The 9 Best TVs to Buy in 2017 For Under $500

It's easy to buy a new TV without breaking the bank

For many, buying a new TV means saving up and choosing wisely. And shopping for a new TV can be an overwhelming experience with all the new technologies, extra features and available add-ons to consider. You’ll need to look at screen size, screen resolution, refresh rate, available connectors and screen types (LCD, LED LCD and OLED). To help, we have put together the top nine TVs under $500, and all are packed full of great features, so continue reading to see which is best for you.

Best Overall: LG Electronics 43UH6100 4K Smart TV

LG Electronics 43UH6100 4K Smart TV
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This 43” 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV from LG Electronics is praised by consumers as one of the best TVs of 2016. It achieved such popularity because it offered drop-dead gorgeous picture quality and smart functionality at a value price point.

The TV's 8.3 million pixels shine bright and have radiant color, while True Black Panel antiglare film makes blacks even darker for eye-popping contrast. LG’s UHD Mastering Engine further enhances color and contrast for arresting clarity. Unlike most TVs in the sub-500 price range, this one has a 120Hz refresh rate, so action movies and video games are crystal clear even at fast speeds. Even older media looks great, thanks to 4K Upscaler, which enhances HD or SD quality to near-4K quality.

The TV also comes with LG’s award-winning WebOS 3.0 interface, hailed as the most streamlined and easy-to-use smart functionality on the market. Wireless streaming puts 50+ free streaming channels at your fingertips, as well as popular apps and streaming services. While performance lags a bit behind more expensive models, the picture quality makes this the best entry-level 4K TV on the market. Buy from Amazon »

Best Budget: Seiki 23-Inch LED HDTV

Seiki 23-Inch LED HDTV
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For under $100 you can get this no-frills lightweight Seiki 23-inch LED HDTV. While the small screen won’t fill up a large room, this budget option is an excellent secondary TV for the bedroom or patio. It’s nice and compact with dimensions of 24 x 4 x 17 inches, and it weighs just under 10 pounds, making it easy to pick up and bring to a tailgate or friend's house.

It has a refresh rate of 60Hz, a 16:9 ratio, an integrated ATSC TV Tuner, high contrast and brightness and an HDMI input, so you can hook up your laptop to stream media. Its native resolution is 1366 x 768 and the LED picture quality is nice and bright. While it might not be the TV of your dreams, it is a quality TV for any budget.  Buy from Amazon »

Best Smart TV: HiSense 43H7C2 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

HiSense 43H7C2 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
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When you’re ready for a movie marathon with your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Roku and Amazon Streaming, the HiSense H7 Series brings it with gusto. With 4K Ultra HD, you’ll enjoy bold contrast, sharp lines and vivid colors. HDR processing gives a brighter picture with a wider range of colors, award-winning sound is integrated from dbx-tv, and ultra smooth motion technology ensures fast-motion scenes never lag or sputter.

There are 24 built-in apps ready for your enjoyment, and one-touch hot keys give you quick access to your favorite movies and shows. There’s an on-screen app store and built-in Web browser at the ready. WiFi is built in, and an Ethernet port is included for those who prefer wired connectivity. Buy from Amazon »

Best Picture: Westinghouse WD43UB4530

Westinghouse WD43UB4530
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Westinghouse has a lightweight 43” 4K Ultra High-Definition TV that delivers an absolutely stunning picture for an equally amazing price. Now for around $300, you can watch all your favorite content at 4x the resolution of normal HD programming. The extra quality adds extra realistic detail to all of your favorite shows and games. The TV even has upscaling technology, bringing lower resolution media up to near-4K quality for an engrossing viewing experience. The TV comes with basic smart functionality, as well as 3 HDMI ports.

You can mount the TV and it weighs just 11.6 pounds, thanks to its slim profile. While this TV does have stunning Ultra-HD picture quality for the price range, it does suffer in the sound department. Customers recommend hooking up a soundbar or speakers to complement the picture. Buy from Amazon »

Best for Gaming: Sony KDL48W650D 48-Inch Built-In WiFi HD TV

Sony KDL48W650D 48-Inch Built-In Wi-Fi HD TV
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Incredibly slim with a narrow bezel, this Sony HD TV lets you enjoy nearly edge-to-edge viewing on a 48-inch screen. Sony’s X-Reality Pro technology delivers outstanding clarity and overall picture quality, while noise reduction sharpens the detail of every scene. You can access video channels like YouTube and Netflix through built-in WiFi. You can also enjoy content from any USB device via the two built-in USB ports. Two HDMI ports are also included.

