The 6 Best Trump Memes

President Trump and the meme wars

Every political leader garners his or her fair share of memes projecting pro and con sentiments. President Trump, however, seems to have ratcheted up the volume of memes being generated about him to a whole new level. With his habit of early morning tweets, no-holds-barred comments, and well, just being himself, he has, in some people's eyes, become a walking meme generator on his own.

What do Trump Memes Mean?​

Most Trump memes feature images of President Trump taken from news feeds or official Whitehouse press coverage. Some are just candid images, with political punch lines added to create the meme, while others are specific to an event.

And while most memes are based on images of President Trump, there are quite a few that are created by adding unrelated images to the text of his nocturnal tweeting habit.

How are Trump Memes Used?

Overall, Trump memes are used as political satire, representing opposing viewpoints to the course President Trump is taking. There’s also a genre of Trump memes that just poke general fun at the President. And, as expected, those individuals in favor of Trump generate their fair share of memes as well.

Examples of Trump Memes:

Example #1:

Image: Hell Toupee.

Text: There will be hell toupee.

Meaning: There are various versions of the text in this meme, including Mess with the United States and there will be hell toupee. All of these memes use an image of Donald Trump with his somewhat wild hair being blown in the wind. Trump claims he doesn’t wear a toupee; if it’s not a toupee, then his hair suffers from the mother of all cowlicks. No matter what causes his hair to behave as it does, it’s fodder for many different memes and jokes.

Example #2:

Image: Executive orders.

Text: Various text and images.

Meaning: President Trump has a habit of displaying executive orders he has just signed to show off his signature. Of course, those who love to create memes can’t resist placing a wide collection of images and text on the pages, most quite unflattering to President Trump. Collectively, these memes are known as Trump draws.

Example #3:

Image: Trump during the total eclipse of 2017.

Text: Scientists: Don't look straight at sun during eclipse. Trump: Hold my glasses.

Meaning: Once again, there are quite a few variations on this meme, but the basic take is that Trump, not believing what scientists have to say, ignores their advice and does what he wants.

Example #4:

Image: Trump Eclipses Obama.

Text: Scientists: The best eclipse ever!

Meaning: This meme shows President Trump eclipsing an image of President Obama, which in turn spawned a number of memes depicting various personalities eclipsing someone else. It seems few fully understand the true nature of a solar eclipse; that is, the temporary blocking of a warm light-producing star by a dead, dark moon that’s only illuminated by the very star being eclipsed. No political commentary intended; just the facts.

There seems to be no end of Trump memes, with new ones showing up every week. Here’s our list of six of the best Trump memes so far.

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Hell Toupee

President Trump with wild hair

There are quite a few versions of this popular image, including: "We shall over comb," and "Mess with the United States and there will be hell toupee." No matter what the text says, this is one of the better images of President Trump featuring his wild and out-of-control hair.

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Trump Draws

Trump Draws kat meme

Trump Draws memes have become so popular that there are a number of meme generators designed just to fill the need for creating these memes. Trump Draws memes all feature the President displaying an executive order he has just signed. The meme comes about as the text of the order is replaced, usually with a drawing a child would make, or alternate text.

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Trump Eclipses Obama

Trump eclipse Obama meme

This meme was re-tweeted by President Trump sometime after the 2017 solar eclipse. It's not the first eclipse meme featuring the President.

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Staring at Eclipse

President Trump starring at the eclipse.

During the total eclipse in August of 2017, the President and his family gathered together outside the White House to watch the total eclipse. Unlike others in the gathering, President Trump chose not to don protective eyewear, and looked directly at the eclipse.

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Trump Draws Covfefe meme

Early morning tweeting has gotten to be a traditional method for President Trump to let off a bit of steam. These tweets also tend to use creative spelling from time to time. That’s what happened in the early morning hours of May 31, 2017, when Trump complained about the constant negative press covfefe. Of course, coverage was the intended word, but covfefe entered the modern lexicon, and is shown here being used as text in a Trump Draws meme.

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Fixing What Obama Broke

Fixing what Obama broke meme.

Most Trump memes seem to belong in a category of political jokes made by the opposition party. But there are plenty of Trump supporters generating memes every day, such as this one of President Trump repairing a flag.