The 6 Best TV Stands of 2022

These top TV stands will give you the ultimate entertainment system setup

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There's no better place to put your TV than on one of our picks for the best TV stands. While this is largely a decision of taste, we've attempted to curate a list that appeals to a wide range of budgets and sensibilities.

Apart from the color and style of each TV stand, you'll want to pay attention to the material, weight distribution, and surface area of the TV stand. While it may seem excessive, some contemporary UHD panels can have stands as wide as 48-inches and can weigh up to 130 pounds. These are all important measurements to consider when you're trying to protect an investment that can cost thousands of dollars.

Before you peruse our list and put the finishing touches on your fortress of home entertainment, make sure to check out our Smart TV crash course to make sure you're getting the most out of the best TV stands.

Best Overall: Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand


What We Like
  • Feels very solid and durable

  • Attractive modern design

  • Metal support posts, handles, and hinges

  • Includes both open shelves and closed cabinets for storage

What We Don't Like
  • Low-density fiberboard can't support especially heavy televisions

  • Cable management is a little lacking

  • Hinges may be difficult to adjust

The stylish and affordable Ameriwood Home Carson TV stand is perfect for contemporary living rooms, coming in a variety of sleek colors and designed for 50-inch wide TVs that weigh up to 60 pounds. It’s built with three open shelves and has two additional shelves behind both closed doors, allowing enough space for cable boxes, gaming systems, DVD/Blu-ray players and more. The stand is laminated with particleboard that’s accented by its silver metal tubes.

Note that colors come in cherry black, distressed gray oak, espresso, espresso/Sonoma oak, and Sonoma oak. Our reviewer tested the flat black model, praising the durability and modern design.

Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand


Size: 50 inches | Weight: 60 pounds | Color: Flat black, cherry black, distressed gray oak, espresso, espresso/Sonoma oak

"It’s highly functional, with both closed and open storage, and features an attractive modern design, making it one of the best TV stands you’ll find for the price."Jeremy Laukkonen, Product Tester

Best Budget: VIVO Universal LCD Flat Screen TV Table Top Stand

VIVO Universal LCD Flat Screen TV Table Top Stand


What We Like
  • Works with a wide variety of different televisions

  • Constructed of solid steel

  • Non-slip strips help protect the surface you set your television on

What We Don't Like
  • Looks a bit odd with smaller TVs

  • Feels less stable with some larger televisions

Are you looking for a straightforward, affordable TV stand without all the bulk and clutter? Then check out this one from VIVO that fits screens from 22 to 65 inches. Jeremy found it to be a simple and minimalistic stand that still provided plenty of support and peace of mind.

The VIVO’s tabletop is designed to connect to the back of your flat-screen TV with its universal mounting holes that measure between 75mm x 75mm and 800mm x 400mm. The strength-tested solid steel legs are padded and won’t scratch furniture surfaces. It can hold weights up to 110 pounds and provides a great level of support to balance your TV’s base. Due to its simplicity, it’s also one of the easiest TV stands to setup.

Size: 22-65 inches | Weight: 100 pounds | Color: Black

"Most TVs come with pedestal mounts that work just fine, but if you’ve lost or broken yours, the Vivo Universal TV stand will act as a fine replacement."Jeremy Laukkonen, Product Tester

Vivo Universal TV Stand


Best Adjustable: Fitueyes TT207001MB Universal TV Stand With Mount

Fitueyes TT207001MB Universal TV Stand With Mount


What We Like
  • Attractive minimalist design

  • Decent television height

  • Feels sturdy on wood floor

What We Don't Like
  • Feels unstable on a carpeted floor

  • The second shelf is flimsy

  • Swivels side to side, but doesn't tilt up or down

Want to add a little height to your television? The modern and sleek Fitueyes TT207001MB Swivel Stand and Mount comes without the bulkiness, but doesn't sacrifice on the functionality and height you’d want out of a TV stand. Our reviewer liked that it was compatible with VESA standard mounts and capable of adjusting from 100x100mm to 600x400mm.

It fits most TVs measuring 32 to 65 inches (the stand/mount combo is actually 16.5 x 27.5 x 50.8 inches). The smart design also adds two shelves with a unique ability to swivel, so your TV can be directed up to 15 degrees in all directions by pivoting the mounting section.

Size: 32-65 inches | Weight: 88 pounds | Color: Black

"The Fitueyes Universal TV Stand is an attractive minimalist solution if you want to position a television up against a wall, but you don’t want to drill holes to mount it."Jeremy Laukkonen, Product Tester

Fitueyes TT207001MB Swivel TV Stand and Mount


Best for Versatility: DEVAISE 3-in-1 TV Stand

DEVAISE 3-in-1 TV Stand


What We Like
  • Innovative modular design

  • Multiple configuration options

  • Simple assembly

What We Don't Like
  • No included way to secure the shelves together

  • Some configurations are unstable

  • Hollow boards with internal cardboard support

For those who can’t decide how they want their TV stand to look—or if they even want a TV stand at all — the DEVAISE 3-in-1 is exceptionally versatile. It offers flexibility in both function and appearance, with multiple uses as a TV stand, bookcase and display cabinet, and reconfigurable L-shaped shelves. Jeremy thought the modular design was particularly innovative and flexible in suiting his needs because the stand can be constructed in different configurations to complement more traditional or modern decor and can be scaled to fit smaller spaces.

