The 9 Best Two-Player PS4 Games of 2019

Friends who game together, stay together!

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The Rundown

  • Most Relaxing: Little Big Planet 3 at Amazon, “Cute, friendly and approachable.”
  • Best Dungeon Crawler: Diablo III: Ultimate Evil at Amazon, “You and another player can join forces and battle hordes of monstrosities.”
  • Best for Star Wars Fans: Star Wars Battlefront II at Amazon, “Yes, this the game you get to live out all your Star Wars fantasies with a friend.”
  • Best Cinematic Experience: A Way Out at Amazon, “A deep and compelling story about two prisoners set on working together to escape prison.”
  • Best First-Person Shooter: Far Cry 5 at Amazon, “A huge scale of exciting action.”
  • Best Isometric Shooter Adventure: HellDivers at Amazon, “With over 100 hours of gameplay, it’s similar to arcade games like Super Smash TV.”
  • Best for Fighting: Mortal Kombat X at Amazon, “The ultimate fighting game where you and your friend can duke it out virtually.”
  • Best for Zombie Survival: Dying Light: The Following at Amazon, “A dynamic day and night cycle with enemies growing more aggressive and scarier as the sun goes down.”
  • Best for Racing: TrackMania Turbo at Amazon, “The best two-player racing game on the list, with 4K resolution at 120 FPS.

Our Top Picks

Best Shooter: Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

 Courtesy of Amazon

Mayhem in the badlands is back with the arrival of Borderlands 3! This destructive shooter gives you all the action, adventure, and loot that you could ask for. Plus, a world full of characters to love, hate, and kill. In this latest game, Borderlands brings back two of its classic classes, Gunner and Siren while giving two new options with Beastmaster and Operative. And between the bazillions—yes, that’s right a bazillion—guns and gear, the expansive skill trees, and customization options available, you can trick out your character to be the Vault Hunter of your dreams. 

With missions aplenty and all the fun and chaos you can ask for, the best way to enjoy Borderlands is with a partner. Whether you play in the same room or online, you can experience the complete game and the best of co-op gaming. So get ready to tackle the badlands, face the psychos, and gather all the loot you can carry with you and your favorite player 2 in the shooter of the year!

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Best Casual: Overcooked 2

Think you and your friends can work well under pressure? Then put yourselves to the test in the kitchen! In Overcooked 2, there’s no time to bicker because you’ve got orders to fill and perfect. Not to mention food to prep and kitchen to keep clean! Pick your role and make sure you pay attention to everything around you while watching the time. You and your friends will love the rush as you work together in these fast-paced levels.

The simple and cute graphics will appeal to gamers of all types while the fun and chaos make it an excellent game for any occasion. And it’s great for all ages! Ramp up the challenge with harder levels and see if your teamwork will earn you stars or tears. Play together in the living room or online, just make sure you know how to communicate!

Best Online Multiplayer: The Division 2

The country is on the verge of collapse and only you and your comrades can weather the challenges that face the lands. Traverse the open-world land of Washington DC with beautiful animation and stunning details as you complete missions. Unite the citizens as they try to rebuild civilization, face off against enemy factions and keep playing new, exciting twists even after you’ve beaten the game. Play with your friends online for each battle and mission or explore the Dark Zone where you’ll take on some of the most difficult challenges the game can provide and get some seriously sweet loot if you survive. 

With intense graphics and unbelievable gameplay mechanics, The Division 2 offers one of the best online co-op experiences out there.

Best Cinematics: A Way Out

If you’re looking for a game with visual and cinematic effects that will blow your mind, A Way Out is exactly what you want. Made with a lot of heart, you and a friend will team up in a deep and compelling story to escape a prison. Designed for split-screen, cooperative multiplayer, A Way Out requires close teamwork to make your escape possible. 

One of the unique aspects of this game is that while one player may be in the middle of a cutscene, the other will have to show up or find a way to intertwine into the story. With elements of stealth, timed sequences, fighting, and even engaging in tactful conversations, your decisions will affect the ending of the game. Which hopefully, lands you out of prison. Cooperate, strategize, and find a way out.

Best Team-Based: Don’t Starve Together

Do you and your friends have what it takes to survive? Enter the strange and dangerous world of Don’t Starve Together where you and your friends have to find the perfect strategy to keep surviving. And it’s more than the elements that work against you. Not only do you have to worry about being fed and safe, you also have to keep an eye on your dwindling sanity.

Play one of three game modes: Survival, Wilderness, and Endless while deciding if you want to cooperate or compete to be the last survivor. Each mode offers different challenges, tasks, and items to make your survival different every time. 

It’s a true fact that everyone dies eventually, but seeing how long you can last...there’s plenty of fun in that. Remember the most important thing: don’t starve.

