The 7 Best Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) of 2019

Keep your essential devices up and running in emergency situations

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The Rundown

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS


Protect up to 865W of electronic devices with this powerful UPS from APC. This device will keep your network up for an extended period of time, keeping your computer and wireless network going in a storm.

Plug in up to 10 devices, including five with battery backup, as well as surge protection. You can even boost the power by buying a separate supplemental battery pack to extend the life of your devices. An ethernet port keeps your Internet up and running while automatic voltage regulation assures that all your devices are charged at maximum efficiency. Other perks include a six-foot power cord for flexibility in placement, an LCD display and Energy Star rating.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: CyberPower CP685AVR-G AVR

CyberPower makes a line of highly regarded uninterruptible power supplies that run from 685VA/390W to 1500VA. Even the lowest voltage is enough to power a house for an hour during a blackout. The model comes with eight outlets, four battery+surge, and four battery only, divided between the two sides of the black rectangular case. Equally important during a blackout, it provides ports to connect a cable or DSL modem and router in the case of an emergency. Automotive voltage regulation prevents brownouts and simulated sinewave output uses pulse wave modulations to keep energy-efficient battery backup power. The size of the device is small and excellent for home and offices, where it will protect your computers and media equipment.

Best Budget: APC Back-UPS

This simple and reliable UPS will protect up to seven devices from surge and will keep your equipment up and running in the case of an emergency. Five of the outlets provide charge, while a dedicated USB also helps charge smart devices. The unit comes with PowerChute Personal Edition software to work as a CMS and energy monitoring, helping you prevent data corruption. Expect up to four hours of run time and low power bills, thanks to Energy Star certification.

Best for Portability: EcoFlow River Portable Power Station

If portability is of the utmost importance, the EcoFlow River Portable Power Station is a grade-A choice. The 11-pound power station was designed for easy transportation courtesy of a built-in carrying handle. The EcoFlow River also comes with a 114,000mAh lithium battery which provides 412 watt-hours of battery life. That means it can power a mini fridge for 10+ hours, charge a laptop up to 9 times, or a GoPro up to 80 times. It can even maintain its battery life for up to a year before losing its charge. When you do have to recharge, that can be done via an electrical outlet, a 12V car adapter, or the optional solar panel.

Along with two AC outlets, the EcoFlow River power station features an additional nine charging ports. In total, 11 different input options are broken down to two USB 2.0 QuickCharge ports, two standard USB-A, two USB Type-C, two DC, and one 12V input.

To sweeten the deal, the EcoFlow River is also water resistant for increased durability. The device can operate in conditions anywhere from -4 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit making it suitable for just about anywhere in the world.

Best Design: Chafon CF-UPS018

This UPS by Chafon places an emphasis on materials and design, resulting in a thin, lightweight, high-capacity power supply that works indoors and out. With 11 outputs, including three AC outlets at 120V, four DC 12V ports and four USB ports, this device would work well as a traditional at-home emergency power center that can backup and keep PCs and electronic devices up-and-running when you need them most.

But its unique design also lends itself well to outdoor adventures, thanks to a convenient handle and strategic two-side design that allows you to plug in a variety of necessities without worrying about crossing cords or competing plugs. Extra features also include a solar charging port, a fan, a heat coiling grid, an LED solar charging indicator and fire-proof material.

Best for Businesses: APC UPS 2200VA Smart-UPS with SmartConnect

In business, there’s no room for data loss, so it’s important to have a backup plan. The APC UPS 2200VA Smart-UPS with SmartConnect is just that. As one of the first cloud-enabled APC UPS for distributed IT systems, it's an ideal choice for businesses. IT professionals can access the hardware through a secure portal and view its status, update the firmware, and maximize performance.

Installing the hardware is a snap. Once the system is unboxed and plugged in, it connects to the network via a dedicated ethernet port. It is then automatically registered on the SmartConnect Web Portal and registered to the business. The web interface adds clear notifications to keep system administrators aware of the APC’s status. There’s also support for PowerChute software which safely shuts down the system during extended power outages. This ensures there’s no data corruption by an accidental shutdown.

Running at an average of 100 watts, the APC unit can provide over five hours and 30 minutes of battery backup. That power is available for up to 10 pieces of hardware with 10 AC outlets on the rear. 

Best for Travel: AIVANT AC/DC Power Bank

It might be difficult to pronounce, but the Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator is a great choice. Measuring 12.7 x 5.91 x 8.66 inches and weighing only 7.05 pounds, the Aeiusny is a truly portable UPS solution. If the power does go out, this portable generator is ready. The lithium battery is rated at 228Wh/500W and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Three built-in AC outlets exist alongside four DC ports and four USB ports. The USB ports can handle a maximum of 6.2A making them ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, and cameras.

When the worst happens and power goes out, flipping the Aeiusny on is as simple as moving a single switch. Then you can keep up with local news for up to four hours on a 32-inch TV or eight hours on a 13-inch laptop.

Recharging the travel Aeiusny is as easy as using the included AC charging cable. A car-charging cable is also included for emergencies. As an added bonus, a front lamp helps you see in the dark. 

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How We Tested

Our reviewers spent 45 hours testing one of the top-rated UPS devices available. To really get the full experience, they set it up at home, connected a number of devices at once, and analyzed its performance. We asked them to consider the most important features when using this UPS — from portability to the number of devices it supports — and we've outlined them here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.

What to Look for in an Uninterrupted Power Supply

Compatibility - When buying a UPS, the most important factor to consider is its compatibility with the power supply. Before hooking anything up, check what your devices require and make sure there’s a match.

On-battery runtime - Generally, you don’t need a UPS to last too long but it should be sufficient to start a standby power source or properly shut down the protected equipment. Some run for just a few minutes, while others will provide power all night long. Depending on your needs, make sure the on-battery runtime is ample.

Device support - How many devices will you need to connect to your UPS? Some can accommodate as many as 10 devices, while others top out at just two.

Portability - Some UPS devices are crafted for home or business use, while others are built for travel and the outdoors. If you’ll need to take your device with you, you’ll want something with a more portable design that can fit in a handbag easily. You might even want a solar charging port so that you aren’t entirely dependent on electricity.

Test Results: APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS (Best Overall)


What We Like

  • Simple setup

  • Easy to use

  • Nice LCD interface

What We Don't Like

  • Could be smaller

APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS
APC Back-UPS Pro

This UPS came highly recommended by our testers because of its straightforward setup, ease of use, and attractive design.”The LCD interface is also nice and displays useful information,” noted one reviewer, who connected the device to his cable modem, router, network switch, and a NAS server. Our reviewers’ only qualm was that they wished this UPS was a little smaller, though that wasn’t a deal-breaker: “The size isn't bad given the number of outlets and the battery life,” remarked one tester.