printing it out.

Type Documents


Word processing isn't just for PCs. Microsoft Word and Pages are both great word processors available for the iPad. And, if you don't like the idea of typing on a touchscreen, there are certainly options to avoid doing so. Not only are there plenty of wireless keyboards and keyboard cases available for the iPad, but you can also even attach a regular wired keyboard.

Voice Dictation

One of the overlooked benefits of having Siri is the ability to dictate to the iPad. This isn't just limited to word processing apps or creating an email. You can use your voice to message your friends or even to search the web. Any time the iPad's on-screen keyboard pops up, you can choose to use your voice instead of your fingertips.

Personal Assistant

iPad Siri listening pattern

Speaking of Siri, she really does make an excellent personal assistant. While it may seem odd giving your iPad requests, Siri can be used to set reminders and schedule events. She can even help you get reservations at your favorite restaurant or retrieve the latest sports scores.


The iPad is increasingly being used in business. One of the most popular ways the iPad is being used is as a point-of-sale device, with a number of great services that will let you take credit cards or payment via PayPal. And with Microsoft Office on the iPad, you can use your tablet for spreadsheets and presentations.

Second Monitor

Here's a neat trick: using your iPad as a second monitor for your laptop or desktop PC. Through apps like Duet Display and Air Display, you can use your iPad as if it were an extra monitor connected to your PC. These apps work by connecting with a software package you download to your PC and then sending the video signal to your iPad. It's best to use your iPad's connection cable to eliminate any lag.


How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor

Control Your PC

Not happy with just the idea of your iPad being a second monitor for your PC? You can take it one step further by taking full control over your PC from your iPad. The advantage of this approach is that you can effectively use your powerful desktop PC from the comfort of your couch, basically turning it into a laptop.

Video Conferencing

ipad facetime
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Did you know that not only does FaceTime work on the iPad, but it's also actually better on an iPad because you have a bigger display? This gives you a great way to video conference with friends, family, or even for your business. But, you aren't limited to just FaceTime for video conferencing. You can also use Skype, which supports both voice and video calls.

Make Phone Calls and Send Text Messages

Not only can you use iMessage to send and receive text messages, but there are also a number of other texting options available for the iPad. If you have an iPhone, you can not only place calls on your iPad, you can actually receive them, too. If you don't have an iPhone, you can still use your iPad as a phone with apps like Skype or FaceTime.​

Employ Siri in a Less Serious Way

Siri's tricks go beyond productivity. It can do everything from answering a math question to calculating a tip. There are a lot of funny questions you can ask her, and if you are on a diet, Siri can even lookup the number of calories in the dish you are thinking about ordering. And, if you ask her, she'll even tell you what song is playing in the background.

Take a Class

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

Want to learn something? Whether you need a tutor for school or a class to replace traditional schooling, the iPad has you covered. The Khan Academy has a simple goal of providing free online education that covers both K-12 all the way through college-level courses. And, beyond video classes, there are a number of apps that can help your child get a jump on their education.

Portable TV

This little-known use for the iPad can be great for parents that often find themselves at soccer games and tennis matches but might want to catch up on their television. Beyond just streaming videos through Netflix or similar apps, you can actually watch your own television using Sling Media's Sling Box. This device hooks into your cable at home and then 'slings' it across the internet, allowing you to view your TV from your iPad and even change channels remotely.


A great use for the LTE model is as a GPS replacement. With an Assisted-GPS chip, the iPad can keep you from ever being lost. The Maps app also includes hands-free turn-by-turn directions. Don't like Apple's Maps? You can still download Google Maps from the app store. And even if you don't have the LTE model, these apps can be a great way to look up directions before you get into your car.

Be a Musician

DJ Player on iPad

For musicians, there are a ton of helpful apps that range from a digital piano to a guitar effects processor. You can even turn your iPad into a DJ station. Not a musician but want to be one? You can even use the iPad to learn an instrument thanks to nifty gadgets like ION's Piano Apprentice.

Replace Your Computer

Between its ability to use Facebook, read email, and browse the web — the iPad can replace the laptop for many people. With apps like Apple's Pages and Numbers, Microsoft offering Office for the iPad, and the ability to connect a keyboard, the iPad can completely replace the laptop for many people. In fact, a growing number of people are finding the iPad to be the only computer they need.

Control a Robot

The coolest use for an iPad? Controlling a robot. Double Robotics has created an iPad robot, which is essentially an iPad stand with wheels that you can control remotely. This essentially allows you to video conference on the move. But, before you get too excited, the whole setup will run you about $2,500.