The 9 Best Two-Player PS4 Games of 2019

Invite your friend over for some serious gaming fun

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The Rundown

  • Most Relaxing: Little Big Planet 3 at Amazon, “Cute, friendly and approachable.”
  • Best Dungeon Crawler: Diablo III: Ultimate Evil at Amazon, “You and another player can join forces and battle hordes of monstrosities.”
  • Best for Star Wars Fans: Star Wars Battlefront II at Amazon, “Yes, this the game you get to live out all your Star Wars fantasies with a friend.”
  • Best Cinematic Experience: A Way Out at Amazon, “A deep and compelling story about two prisoners set on working together to escape prison.”
  • Best First-Person Shooter: Far Cry 5 at Amazon, “A huge scale of exciting action.”
  • Best Isometric Shooter Adventure: HellDivers at Amazon, “With over 100 hours of gameplay, it’s similar to arcade games like Super Smash TV.”
  • Best for Fighting: Mortal Kombat X at Amazon, “The ultimate fighting game where you and your friend can duke it out virtually.”
  • Best for Zombie Survival: Dying Light: The Following at Amazon, “A dynamic day and night cycle with enemies growing more aggressive and scarier as the sun goes down.”
  • Best for Racing: TrackMania Turbo at Amazon, “The best two-player racing game on the list, with 4K resolution at 120 FPS.

Our Top Picks

Most Relaxing: Little Big Planet 3

Kick back, relax and have fun with Little Big Planet 3, a side-scrolling, two-player adventure game that feels like a walk in the park. The most forgiving game on the list, Little Big Planet 3 lets players go at their own pace as they travel through beautiful, toy-style scenery and solve puzzles together.

From kids to adults, Little Big Planet 3 is cute, friendly and approachable. You'll explore a world made of cardboard, wool string, and other closet knickknacks that feels like childhood imagination come to life. Little Big Planet 3 lets you and up to three other players customize and individualize your own character with numerous costumes, hats, pants, hair, and other attire that gets you suited and booted the way you want. You and your friends bounce around, swing from strings, jump from platform to platform, avoid rolling pins, run away from a falling sky, and even design your own levels (and play thousands of other user created levels) in one the most lighthearted video games you’ll find on the PS4.

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Best Dungeon Crawler: Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

Diablo III

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil is a dungeon crawler action adventure RPG style game where and you and another player (both offline and online) can join forces and battle against hordes of monstrosities from the evil Diablo. Players will level up and equip different items, armor and weapons as they travel on through a huge world that seeks balance.

Spanning over five different acts, Diablo III: Ultimate Evil lets players choose up to six possible heroes, including a Crusader, Monck and Witch Doctor who each have their own unique attributes and play-styles that switch up gameplay with focuses on strength, dexterity and intelligence powers. Playing multiplayer in Diablo 3 gives around 73 hours of total gameplay as each map is randomized to keep things fresh when you battle through demons, skeletons and other monsters while interacting with characters, grinding for epic loot and leveling up your character's special abilities to take on bigger baddies and bosses. The Ultimate Evil edition includes the Nemesis System; if a monster kills you, there’s a chance that that monster levels up, becomes a nemesis, opens up a portal and goes out to hunt one of your friends on your friend's list.

Best for Star Wars Fans: Stars Wars Battlefront II

In Star Wars Battlefront II, you can fight Rebel scum side-by-side with your buddy as you aim down the barrel of your long scoped laser rifle to hit a nimble Yoda. Yes, this is the game to get to live out all your Star Wars fantasies with a friend in large scale battles where you can operate AT-ATs, ride on speeder bikes, shoot down a jetpack propelled Boba Fett, force throw Storm Troopers as Luke Skywalker and experience the exciting wars from the films.

Star Wars Battlefront II primarily focuses on intense multiplayer competitive action in third-person and first-person-style shooter gameplay where up to 40 simultaneous players can all go at it at once. The game’s split-screen mode allows you and another player to partake in various game modes like online or offline local co-op. Multiple modes offer a diverse gaming experience that ranges from close encounter combat with famous Star Wars heroes and villains, extensive fully customizable modes and even space battles where players pilot ships like X-Wings and Tie-Fighters and engage in exhilarating dogfights.

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Best Cinematic Experience: A Way Out

A Way Out is made with a lot of heart, and will have you and a friend partaking in a deep and compelling story about two prisoners set on working together to escape prison. The action-adventure game is played from a third-person perspective and is specifically designed for split-screen cooperative multiplayer.

While your friend distracts a guard, it’ll be up to you to find a tool in order to escape a certain area — that’s just the type of game that A Way Out is. Cooperation is essential to survival, and while one player may be in the middle of a cutscene, another one will have to show up or interact to find themselves winding up in an intertwining story that’ll keep both of you on your toes. Gameplay includes elements of stealth, timed sequences, fighting and even partaking in tactful conversations, all of which will bring you both to different possible endings that hopefully won't be looked back on with regret.

