The 10 Best TVs for Gaming in 2019

For a truly immersive gaming experience

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The latest generation of console and PC hardware is capable of gaming performance like never before, thanks to 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) output. That's only any use, of course, if you have a television that's capable of displaying all those colorful, fast-moving pixels at their best.

The best gaming televisions can be differentiated by their high contrast ratios and refresh rates and extra-low response times, often achieved by use of a special "Game Mode" that switches off many of the television's extra features to ensure optimal performance.

Even within those general guidelines, however, there are several different manufacturers competing for your dollar, with a wide range of sizes and models to choose from. We're here to help cut through the noise, tracking down nine of the best gaming televisions to fit a variety of budgets.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: LG C8

LG has been producing some of the best gaming-focused televisions for several years and continues the trend with the C8 range. Available in 55-, 65-, and 77-inch variants, it ticks almost every box a gamer could hope for, at a reasonable price.

With very slim bezels and minimal depth, it's an attractive television with specifications to match. The crisp OLED panel has fantastic picture quality and wide viewing angles that make it ideal for use with a group of friends.

Response time is exceptionally fast with minimal blur, so you'll only be able to blame your slow reactions when another player outguns you. The perfect blacks of the OLED display make the picture look fantastic in a darkened room, but the screen gets bright enough to handle very well-lit spaces as well.

Ideal for everything from gaming to sports and movies, there's very little to complain about with the LG C8, and it's our top overall pick as a result.

Best on a Budget: TCL S405 

TCL 49S405 49-Inch
Courtesy of Amazon

In a market where it's easy to pay thousands of dollars for a high-end gaming television, it's refreshing to find a budget option that costs just a fraction of that, especially when it's as good as the TCL 49S405.

While viewing angles are relatively narrow, the screen not quite as bright, and it lacks many of the fancy high-end features like black frame insertion that you'll find on more expensive models, the TCL covers the basics extremely well with its 4k resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and remarkably-good <15ms response time when in Game Mode.

The S405 range is available in several sizes, from 43" to 65", and offers equally good value for money across the range. If you're after a solid gaming television for a small amount of money, you've found it here. 

Best for Small Spaces: Vizio D43f-F1

Vizio D43f-F1
Courtesy of Walmart

It's becoming increasingly difficult to find good small gaming televisions in 2018, as manufacturers increasingly focus on big-screen models. There are still a few out there, though, and the best of them is the Vizio D43f-F1.

With fast response times and minimal input lag, this inexpensive option is surprisingly good for gaming in places where you're short on space. The 43" screen is a good compromise between maximizing space and still being able to see what's going on from a few feet away.

The contrast ratio is excellent, although you may need to draw the curtains on particularly sunny days as the screen is not as bright as some of the larger and more expensive models. The viewing angle is also relatively narrow, but that's rarely an issue in smaller rooms anyway.

Equally good for watching your favorite shows as playing fast-action games, the D43f-F1 makes an ideal choice for a bedroom-based television.

Best for Big-Screen Glory: Samsung QN82Q6 

If you've got a big room and need an equally-large gaming TV to fill it, look no further than the Samsung QN82Q6. This 82" monster will dominate any space you put it in and give you an unmatched big-screen gaming experience.

The display's high brightness levels minimize glare and reflection, with particularly impressive color accuracy. Viewing angles aren't best-in-class, however—you'll want to be sitting fairly straight-on to the screen for best results.

Average response times are even faster than the LC C8, our top overall pick, with very minimal amounts of input lag in either HD or 4k resolution. Support for AMD's Freesync technology is built in, working with compatible consoles like the Xbox One X to vary the refresh rate for optimal visual performance.

Best for 4K Gaming: Sony X900F

Sony's premium television models have long been a good choice for gamers, and the X900F is no exception. It particularly excels for gaming in 4K, with some of the best bang-for-buck you'll find in this area.

This model has superb picture quality, both with and without HDR, and is especially impressive in darkened rooms due to the high contrast ratio and well-implemented screen dimming technology. Color saturation is uniformly excellent, no matter what mode you're in, and input lag is especially low for a 4K display.

The fast response time helps ensure blur is kept to a minimum in fast-moving games, even if you're playing in 4K at the standard 60Hz refresh rate. Up to 120Hz is possible at lower resolutions, but you won't get HDR at the same time.

