The 8 Best Touchscreen Gloves to Buy in 2018

Stay warm while using your smartphone

Touchscreen gloves

If you live in an area where winter means cold weather or snow, there's no hiding from the conditions. While you’ll need a jacket, hat and warm clothes to keep yourself comfortable in the cold, you’ll also need a pair of gloves to keep your hands from freezing. Fortunately, the days of pulling gloves off with your teeth to answer a call or to respond to a text are over, thanks to the invention of tech-friendly gloves. Whether you’re braving extreme conditions, running through town or want something stylish that matches your office wear, there's a pair to suit you. Here are our picks for the best touchscreen gloves to buy today.

One of the most talked about names on the market, the Mujjo Touchscreen Thermal Winter gloves are among the best available and have a truly underrated style. Available in both single and double layered options for extra warmth (plus small, medium and large sizing), the Mujjo gloves stretch to fit and conform to your hands. The additional woolen layer of insulation provides extra warmth compared to standard knit gloves and the grippy surface, courtesy of a silicon grip dot pattern in the palm area, keeps your phone from slipping out of your hands. One of the highlights of Mujjo’s design is the unrestricted functionality of the gloves that allow any part of its surface area to activate a capacitive touchscreen like the iPhone or Samsung smartphone. Whether you want to use your knuckle, palm or fingertip, the Mujjo just works.

With a budget-friendly price in hand, the Classic Knit Touchscreen Gloves are an ideal solution for the price of two Starbucks lattes. Allowing you to use any part of your hands to control your phone, the 100 percent acrylic design of the won’t keep you very comfortable in arctic temperatures, but it is warmer than plenty of more expensive alternatives. The built-in microfiber label doubles as a screen cleaner while magnets hidden underneath the logo will help ensure you don’t lose either glove by connecting them together with a single click. The overall design is plain, but that’s OK. Compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices, the is a terrific choice for a low-priced option.

The TrailHeads Elements Touchscreen running gloves are an excellent choice for runners willing to brave winter elements. Composed of a fabric blend of nylon, polyester and spandex, the TrailHeads glove incorporates moisture-wicking technology to help your hands stay warm during long runs. The fabric also has closed cell mesh accents to help keep your fingers at an optimal temperature for peak performance. The gloves enable touchscreen capability through both the thumb and forefinger with a conductive fabric that works on any capacitive touchscreen.

Unlike traditional touchscreen gloves that minimize the areas that can be utilized for touch, the Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Smartphone Gloves are designed for all-over use. Available in small through extra-large sizing, the Agloves are composed of a breathable and washable design that’s made from real silver for increased warmth, plus a highly conductive fleece. Every inch of the glove can conduct and work with capacitive touchscreen technology, while the no-slip palm grip features strategically placed gripping dots to prevent your device from slipping and falling. Whether you’re driving, cycling or just walking around town, the Agloves are perfect for mild elements and you can wash and clean your gloves with a washer and dryer. Available in both black or navy, the Agloves are a terrific blend of function and minimalism.

Being stylish doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality as the Harrms Luxury Touchscreen Italian Nappa leather gloves are the best of both worlds. With a cashmere lining for extra warmth and hand stitching for superb crafting, the Harrms incorporates touchscreen capabilities through integrated nanotechnology that operates nearly as well as a human finger on capacitive touchscreens. The touchscreen tech even goes beyond the thumb or forefinger. The entire glove is designed to be touch sensitive, allowing you to operate your smartphone, tablet or even a GPS device with a knuckle or the press of a palm. Available in both black and brown, the Harrms also adds sizes from small to double extra-large for a snug fit.

While touchscreen gloves traditionally offer a combination of looks and functionality, the 180s Unisex Torch LED glove takes it one step further. The 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex build quality keep your hands warm and are resistant to rain and wind. In addition, the glove includes All Touch technology for use on capacitive touchscreens. The 180s also has a knuckle-mounted LED flashlight for moments when you just might need it most or for finding your keys late at night. Available in small through extra-large sizing, as well as in four different color schemes, including black, gray, green and red, the 180s is a must-own.

Designed with cyclists in mind, the DREAMY Winter Outdoor Windproof Cycling Touchscreen gloves are composed of three specialized insulation fabrics for warmth, so it's waterproof, windproof as well as breathable, making it ideal for people whose hands tend to quickly get overheated with thicker gloves. There is even a slip-on wrist cuff for minimizing movement of the gloves, so they stay in place even as your hands move. The anti-slip palm ensures that your phone stays protected in your hand. Available in extra small through extra-large for proportional sizing for different palm width and finger lengths, the DREAMY comes in both black and pink color schemes.

While most touchscreen gloves are made to be used in more mild conditions, for extreme use, spring for the FURST Storm Touchscreen Winter gloves. Constructed of 3M’s super-efficient Thinsulate technology, the FURST ensures both breathability and increased heat retention without reducing finger dexterity or restricting movement. The waterproof surface of the FURST shreds water and snow right off the glove through the inclusion of a durable water repellant while the drawstring enclosure helps keep snow or rain out. Whether you’re on the ski slopes or shoveling after the most recent snowstorm, the FURST is made to be tough. Touchscreen use is utilized through the thumb or fingertips of the glove, while four different sizes and three different colors help provide a little customization to match your own style.

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