Best First-Person Shooter: Far Cry 5

Teach your dog to fetch, drive over enemies in a truck, watch two bears fight, and even rig explosives to a boat as you and friend cause a ruckus in Far Cry 5, one of the most fun two-player PS4 games. The wild first-person shooter allows for you and another friend online to jump into the entire single-player campaign main story that’ll last about six to 10 hours, depending on your pace.

Far Cry 5 offers a huge scale of exciting action; you and a friend can hijack a WW2 fighter plane or helicopter while shooting rockets and then jump out whenever you want, parachute into a cultist compound, sick a dog on someone and then escape on ATVs while explosions go off in the background and you crash into a cow. Far Cry 5 allows you to set a status where any friends can join in whenever they want without you sending an invite, making for a seamless drop-in, drop-out option. Despite being open world, the game is designed with a tethering effect where you’ll have to stick together and complete various missions involving firefights, sneaking and a little bit of theatrical chaos. Drive safely.

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Best Isometric Shooter Adventure: HellDivers

HellDivers is a top-down, isometric shooter game where players can join forces online or offline to fight in an intergalactic war. The game offers online co-op across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and even PS Vita systems, allowing for more accessibility for players no matter what system they play on.

With over 100 hours of gameplay, HellDivers operates similarly to arcade games like Super Smash TV where numerous enemies, including bugs and cyborgs, bombard the screen and you have to fire at them while completing missions and surviving. The game features over 70 different types of weapons and vehicles​ and has a level up type of system that gives players upgrade paths and perks for more abilities. HellDivers has an easy learning curve for beginners and is the type of game that builds on suspenseful sequences.

Best for Fighting: Mortal Kombat X

Lower your fists and raise your controllers with Mortal Kombat X, the ultimate fighting game on the PS4 where you and your friend can duke it out virtually. This Mortal Kombat installment has realistic graphics, intense gameplay and brutal finishing moves.

Mortal Kombat X pits two players to fight against each other using a variety of attacks and special movies (i.e. ice-freezing projectiles and teleportation kicks, as well as being able to perform “Fatalities," which are execution-style finishing moves). This isn’t a button masher, either, the game requires you to think ahead since every punch or kick you throw can be telegraphed, countered, blocked and even used to your disadvantage in a matter of seconds with no room for regret (you must think and act immediately). The large roster of 29 playable characters features fan-favorite classics such as Scorpion and Sub-Zero, as well as newcomers, including Jason Voorhees and The Predator.

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Best for Zombie Survival: Dying Light: The Following

Dying Light: The Following is an open-world, first-person, survival horror game that gives you and other players the chance to cooperate and fend off a population of zombies. Players set off to investigate a mysterious cult and find a cure to the zombie infection as they take on various missions and traverse through huge nature fields and abandoned ghost towns via dune buggy.

Set in the beautiful countryside with a Mad Max vibe, Dying Light: The Following incorporates a dynamic day and night cycle with enemies growing more aggressive and scarier as the sun goes down. Gameplay is weapon-based with elements of parkour, so expect to be climbing over fences, jumping rails and performing stylistic combat attacks against a litany of unsuspecting monsters. Dying Light: The Following will last you and your comrade about 20 hours as you take on multiple quests, discover new areas and weapons and interact with characters to unveil a mysterious plot.

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Best for Racing: TrackMania Turbo

TrackMania Turbo is the best two-player racing game on the list, with 4K resolution at 120FPS. The arcade racer will have you reaching speeds over 400 mph, going over jumps and upsidedown loops.

TrackMania Turbo is loaded with over 200 unique tracks (plus an endless amount of user-made tracks) and multiple modes allow you and your friend to partake in like the unique double-driver campaign where you both operate the same car. Dual split-screen mode will have two players jump into five different difficulty settings that have tracks filled with tight bends, ramps and even loops, forcing players to concentrate, take a deep breath and maintain control. TrackMania Turbo is optimized with fast load screens and minimal wait times, making racing with your friend quick and snappy by throwing you both right in.

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What to Look for in a Two-Player PS4 Game

Rating - Before you buy a video game, check the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating, which can help you pick something age-appropriate. The ratings have three parts: rating categories (“E” for everyone, “E10+” for ages 10 and up, “T” for teens, “M” for mature 17+, and “A” for adults only); content descriptors (comic mischief, mild language, etc.); and interactive elements (in-game purchases, users interact, shares location, unrestricted internet, etc.).

Gameplay - Gameplay defines how players interact with the game and its challenges. In asymmetric video games, for instance, you and a friend inhabit the same environment at the same time. Linear games have a series of challenges that must be completed in a certain order, and nonlinear games allow for more creative playing. In cooperative gameplay, the two of you work together, while competitive gameplay pits you against each other. Gameplay is a matter of personal preference, but it will largely impact your gaming experience.

Graphics - While gameplay dictates how the game is played, graphics and sound effects are a whole other element. You can opt for a game with realistic characters and environments with feedback sounds or go the animated cartoon route. The choice is yours!