Best Fighter: Mortal Kombat 11

Test your might and challenge your friends to the ultimate fight. The classic fighting game is back and better than ever. Play as your favorites or have complete customization control to make them your own. From skins to abilities to even taunts, you can build the fighter of your dreams and put your enemies to shame as you beat them down. Face-off in classic and new arenas that are visually stunning with the brand-new graphics engine and enjoy your deadly victories with unbelievable detail. Your favorite game has never looked better than in this latest edition to the Mortal Kombat series. 

When you’re not playing with your friends, experience the expansive story mode that’s 25 years in the making. Play as new and old characters in a time-bending story that will keep you playing for hours on end. But, nothing will be more satisfying than getting that spine-ripping victory over your friends.

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Best Beat ‘em Up: Castle Crashers

It all started when a royal party went royally awry. It’s pretty on-brand: an evil wizard, a priceless gem, and four princesses captured. But thankfully, you and your friends are going to save the day! Play as one of four royal knights to go on an epic adventure to get back what was taken from the king. In this zany, 2D side-scroller, you’ll face wacky monsters, explore the realm, and face evil bosses. While you take on enemies you can level up, get loot, and even tame animal companions! Just don’t ask what kind of animals they are. Looking to do more than work together? Castle Crashers also comes with minigames including a PvP mode where you and your friends can face-off against one another for glory. 

With the fun graphics and silly yet endearing character builds, you and your friends will want to hack and slash your way to the end and see who can claim a princess’ kiss. Don your armor, mount your weird steed, and prepare to save the kingdom!

Best Zombie: Dying Light: The Following

What do you get when you take the Mad Max environment and add zombies? Dying Light: The Following! This addition to the Dying Light series is an open-world, first-person, survival game that puts you and other players in situations where cooperation is the way to survive and fend off a population of zombies. Investigate a mysterious cult to find a cure while taking on various missions that take you through the expansive world. This game also incorporates a day and night cycle that affects the enemies, allowing them to grow more aggressive and fearsome as the sun goes down. Danger never sleeps in Dying Light: The Following. 

Grab your weapons and get ready for parkour as you climb, jump, and perform stylistic combat attacks as you go up against the zombie hordes. You and your comrades will spend the next 20 hours going through quests, discovering new areas, picking up new weapons, and interacting with a cast of characters that unveil a mysterious plot. Zombie survival has never looked so good and been more thrilling. 

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Best Survival: Remnant from the Ashes

An ancient evil from another dimension has come and thrown the world into absolute chaos. Humanity is barely hanging, using their unique technology to open portals to other realms and realities. Travel through the portals with your friends to figure out where the ancient evil came from, to find the resources needed for survival, and to discover a shred of hope for humanity's survival. With stunning graphics, the evil creatures will come to life on your screen as you and your companions fight for your lives in the otherworlds. 

Explore ever-changing worlds while facing hundreds of deadly enemies plus the epic final bosses that could destroy everything. Gather your own wicked arsenal of powerful weapons, armor, and even mods that can adapt to any situation. Can you survive the portals and bring peace to your world or will ancient evil reign?

Best JRPG: Tales of Berseria

For over 20 years the Tales of franchise has produced a series of JRPGs with engaging stories and endearing graphics. But the latest game really takes it all. The prequel to Tales of Zestiria, Tales of Berseria puts you in the role of Velvet Crowe, a girl who has lost everything and gained the powers of a demon. Considered a villain, Velvet will traverse the lands to get revenge for her beloved younger brother while facing the righteous Shepherd. So what makes this game a great 2-player experience? Throughout her travels, Velvet will gather her own crew allowing you and up to three other friends to join in on the action. You can play any of the six characters who fit your fighting style! Plus, the new linear motion battle system makes ever battle smooth and free of the camera issues that some of the other games have suffered from. Fight the beasts overcome with Malevolence and unlock martial and mystic artes as you and your friends fight side-by-side in this quest for vengeance. 

Tales of Berseria brings the classic anime-style designs with stunning visuals that will keep you glued for the 70 hours it takes to complete your quest. And like with other Tales of games, there are plenty of sidequests, minigames, and of course the always popular skits! Never played a Tales of game? This is the perfect one to start with for you and your favorite player two.

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What to Look for in a Two-Player PS4 Game

Rating - Before you buy a video game, check the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating, which can help you pick something age-appropriate. The ratings have three parts: rating categories (“E” for everyone, “E10+” for ages 10 and up, “T” for teens, “M” for mature 17+, and “A” for adults only); content descriptors (comic mischief, mild language, etc.); and interactive elements (in-game purchases, users interact, shares location, unrestricted internet, etc.).

Gameplay - Gameplay defines how players interact with the game and its challenges. In asymmetric video games, for instance, you and a friend inhabit the same environment at the same time. Linear games have a series of challenges that must be completed in a certain order, and nonlinear games allow for more creative playing. In cooperative gameplay, the two of you work together, while competitive gameplay pits you against each other. Gameplay is a matter of personal preference, but it will largely impact your gaming experience.

Graphics - While gameplay dictates how the game is played, graphics and sound effects are a whole other element. You can opt for a game with realistic characters and environments with feedback sounds or go the animated cartoon route. The choice is yours!