The Must Have Tripod for Mobile Photographers

Have you ever been out and about and thought to yourself, "I wish I had a tripod or stand, right now." There are tripods out there for mobile photographers but even those can become a bit cumbersome.  Let's face it, the best thing about mobile photography is the ability to roam freely, snap photos, share, then repeat the process. That mobility is the key to process. Carrying around a tripod and an adapter, or even a table tripod made specifically for smart phones can defeat the mobility aspects of mobile photography.

Enter the Pocket Tripod. An iPhone tripod that is the size of a credit card?!?!

I admit, I was a bit skeptical. Too many times have I received an accessory and I would just be uninspired to test it.  When I do test it, it usually ends up in the pile of accessories that are one and done.

I am happy to say that the Pocket Tripod is not one of those accessories. 

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The Unboxing

The Pocket Tripod came and I opened up the packaging and it exceeded my expectations. Without trying it out, I was really impressed with its size and its durable feel.  The Pocket Tripod is the same size of a credit card as advertised with just a slight bump to its thickness of 2.3 mm.  Before receiving it, I was thinking that there would be no way it would last in my wallet in my back pocket. The plastic feels great and put me at ease.  The instructions that come with the tripod also shows you what not to do along with the ever so important - how do I use this? 

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Portrait and Landscape mode

The Pocket Tripod starts out in its credit card form out of the box. After reviewing the instructions and also making sure that I was not missing any pieces, I began to try to unravel the tripod. I twisted the card 180 degrees into a Starship Destroyer (for you Star Wars fans) form. From here you pop the sides up and the tripod is ready for the iPhone. The image to the right shows what it looks like in portrait mode.

Landscape mode is also available as you would just need to twist it from its current state to 45 degrees then twist and pull apart the two sides. Once separated you can now place your iPhone in landscape mode ready to capture or use as a viewer.

Surprisingly in portrait mode, it was able to handle the weight of the iPhone. I assumed that because the iPhone was so much larger than the tripod and also in portrait mode it would be top heavy. Although it looked awkward, it really was pretty stable.  In landscape mode, it handled well because it distributed the weight of the phone well.

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How well does it perform

Once you have your phone in place in either mode, the best part of the Pocket Tripod lay in its tilt control. I was able to tilt at 90 degrees with no issue. Most importantly it felt secure at any angle. I spent a good few hours playing with the tripod sans iPhone just to test the hinges and it still maintained its sturdy feel.  Obviously it will not last as long as hope it can through natural wear and tear, but that worry is squashed with the lifetime warranty that comes with the tripod. So aside from that, the tripod remained sturdy through my testing. 

In either mode, I was able to change my angles for my shots with no issues.  The hinges were smooth with enough resistance to keep the iPhone stable.

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Its Universal

I believe that this tripod is the 2nd generation. The first generation I believe was just made based on specs for the iPhone. Even with just the iPhone, the tripod has to be able to entertain sizes from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6 plus. 

The tripod has adapters that hold your phone, which have circular rails that enable changing the angles of your shot or perspective. These adapters are made in different sizes so that you are able to decide what best fits your device

With the addition of Android devices, accommodating all of iPhone generations, and then throw in cases and bumpers, the Pocket Tripod has you covered.

I used the Pocket Tripod for my iPhone 4-5-6, HTC 9-10, and Nokia Lumia 1020. With the iPhone and HTC devices, the tripod outperformed my expectations. For the Lumia 1020, because of its awkward body, the tripod did what it could - which was good!

My Final Word

I am really happy with the Pocket Tripod. It is a definite must-have accessory for any mobile photographer. The purpose, the design, the flexibility for any device, and backed up with a lifetime warranty more than supports the cost of $19 - $30 is more than worth it.