Survey Results: The Best Twitter Chats

We asked, you told. Here are some of the best Twitter chats

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A couple months ago, I openly asked people to share with me their favorite Twitter Chats. Since I've been getting into them so much lately, I was curious to find out what the most beloved ones were. What I got back was a stream of passionate people who truly love their weekly and monthly Twitter Chat meetings.

Ordered by day of the week, here are some of their responses. I excluded entries made by the hosts and anything self-promotional and tried to stick just with people who are attendees.

#WGbiz - every second Monday at 12pm ET & #Commbuild - Tuesdays, 10am PT

"Women Grown Business is held every second Monday of the month at noon Eastern and usually includes a guest expert. Women Grow Business always has great guests and many of the women who regularly participate are also experts and great resources. #Commbuild is focused on topics relevant to those working in social sector community management roles. CommBuild is one of the few I've found that is specifically for nonprofits, so its very accessible for people at all levels of comfort with social media. I also like that pretty much anyone can host a chat and the topics are determined by the host."

#InternPro - Monday, 9pm ET

"My favorite Twitter Chat at the moment is moderated by YouTern. The hashtag is #internpro on Mondays at 9pm EST. The topics are usually career/work/internship related. The participants are a great mix of career services professionals and those looking for career help. I like it because it's very well-moderated and orderly (not a free for all), professional and fun, not at all stodgy. I always come away with useful tips and resources, and a new connection or two. The moderators are welcoming to all levels of tweeters. When I participate in other Twitter Chats, I always compare them to #internpro."

#Speakerchat - Tuesday, 4pm PT

"My top Twitter Chat is #Speakerchat from WSA , it happens every Tuesday 4pm PST. The chat highlights a different speaker every week and its a great way for other female biz owners to connect and I always come away with valuable resources/tips to share with my clients and grow my own business. It has a straight forward format Q&A style with a host posing the Q's and the guest answering, there is also great participation from attendees. I live in the UK so its a pretty global chat with people from Australia, Canada, US, Europe all taking part and sharing their knowledge freely."

#IntDesignerChat - Tuesday, 6pm ET

"The best Twitter Chat for interior design is Interior Designer Chat, known on Twitter as #IntDesignerChat. It's been around for three years and many top design pros join in. They've had some high profile guest hosts, too."

#CareerGirlChat - Tuesday, 8pm ET

"I, and three of my colleagues from four separate women's magazines host a Twitter Chat every Tuesday night at 8pm EST called #CareerGirlChat. It's an incredible meeting of the minds of the communities from my site,,,, and It's a great opportunity for women interested in career and job issues to come together, ask questions, and meet each other."

#TChat Wednesday, 7pm ET

"I've done a lot of Twitter Chats and guested in many. My favorite remains #TChat [via Talent Culture, talking about the world of work] - Wednesday 7pm ET. There are two reasons I love #TChat. First is that it is well organized and run, with interesting discussion questions. Second, of course, are the people: engageable, engaged, and engaging."

#MobileChat Wednesdays - 9pm ET

"So I love #mobilechat - it is a mobile marketing focused chats on Wednesday at 9pm ET, 6pm PT. The guests come from a wide range of mobile marketing, engagement, data and payments background and while they are doing a Q&A, chat members respond, and interact with the speaker as well as each other. It is like a warm hug + education, all in one chat! I cannot say enough about it!"

#HBRChat - Thursday, 1pm ET

"My favorite Twitter Chat is the #HBRChat, byfar. The HBRchat happens every Thursday from 1:00p-2:00p EST, and always includes editors from recent Harvard Business Review articles. Simply put, some very smart people run this chat and the comments/tweets left by participants are of higher quality than nearly every other Twitter Chat on business topics. Since HBR generally invites thought leaders to write articles, you often get the chance to join in the conversation with marketing professors, top CEOs, and consumer researchers. Where else can you find quality information like that through a Twitter Chat?"

#SEOChat - Thursday, 12pm CT -- this one had three separate referrals

"My personal favorite is #SEOChat. This is one of the few regular forums where SEO experts and interested parties can come together to exchange ideas and tips about very specific search engine optimization topics. We pick a weekly topic and one person to run the chat, then everyone chimes in on the questions they pose about the topic. I've not only been able to learn from the group, but it's also outstanding for knowing who is active and knowledgeable in my industry. Highly recommended for anyone with stakes in Internet Marketing."

#MoneyCrashers - Friday, 4pm ET

"My favorite Twitter Chat is put on by and the hashtag is #MCchat. They host it every Friday at 4pm ET. I enjoy this chat because they have great discussions about personal finance, whether it is tricks to save money or how to improve your financial situation."

#TravelSkills - Friday, 9pm PT

"I like #travelskills on Fridays at 9am PT. Two of the leading travel experts and all-around fun guys lead this. It's extremely informative and even a travel pro like me learns something."

"My favorite Twitter Chat is #PeriodTalk with @bpreparedperiod. It occurs once a month. This Twitter Chat is my favorite because it is a forum that demystifies everything that surrounds a woman's period. The host of this chat is well organized, provides transcripts, and offers a wide array of guests about all things having to do with a woman's period, period products, and menstrual health."

- ​@IPHIpelvicpain

As a side note, Twitter Chats are also a great way to gain new followers and find new people to follow. Do you have any chats to add? Would love to hear your favorites! Tweet them to me @About_Tweeting.