The 7 Best Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) to Buy in 2018

Keep your essential devices up and running in emergency situations

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A sudden power outage or surge can compromise your data and cause expensive loss of files or hardware. Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) step in to provide extra battery life, crucial in both emergency situations and for day-to-day operations. Some UPS’s are best made for home or office use, while others can function as portable workstations used in the great outdoors. Whichever UPS you buy, make sure your electronics are compatible with the power supply.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS

Protect up to 865W of electronic devices with this powerful UPS from APC. This device will keep your network up for an extended period of time, keeping your computer and wireless network going in a storm.

Plug in up to 10 devices, including five with battery backup, as well as surge protection. You can even boost the power by buying a separate supplemental battery pack to extend the life of your devices. An ethernet port keeps your Internet up and running while automatic voltage regulation assures that all your devices are charged at maximum efficiency. Other perks include a six-foot power cord for flexibility in placement, an LCD display and Energy Star rating.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: CyberPower CP685AVR-G AVR

CyberPower makes a line of highly regarded uninterruptible power supplies that run from 685VA/390W to 1500VA. Even the lowest voltage is enough to power a house for an hour during a blackout. The model comes with eight outlets, four battery+surge and four battery only, divided between the two sides of the black rectangular case. Equally important during a blackout, it provides ports to connect a cable or DSL modem and router in the case of an emergency. Automotive voltage regulation prevents brownouts and simulated sinewave output uses pulse wave modulations to keep energy-efficient battery backup power. The size of the device is small and excellent for home and offices, where it will protect your computers and media equipment.

Best Budget: APC Back-UPS

This simple and reliable UPS will protect up to seven devices from surge and will keep your equipment up and running in the case of emergency. Five of the outlets provide charge, while a dedicated USB also helps charge smart devices. The unit comes with PowerChute Personal Edition software to work as a CMS and energy monitoring, helping you prevent data corruption. Expect up to four hours of run time and low power bills, thanks to Energy Star certification.

Best for Portability: ChargeTech PLUG

Indiegogo and Kickstarter backers agreed with start-up ChargeTech that someone should make a better portable battery. The result was the PLUG, which more than met its funders expectations to become the best portable UPS on the market. The portable battery packs an amazing 54,000 mAh of charge, enough to power an outdoor party that lasts all night. If that charge is not enough, solar recharge capability is even available.

The PLUG has pass through capability while recharging, meaning you can use it to recharge other devices while it is being charged. It comes with two AC wall outlets, two fast charge USB ports and a USB type C port. If you just need to charge mobile devices, you can activate the power reserve switch, which diverts power to the two USB ports for extended lifespan. Two international outlets are compatible with most common plug types, while its compact size makes it easy to bring with you.

Best Design: Chafon CF-UPS018

This UPS by Chafon places an emphasis on materials and design, resulting in a thin, lightweight, high-capacity power supply that works indoors and out. With 11 outputs, including three AC outlets at 120V, four DC 12V ports and four USB ports, this device would work well as a traditional at-home emergency power center that can backup and keep PCs and electronic devices up-and-running when you need them most.

But its unique design also lends itself well to outdoor adventures, thanks to a convenient handle and strategic two-side design that allows you to plug in a variety of necessities without worrying about crossing cords or competing plugs. Extra features also include a solar charging port, a fan, a heat coiling grid, an LED solar charging indicator and fire-proof material.

Best for Businesses: APC Smart-UPS

This rack-mountable smart UPS from APC is a leading option for businesses that need a network-grade power supply to save their data in case of sudden power outage. It has pure sinewave to provide the highest degree of compatibility with active electronics. The device will provide about 20 minutes of run time, which is enough to safely shut off servers without the loss of information. It is a sturdy and deep unit with eight power outlets and is compatible with backup batteries in case you want to extend power for longer.

Best for Travel: AIVANT AC/DC Power Bank

This UPS is designed for travel, fitting nicely in a handbag or backpack and accommodating a variety of plug types. It has a high capacity of 42000mAH that will keep your items charged over a long car ride, as well as six total outputs, including two dual AC outlets and four USB charging ports. Two of the outlets work with laptops with a DC current up to 10A/120W. It supports fast charging and is constructed with high quality lithium-ion battery cells.