The 8 Best TV Wall Mounts to Buy in 2018

Save floorspace and put your TV on the wall

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While the TV you select for a room in your home is important, the type of TV mount you select is almost equally as important, and it can easily make or break your viewing experience. A wall mount does more than just secure your TV. It can enhance your viewing experience especially if the type of room you are in isn’t squared off or doesn’t have a wall that’s ideal for central hanging. All wall mounts might appear to be the same, but that’s far from the truth; there are various factors including the size each mount can hold, as well as the type of tilt range you’d like. To help narrow down your choice from the hundreds of models available, we’ve chosen some of our favorite wall mounts listed below.  

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: VideoSecu ML531BE

VideoSecu ML531BE
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Handily one of the best full-motion TV mounts available and an Amazon best seller, the VideoSecu ML531BE is both affordable and versatile. Beginning at $25 for 22- to 50-inch televisions and jumping to $70 for 37- to 70-inch screens, the heavy gauge steel construction can hold up to 88 pounds on each individual mount. The installation itself requires some know-how, but fortunately, there’s a post-installation adjustment level to help align the TV perfectly even if you slip up during your first go-around. As a full-motion mount, the VideoSecu can tilt, swivel and rotate for maximum viewing range.

Additionally, the mount can retract to just 2.2 inches from the wall to save space and extend up to 20 inches to maximize the amount of tilt and rotation. So, long as your TV offers four mounting holes on the back of the display and conforms to the multitude of variable spacing between each hole, the VideoSecu can offer a perfect fit and plenty of function.

Best Articulating: Echogear EGLF1-BK

Echogear EGLF1-BK
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With its heavy-gauge metal construction, the Echogear articulating wall mount can hold television displays between 37 to 70 inches in size and weigh up to 132 pounds. Echogear also emphasizes that their units are tested to strengths up to four times their rated weight, so you can be certain of exceptional build quality. The unit itself can help push a television up to 16 inches out from a wall and back to 2.6 inches away from the wall when retracted. With a recommended installation time of 30 minutes on 16-inch studs, all hardware is included and pre-divided. Once hung, the 15-degree tilt adjustment is easily done with just your hands, no tools required. Additionally, there are a full 130 degrees of swivel for even more flexibility in viewing no matter where you’re seated in a room.

Best Full Motion: VideoSecu MW380B2

VideoSecu MW380B2
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If it’s full motion you want during sports games, action-packed movies or just watching the latest episode of your favorite show, the VideoSecu MW380B2 is a standout choice. Supporting television displays from 37 to 70 inches, the VideoSecu can support up to 165 pounds in weight. The dual-arm design offers 160-degree side-to-side swiveling, 15-degree forward and five-degree backward tilt. Additionally, the television can extend up to 25 inches from the wall when in use. Installation is a snap with a 19-inch wide plate that can be mounted into two standard wood studs 16 inches apart. Post-installation level adjustment ensures that even the smallest of mistakes can be rectified after the fact to ensure a proper viewing experience every time.

Best Tilting: Echogear EGLT1-BK

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The Echogear tilting low profile mount is ideally priced and sized to handle televisions up to 32 to 70 inches in size. Don’t worry if your television is slightly older and therefore a little heavier because the Echogear can handle weight up to 125 pounds (and mounts are tested for up to four times that weight capacity). The 30-minute installation time is standard with their products and comes pre-divided for attachment to either 16 or 24-inch wood studs. The 15-degree tilt capability allows easy adjustment with just your hands, so you can quickly and easily direct the television where you want it to be. The mount itself places the TV 2.5 inches from the wall, leaving plenty of space and support for cables and cords to attach miscellaneous items such as DVRs, Blu-ray players or video game machines.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: OmniMount PLAY40

OmniMount PLAY40
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The OmniMount PLAY40 black, full motion and height adjustable television mount is another outstanding choice for properly placing your new or existing television on a wall. Capable of fitting 30- to 55-inch televisions weighing between 18 to 40 pounds, the PLAY40 is upgradeable to the PLAY70, which can further support 40- to 60-inch displays and 35 to 70 pounds of weight.

Whether you’re sitting, standing, stretching or playing, the PLAY40 offers an angle for you with a smooth, continuous movement that adjusts the television in all directions. There are no knobs or levels here, just patented technology that “enables light-touch adjustments” without any extra pieces of equipment. The PLAY40 can extend up to 24 inches from the wall during use and retract to 5.5 inches from a wall when not in use.

Best Low Profile: VideoSecu

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VideoSecu's low profile television mount offers an excellent ultra-slim wall mount that can retract the attached unit to just 1.5 inches away from the wall. Capable of fitting televisions from 32 to 75 inches in size, the mount is compatible with just about every major brand and can support TVs up to 165 pounds. All the required mounting hardware is included for the heavy-duty construction mount and can be fitted with up to 24-inch studs for extra durability. The open-plate wall design allows cables to pass through the low profile mount without interfering with the TV’s placement when near flush against the wall. Released in 2008, VideoSecu says the mount can hold televisions released as far back as 2005 up until today’s most recent release.

Best Curved: Loctek R2

Loctek R2
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While curved televisions have yet to truly break into the mass market, for owners out there the Loctek R2 wall mount bracket is a superb choice for proper wall placement. Capable of holding curved televisions from 32 to 70 inches in size, it can support up to 99 pounds of weight even though the mount is tested to more than four times that capacity.

Loctek states standard installation should take around 30 minutes with all the pre-divided hardware included right out of the box. Post installation, Loctek built in support for extra adjustments up to three degrees horizontally in the event the television isn’t mounted completely level. The unit itself can pull a TV out from the wall up to 18.8 inches and retract back up to 3.3 inches away from the wall.

Additionally, the 10-degree tilt capability makes placement adjustment easy and offers simple position switching to move the television away from glare or more into the viewing line of guests. The wide-angle swivel offers 90 degrees of motion in each direction to meet different viewing needs and, again, help better position the television for all viewers in a room.

Best Fixed: Mount-It!

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For televisions that don’t need to tilt, rotate or swivel, the Mount-It! low profile TV wall mount offers a one-inch flush from the wall installation that is ideal for ultra-thin LED and OLED TVs. Capable of supporting TVs from 32 to 60 inches in size, the mount can hold up to 175 pounds of television, thanks to its high-strength steel construction. The inclusion of three different TV bracket positions can help adjust the height of the TV on the wall plate while offering compatibility with every major television manufacturer. Additionally, an antitheft locking bar is attached at the base of the mount in case you want to use a padlock to secure and protect the TV from being stolen.

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