The customization options also boast reasonable storage space for media consoles, DVDs, books, or decorations. Measuring 46.2 x 11.8 x 20.8, it can accommodate up to a 65-inch TV weighing up to 75 pounds. There are two options available for board thickness: the 0.6-inch eco-friendly MDF board is heavier, while the 0.9-inch eco-friendly honeycomb board has melamine facing and is easy to clean and resistant to scratches. The stand is currently available in four colors: white, black, oak, and espresso. 

Size: 45-65 inches | Weight: 110 pounds | Color: White, black

"Whether you have a simple streaming box and a soundbar, or you need a place for your cable box, Blu-ray player, game consoles, and more, there’s plenty of room to go around." Jeremy Laukkonen, Product Tester

DEVAISE 3-in-1 TV Stand 3.4


Best Design: Prepac Atlus Plus Floating TV Stand

Prepac Atlus Plus Floating TV Stand
What We Like
  • Simple color options make it easy to match with decor

  • Excellent cable management features

  • Sturdy construction

What We Don't Like
  • Fixed dividers

A definite conversation starter and space saver, the Atlus Plus is one of the only TV stands that don’t touch the ground. The console mounts easy to your wall at any height with its innovating hanging rail mounting system.

The Atlus Plus may seem unsteady, but the 16 x 58.2 x 16.8-inch off-the-floor console holds flat-screen TVs up to 60 inches and is strong enough to handle up to 165 pounds. It boasts three compartments for A/V components and is capable of holding 137 Blu-Ray discs or 93 DVDs. The floating stand is manufactured in Canada and uses a CARB-compliant, laminated composite wood for a sleek finish.

Note that colors come in espresso, white and black and it includes a five-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Size: 58 inches | Weight: 75 pounds | Color: Black, drifted gray, espresso, white

Best for Accessories: Ameriwood Home Carson Fireplace TV Console

Ameriwood Home Carson Fireplace TV Console


What We Like
  • Multiple open and closed shelves for storage

  • Can provide effective heating for up to 400 square feet

  • Can also run without heater

What We Don't Like
  • No remote included

  • Doors aren't completely aligned on assembly

The Altra Furniture Carson measures 18 x 63.1 x 26 inches and is large enough to accommodate a 70-inch flat screen TV. It features built-in reflectors with a patented technology that give off a realistic flame effect (the LED light source has 50,000-hour life span) that can warm up rooms up to 400 square feet. It’s built with two large cabinets and open shelving, so you can have enough space for all your gaming consoles, TV receivers, books, and more.

Colors also come in cherry, black and Sonoma oak.

Size: 70 inches | Weight: 135 pounds | Color: Black, white

Final Verdict

While there's no accounting for taste, our top pick for the best TV stand, the Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand (view at Amazon), ticks all of our boxes. The price may be a bit steep for particleboard, but this large stand features plenty of storage space and can accommodate screens up to 75-inches wide. As a strong budget option,

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Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand


What to Look for in a TV Stand


Televisions are getting larger every day, so make sure that the TV stand you have your eye on has the right dimensions to fit yours. Also double-check that the unit can support the weight of your TV along with all of your other gadgets. Most standard TVs range from 40 inches to 75 inches in size, and should typically weigh around 50-60 pounds. If you need something heavier, you can find stands that can handle capacities of up to 110 pounds or more, though the extra durability will likely cost a bit more.


Whether you just have a streaming box or you’ve gone all out with a collection of gaming consoles, you’ll likely need to connect a few devices to your television. Don’t forget that your TV stand will need shelving or storage space in order to fit your equipment or accessories. You'll also want to keep an eye on how much capacity the shelves can handle, with 20-30 pounds of weight being enough to handle gaming consoles, receivers, and other devices.

Devaise 3-in-1 TV Stand



Your TV stand is a piece of furniture that you’ll be looking at every day. Ensure that your pick coordinates with the rest of your living room or den furniture. Plus, if you choose a stand that’s made of wood, try to select wood that’s closest in color to the rest of your room for a more cohesive look.

  • Can a TV be wider than the stand?

    It is possible for a TV to be wider than the stand it's mounted on. To make sure your TV of choice isn't going to be too large for your stand, always pay attention to the width of the base, this will ensure that your stand has a large enough surface for the feet of your TV to rest on. However, you should also pay close attention to the supported weight of your stand, as TVs tend to get exponentially heavier the wider they get.

  • Do you need to find a stud to mount a TV stand to your wall?

    While some drywall anchors are rated to support in excess of 80 pounds, mounting a TV stand and the supplementing appliances will quickly outstrip even the strongest anchor. A stud finder ultimately will cost is a lot less than a new TV.

  • How should you decorate a wall behind a TV stand?

    In most cases, you'll want to use the space between your TV stand for cable management. Using cable management clips and extension cords, you can neatly hide away cables so they aren't visible. If you need more storage space, a nice option is to mount floating shelves which can be a handy place to keep remotes, DVDs/Blu-rays, accessories, and consoles. Some art on the wall can also offer a nice touch.

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