The 7 Best Twitter Alternatives in 2021

More micro-blogging platforms you should try this year

Twitter may still be the world's largest micro-blogging platform, but it's no longer the only game in town. We've tested out dozens of social media networks to bring you the best Twitter alternatives.

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Most Similar to Twitter: Plurk

Plurk social network app for Android
What we like
  • Adorable interface.

  • 360-character limit on posts.

  • Massive global user base.

What we dont like
  • Responsive user support team.

  • No way to filter posts by language.

  • Perhaps too similar to Twitter for some people's tastes.

Plurk brands itself as a “social network for weirdos,” but you'll find people discussing a broad range of mundane topics from knitting to Netflix. That said, the company is based in Taiwan, so much of the discussions are centered around Asian pop culture.

Plurk allows anonymous posts, so you can share your thoughts with the world without sharing anything else. A useful Time Machine feature lets you see all of the plurks from days past, making it easy to search for old posts.

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Expand Your Social Media Presence: Minds

Minds social media app for Android
What we like
  • See how much exposure your posts get over time.

  • Open source code for maximum transparency.

  • The app is frequently updated.

What we dont like
  • The app doesn't include all the features of the web browser version.

  • Still has a limited user base compared to other Twitter alternatives.

Minds was designed for social media influencers and creators. Whether you want to direct people to your personal website or to your other social media accounts, the built-in analytics tools allow you to keep track of how many people see your posts over time, giving you guidance on how to increase your exposure.

Minds doesn't use algorithms to determine the types of content users see. Similar to Twitch, Minds uses a token system to decide who gets suggested to other users. Other notable features include encrypted chat, groups, and blogs.

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Make and Moderate Your Own Social Network: Mastodon

Mastadon Tusky social media app for Android
What we like
  • Thousands of communities focused on specific interests.

  • Create your own communities.

  • 500-character limit on posts.

What we dont like
  • Complicated to set up.

  • All of the options can feel overwhelming at first.

  • Inconsistent community guidelines and policies.

Mastodon is a bit different due to its decentralized nature. Rather than offering one large social media platform, it allows users to create, host, and run their own communities, or “instances.” Each instance has a different set of conduct policies determined by the hosts.

It may seem like a lot to take in at first, but once you join some communities, you'll find that it's a great tool for making new like-minded friends. Mastodon supports multiple apps for Android and iOS, so you have a lot of options for customizing your experience. Here we recommend Toot for iOS and Tusky for Android.

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A Safe Social Network for Teens: Amino

Amino social media app for Android
What we like
  • Safe social space for teens.

  • Stricly enforced community guidelines.

  • Chat with other users and watch videos together.

What we dont like
  • Busy app interface.

  • One-on-one conversations are not moderated.

  • Community topics are largely limited to niche interests.

Amino is similar to Mastodon in that it enables users to make and moderate communities centered around certain topics. Most communities have stricter guidelines than Twitter, which is a good thing because the user-base tends to be on the younger side.

Community moderators can create polls, quizzes, and other neat interactive content. Amino also facilitates voice chat as well as “screening rooms” where you can watch videos with other users. The platform prioritizes anonymity, so you can use different handles in different communities.

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Democratically Controlled Social Networks: Aether

Aether social media app for Windows
What we like
  • Posts disappear forever after a specified amount of time.

  • Communities are democratically controlled.

What we dont like
  • Download required.

  • Still in early beta.

  • No mobile app.

  • Mac only at the moment.

If you go to Twitter to find people with common interests, Aether is another great alternative. On Aether, posts are heavily moderated, but individual communities have their own moderators who are held accountable by all members of the group. Users can make multiple anonymous accounts and post in any community.

One big benefit of Aether is that the comments you make don't last forever. Someone can always screenshot anything you post, but all content eventually disappears into the aether. A major downside is that there currently isn't a mobile app; you can only use the Aether if you download the desktop app.

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Stream Videos and Make Money: Peeks Social

Peek Social social media app for Android
What we like
  • Content is rated for age-appropriateness.

  • Great for gamers.

  • Make money from video content.

What we dont like
  • The standard app suggests adult-themed content.

  • No public chat options.

  • Collecting your earnings could be easier.

If you use Twitter for making videos, Peeks Social might be a better alternative. It's perhaps more similar to Twitch in that users can donate to their favorite creators. For that reason, the platform is dominated largely by gamers. If you're looking for a playing partner, Peeks Social is a good place to find someone.

The only downside to Peeks Social is that it's difficult to avoid adult-themed content. You have to download a separate app to view 18+ videos, but the regular app sometimes suggests age-inappropriate streams. Fortunately, rooms have a rating system, so you know what to expect before viewing videos.

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Best Premium Micro-Blogging Platform: on the web
What we like
  • No ads or sponsored content.

  • Curated content suggestions (no algorithms).

  • Migrate existing blogs for free.

What we dont like
  • Must pay to unlock all features.

  • No officially supported Android app.

  • More geared toward professional bloggers.

If you're looking for a more robust micro-blogging platform, and you don't mind paying a little each month, might be the perfect home for you. Rather than a replacement for Twitter, is another tool for those who wish to extend their social media reach. supports cross-posting to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Mastodon, and more. If you have a WordPress blog, you can directly import and export content between the platforms. While there's no official app for Android, there are a few third-party apps that connect to the network. There are several clients to use (although you can also use the web interface). Here we recommend the official app for iOS and Dialog for Android.

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