Available in several variants from 49" upward, Sony makes it easy to find the size that works best for your space.

Best With OLED Display: Sony A8F

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays have become very popular in the last couple of years on everything from small phone screens to large high-end televisions. Able to switch off pixels entirely when they're not in use, they have darker blacks than any standard LED display can manage, along with wider viewing angles and increased energy efficiency.

The Sony A8F offers great performance, whether you're playing the latest action games or watching your favorite show. The near-instantaneous response times ensure smooth, blur-free on-screen movement, at least as long as your PC or console can keep the frame rate up. As you'd hope from an OLED display, viewing angles are very good, with minimal visible change even when seated well off-center.

Available in 55" and 65" variants, if you're after a high-quality gaming television with an OLED display, the Sony A8F is hard to beat.

Best Splurge: Samsung Q9FN 

If you're looking for the absolute best gaming monitor on the market and don't mind how much you spend to get it, check out Samsung's Q9FN. It's the company's premium television, and you get an awful lot for the high price tag.

It's extremely good in any lighting conditions, dishing out deep blacks and rich colors in darkened rooms. The very high peak brightness settings (among the highest of any current model) also ensure you'll be able to view the screen well even in direct sunlight.

With an automatic low-latency mode, Freesync 2 support for variable refresh rates, and minimal input lag, gaming performance is about as good as it gets. As you'd hope from a television in this price range, it performs extremely well across the board, especially in HDR mode for watching movies.

Available in 65" and 75" models, the Samsung Q9FN is as good as it gets for gamers right now.

Best Curved Display: Samsung Q7CN

While curved displays aren't ideal for watching movies, they're particularly useful for first-person gaming. Relatively few companies are making them compared to standard flat screen versions, and Samsung's Q7CN is the best of the current bunch.

Available in either 55" or 65" versions, this TV has great color saturation, minimal input lag, and impressive brightness. Coupled with the anti-reflective screen coating, this makes it ideal for use in a well-lit room.

The viewing angle isn't as wide as some other models, but that's unlikely to bother you unless you regularly play split-screen games with friends. Capable of interpolating games with low frame rates without introducing much visible lag, and with strong HDR performance if you've got the latest consoles or PC hardware, this is the television to go for if you're a fan of curved displays. 

Best Mid-Range Option: Samsung NU8000

Samsung NU8000


There's a lot of competition in the mid-range gaming television market, which means good pricing and plenty of options for discerning buyers. Our current pick is the Samsung NU8000, available in nearly half a dozen sizes from 49" all the way up to 82". There's also a curved display option in certain sizes, which may interest FPS gamers in particular.

Well-suited for use in a darkened room due to its high contrast ratio, the display is still bright enough to avoid annoying reflections in most daylight situations as well. There's excellent handling of high-speed movement, with minimal blur, and input lag is suitably low.

AMD Freesync support is included to help eliminate screen tearing on high-end consoles like the Xbox One S and Playstation 4 Pro, and if you're using one of those devices, you'll get great HDR performance as well.

Best for Video Game Consoles: Vizio PQ65-F1

The Vizio P-series employs some of the most modern tech out there for television. At the forefront of that is a tried-and-true brightness of 2000 nits. In fact, it’s the brightest TV that Vizio offers in any of its lineups. Plus, with a stunning UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 and 192 isolated dimming zones to bring the blacks down to deep, rich levels, you have a visually striking television.

Of course, a TV that looks great is important for the latest in gaming, but arguably the most important feature for a modern gaming TV is the refresh rate. There’s actually a lot of flexibility in what the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X (the latest generation of consoles) can support in terms of frame rate. If you’re pushing 4K, chances are that more than 60fps is more than enough.

But, if you’re going for 1080p, you can tend to achieve a better-looking and feeling experience if you amp the frame rate up a bit. Vizio gives you what they’re calling a Clear Action number of 960, which essentially amounts to 120–160Hz of refresh rate capability. Therefore, you’ll get a really responsive experience that should be adequate for these modern systems. Pair this all with Cinematic Quantum Dot technology, Dolby Vision HDR, Google ChromeCast, and SmartCast built right in. The PQ65 has a really sleek look with nice, chromed-out legs and it's an amazing TV for all your gaming needs.