A great choice for video gamers, there’s Motionflow technology to smooth out the action. Sony’s refresh rate technology, Motionflow XR240 makes sure that fast moving action sequences are seen with precise clarity. And LED backlighting means even in darkness, you won’t miss any of the action. Sound is enhanced via Sony’s Clear Phase technology, which creates pure, natural audio that reproduces all frequencies. Buy from Amazon »

Best Connectivity: LeEco L43UCNN

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With so many ways to connect, a device has to really go above and beyond to earn the title of best connectivity. The 43” TV from Chinese electronics manufacturer LeEco does just that with their latest 4K Ultra HD Smart LED product.

This TV is stacked with inputs. It has 2 HDMI 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports, all smartly placed to be easily accessible while keeping wires hidden from view. In fact, the whole TV is very design conscious with an ultra-slim profile and attractive black and aluminum frame. Wireless connectivity includes dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 for easy access to the smart functionality, which runs on the Android ecosystem.

On top of the great connectivity, the TV boasts impressive specs. The 4K image is powered by a 64-bit 1.7 GHz Multi-core CPU processor and DDR3 RAM for a fast and powerful performance. Sound is powered by Harman/Kardon and decodes Dolby signals for a cinematic listening experience. Buy from Amazon »

Best Wireless Connectivity: TCL 43UP130 Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 43UP130 Roku Smart LED TV
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Smart TVs have been on the market long enough that they’ve started to trickle down into the budget range. While this is great news for cost-conscious customers, many of these inexpensive smart TVs have inadequate wireless technology. It doesn’t matter what resolution your TV is if YouTube videos are choppy and auto-play is in 240p. That’s why this Roku Smart LED TV from TCL is a great option for those who want budget smart functionality without the headache of laggy videos.

This 43-inch 4K LED TV comes with ultra-fast 802.11ac dual-band WiFi for a lag-free experience and the best WiFi-connectivity in a budget smart TV. But as those who live in an apartment in a high-density urban area know, it can be difficult to get top speeds over WiFi during peak hours, no matter what you try. Luckily, the Roku Smart LED TV also has an ethernet port so you can plug in a cord to your router in times of need.

Other nice features include a free mobile app, a premium remote that can be located by pressing a button on TV, easy casting and comprehensive search function. While the picture quality isn’t quite that of other 4K TVs, the top-end wireless connectivity make this the perfect option for anyone who is tired of laggy streaming.  Buy from Amazon »

Best Small Screen: Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24”

Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24”
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“Bigger is better” is the rule of thumb for TV screens, but sometimes you need to go small. For example, you might need a small TV in your RV to keep the kids occupied on long drives, or maybe you just moved into a small dorm room, or maybe you just want a small screen in the kitchen to have the game on when you’re cooking. For all of these scenarios, this 24” TV from Sceptre is a great buy.

It is just over $100 and has a sharp LED-backlit screen that displays in radiant 720p resolution at 16:9 ratio. Setup is simple and can be done anywhere with an HDMI input to stream high-definition sound and images. You can play media via a USB port or through the built-in DVD player. The brushed-metal finish makes this TV look nicer than the price tag suggests, but the speakers are on the quiet side.  Buy from Amazon »

Best Big Screen: HiSense 50H6C 50”

HiSense 50H6C 50”
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New 50-inch TVs are few and far between at the sub $500 price range, but this model from Hisense fits the bill and includes gorgeous 4K resolution to boot. The Hisense 50H6C can confidently fill up a living room or office with its 2160p resolution that displays picture in gorgeous 4K Ultra-HD display. It even upscales current HD to UHD for the best picture available in all media.

It is wall-mountable and looks great in all light conditions. The included speakers even offer rich sound, although it pairs great with a soundbar or home theater system to make your living room come alive. Hisense includes wireless connectivity for streaming via WiFi, as well as smart functionality. While the UI is not quite up to par with the big-name competitors, it feels great to access popular streaming content from the TV menu at such a small cost. Buy from Amazon »


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