The 6 Best Triggered Memes

These memes are very silly

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Triggered is what happens when someone who has experienced a trauma or who has PTSD gets reminded of an event or situation, which can result in panic and fight-or-flight responses. Triggered memes take that concept and apply it to not-so-serious situations, such as when your fast food order turns out wrong. There are a lot of offensive triggered memes on the web, but here we've stuck with silly examples that don't minimize real trauma.

What Do Triggered Memes Mean?

Triggered memes take the idea of triggered memories or situations and illustrate an overreaction to a scenario that's not traumatic, only inconvenient or ego bruising.

How Are Triggered Memes Used?

Triggered memes showcase scenarios that include reminding an Olympic athlete they didn't win gold or exposing a cleaning product mascot to germs. Often the memes feature four panels that escalate to "triggered."

Examples of Triggered Memes

Example #1:
Image: A Pawnshop sign, alongside Michael Phelps, zoomed in on the word "silver."
Text: Triggered
Meaning: Despite all the gold medals Phelps has raked in, his silver ones still haunt him.

Example #2:
Image: Hands doing rock, paper, scissors, the word paper, and The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson
Text: Rock, Paper, Scissor, Triggered
Meaning: Even The Rock himself can get covered and thus defeated, by paper.

Example #3:
Image: Bottle of Wishbone dressing, dog drinking out of straw, a close-up of the word bone on the dressing label, angry dog.
Text: Doggered
Meaning: Your dog might get triggered by a bone and switch.

For even more examples, including links to the originals, check out our full list of the six funniest triggered memes:

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Silver and Gold

A pawnshop sign next to Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. Below: zoomed in on the word "silver," next to Phelps looking angry with the caption: triggered.

No amount of gold can make up for the shame of silver, apparently.

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The Rock vs. Paper

Hands doing rock, paper, scissors next to The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson. Below: the paper next to a close-up of The Rock's face captioned, triggered.

Rock, paper, scissors, triggered!!

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Dog and Bone

Bottle of Wishbone dressing next to dog drinking out of straw. Below: a close-up of the word bone on the dressing label, angry dog with teeth bared and caption: doggered.

Don't feed your dog salad dressing.

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Droid vs. iOS

Box of cheerios next to the green Android mascot. Below: close-up of the "ios" at the end of cheerios next to a close-up of the Android mascot with the caption: triggered.

This is not the Droid you should mess with.

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Mr. Clean Can't Even

Map of Europe with Germany highlighted next to a smiling Mr. Clean. Below: zoomed in on Germ, next to close-up of Mr. Clean's face with the caption: triggered.

Know thy enemy.

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Pawn Stars Meets SpongeBob

Tag that says The Chum Bucket, Patrick (from SpongeBob Square Pants) next to a smiling Rick Harrison of the TV show Pawn Stars. Below: a tag that says The Chum Bucket, Rick next to Rick Harrison whited out and looking serious, with caption: triggered.

 Can Rick ever escape his comic foil and co-star Chumlee?