The 7 Best USB-C Hubs of 2020

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The Rundown
"The hub is slim and easy to carry and can be tossed into a bag without taking up too much space."
Best for Simple Use:
HooToo USB-C Hub 6-in-1 at Amazon
"A simple option that won’t overload you with ports."
"Made from a durable aluminum frame that from the top, makes it look thin."
"This affordable USB-C hub from Anker offers five port options in a compact design."

The best USB-C hubs offer multiple port options and expansion slots, letting you plug in additional accessories, monitors, and storage devices. They're particularly useful for devices like MacBooks, iPads, and the Pixelbook which have a limited number of USB-C ports (or just one). Our top pick for the category is the Sinstar USB-C Hub at Amazon. It's a slim hub that comes with eight ports, three USB 3.0 ports, an SD and microSD card slot, Ethernet and charging ports, and 4K HDMI output.

If you need adapters, take a look at our list of the best USB-C adapters. Read on to see the best USB-C hubs below.

Best Overall: Sinstar USB-C Hub

Sinstar’s USB-C Hub stands at the top of the USB-C hub market. The device comes with eight ports, including three USB 3.0 ports, SD and microSD card slots, Ethernet and charging ports and even a 4K HDMI video output. Best of all, it’s compatible with all USB-C-ready devices, including Apple’s MacBook line and Google’s Chromebooks, among countless others.

According to Sinstar, its accessory allows for data transmission speeds of up to 5Gbps over USB 3.0, which means you can transfer 2TB of data in just a few seconds.

The hub is slim and easy to carry and can be tossed into a bag without taking up too much space. It’s also been designed to look nice next to your computer, so it won’t be an eyesore on your desk or at the coffee shop while you’re working.

Best of all, Sinstar guarantees your purchase and provides for a lifetime money-back guarantee if you ever have a problem with the accessory or find that it’s not living up to its promise.

Best for Simple Use: HooToo USB-C Hub 6-in-1

Over at HooToo, the company is offering a nice selection of ports in its USB-C hub. But if you’re looking for a simple option that won’t overload you with ports, HooToo’s option is a good choice.

The HooToo USB-C Hub has three USB 3.0 ports that you can use to plug in accessories, like a mouse or keyboard or transfer data. The device also features a single USB-C charging port to keep your Android smartphone powered up all throughout the day. Add that to an HDMI port that allows for 4K video viewing, as well as an SD memory card slot, and you’re good to go.

HooToo said that it’s designed its USB-C hub with cues from Apple’s own design team. The device features a unibody aluminum alloy ionized finish and “Mac-style LED indicators.” It has also electromagnetic interference protection to keep your devices running all throughout the day.

Best Design: Trianium USB-C Hub

Trianium’s USB-C Hub won’t have all of the ports you’d find in some of the other hubs on the market. But if you want a device that will sit nicely on your desk without detracting from your setup, the Trianium USB-C Hub is the way to go.

The hub is made from a durable aluminum frame that from the top, makes it look thin without taking up too much room on your desk. Better yet, it looks nice next to sleek notebooks, like a space gray Apple Macbook. And just in case things go awry and stop working, you can take advantage of Trianium’s one-year warranty on the device.

The hub comes with two USB 3.0 ports and a single USB-C port. You’ll also find a 4K HDMI port that will output video from your computer to an HD monitor. And just in case you want to hide your hub somewhere not so close to your computer, the USB-C cable that comes attached to the device is 4.5 inches long.

Best Value: Anker USB C Hub

The Anker USB-C hub is a 5-in-1 hub that offers three USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, and one Ethernet port. The design is slim and compact, so it won't take up much space on your desk. Even better, it supports 4K inputs at 30Hz via the HDMI port allowing you to connect a monitor. The Ethernet port can additionally support 1Gbps data and up to 5Gbps data transfer through the three USB 3.0 ports. All in all, it's a great and affordable option from a reputable brand.

Final Verdict

The best USB-C hub to get is the Sinstar USB-C Hub (view on Amazon). It's an 8-in-1 USB hub consiting of three USB 3.0 ports, SD and microSD card slots, and a 4K HDMI input. It can work with a wide variety of devices and has fast data transmission. As a close second, we like the HooToo USB-C Hub (view on Amazon). It has six ports, with three USB ports, one HDMI port, one PD charging port, and one SD card reader. It can also deliver 4K video at 30Hz.