The 10 Best Tips for Apple Pages in 2023

Pages is free and can do so much more than you think it can

Apple Pages is a great word processing tool for iOS and macOS that allows you to write simple articles or prepare complete visual masterpieces using a single complete tool. Pages is chock full of unique and simple tips and tricks to help you create stunning documents quickly.

The instructions in this guide apply to Apple Pages 8.0, 7.3, and 7.2.

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Track Your Word Count Quickly

Screenshot of Pages Word Count tool on Mac

One of the best ways to track your progress is by tracking your word count. Pages makes it easy to do; click View > Show Word Count to see the tracker at the bottom of the Pages screen.

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Track the Changes Made to Your Document

Screenshot of Track Changes feature in Apple Pages

Are you sharing documents with a team? You can use the Track Changes feature to easily see where changes were made for seamless collaboration in your documents.

To track changes in a document, click Edit Track Changes. Now, all changes made to your Pages document will be tracked and shown in the toolbar at the top of your document.

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Easily Customize Your Pages Toolbar

Screenshot of Customize Toolbar feature in Apple Pages

Whether you're a writer or a designer, Pages can be customized to fit your workflow and project requirements with a few simple tweaks. The Pages toolbar, for example, can be customized with the specific controls and tools you need.

Click View Customize Toolbar. Here, you can add, remove, or change available tools on your toolbar by simply dragging and dropping.

Want to show the icon only on your Pages screen? Click the Show dropdown box at the bottom of the customize screen and click Icon Only.

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Add Custom Shapes to Your Pages Library

Screenshot of Shape Library feature in Apple Pages

Shapes are great for creating visuals like graphs, call-outs, and more in your Pages document. If you create a shape you'd love to keep for future use, add it to your custom shape library.

To add a custom shape to your library, create your shape, press control+click, then click Save to My Shapes. You can also name it.

To view all of your custom shapes, click Shapes and scroll until you find My Shapes. Here, you'll find them all saved for future use.

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Choose a Default Template for Easy Document Creation

Screenshot of Choose Template feature in Apple Pages

If there's a document type you use often, set your default template so you can get going on your work faster.

Open Pages and click PagesPreferences (might say Settings, depending on your version of the software), then click Use Template, which will automatically choose the blank template. If you wish to use another template, click Change Template.

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Customize Your Auto-Correction Settings

Screenshot of Auto-Correction feature in Apple Pages

Do you have a business name that's always redlined by auto-correct? You can customize your auto-correction settings in Pages to avoid making these changes over and over again.

Click Pages > Preferences (might say Settings, depending on your version of the software) Auto-Correction. Here, you can add to your list of ignored words, change capitalization rules and much more to fit your preferences.

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Screenshot of Add Link page on Pages for Mac

There are a couple tips that stand out from the rest when creating documents, including how to add hyperlinks to your Pages document. Simply highlight the text you wish to link, then click Format Add Link. You can link to web pages, emails and bookmarks this way.

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Easily Arrange Your Images

Screenshot of Arrange feature in Apple Pages

Creating visual documents such as newsletters or flyers require images and you can arrange them to best fit your design preferences.

To do so, upload the image(s) you wish to work with, then click Arrange in the right hand toolbar. Here, you can change the size, alignment, text wrapping, etc.

You can also drag and drop your image throughout your text—the text will move to accommodate it.

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Reduce Your Document's File Size

Screenshot of Reduce File Size feature in Apple Pages

Large documents that include high-quality images or video may be reduced inside Pages to keep from sacrificing any of your critical content.

To reduce your file's overall size, click File Reduce File Size, then select the correct adjustments you want to make. You can scale down large images, remove trimmed parts of video and audio, and more.

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Save Your Pages Document as a Word File

Screenshot of Export to Word feature in Apple Pages

Ready to file your final product? This is another area Pages excels in. You can save your documents as Word files for easy sharing.

Click File Export To Word Next. Give your document a name, save it somewhere special, then click Export. You'll be able to find your new Word document in your files.

Before you close your document, make sure it exported to Word properly. If you don't, you run the risk of losing your document in its entirety. It's a great practice to save your work in Pages format as a backup.

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