The 10 Best Tech Gifts to Buy for Under $100

On a budget when it comes to buying gifts? Don't worry, we've got you covered

Sometimes the shopping can be burden when it comes to spending money on gifts for friends and family. The all-too-common predicament: you want to buy them something that's meaningful and useful, but you don't have a lot of money to spend. Well this year, we've pretty much done the hard work for you with our 10 best tech gifts under $100 list. From the Roku Stick, to a USB charger, to a selfie stick and Amazon's Kindle, these products are sure to keep your wallet – and everyone on your shopping list – happy.

Best for the Solo Traveler: Fugetek FT-568 Selfie Stick

Ten years ago you’d be hard-pressed to even explain the concept of a selfie stick. Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a list of stocking stuffer ideas that does not include at least one selfie stick. Whatever you think of the concept, it’s a great idea for photo-happy tourists who enjoy plastering their social media feeds with selfies. All selfie sticks are pretty similar, but the Fugetek FT-568 offers the right balance of durability, features and affordability.

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Best for Cable Cutters: Winegard FlatWave FL-5000

Another great idea for cord-cutters who still want to be able to pick up those local sports broadcasts, the Winegard FlatWave FL-5000 is a simple antenna that plugs into any digital TV. With a simple but modern design, it offers some of the strongest signal reception you can find for the money, and is built to pick up signals from towers broadcasting 35 miles away. It comes with a 15-inch coaxial cable, allowing you to position the antenna in a variety of locations. And there’s no assembly required — just plug it in and and start searching for a signal.

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Best for TV Streamers: Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick — like the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Chromecast — is the ultimate gadget for cable subscribers who are looking to cut the cord on the cheap. Plugging into the back of any modern HD TV, the Roku Stick links with your mobile device to stream, Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube, and other video platforms directly onto the TV. No need for an expensive smart platform — just plug and go! If you’re willing to spend a bit more for an overall better user experience, check out the Roku 4 set-top box (Buy on

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Best Headphones for Music Buffs: Sony XB950B1

The XB950s sound huge and are amazingly comfortable for sizeable headphones. The sound is powered by 40mm drivers and a proprietary EXTRA BASS tech that gives these phones a low end that is passably close to a club system. The NFC-optimized, Bluetooth-connected system has a battery that lasts up to 18 hours for multiple workdays of listening. The construction is pretty great as the earpads are ultra thick and super comfy, and it all weighs just 280g, so even though the headphones are pretty big, they aren’t going to weigh down your bag. It comes standard with a USB-to-micro USB charging cable and a 3.5mm aux cable to wire it directly to your music player when the battery dies.

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Best Speakers for Music Buffs: Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

Bose is perhaps best known for its line of deceptively full-sounding tabletop speakers, but they also produce a line of headphones, as well as desktop speaker systems. The Bose Companion 2 Series III is a high water mark for affordable computer speakers, delivering that reliable Bose sound in a compact, minimalistic package. It’s a great gift idea for college students, gamers and everyday desk dwellers.

Best for Book Worms: Amazon Kindle

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to e-readers. Even with e-ink technology, some readers simply prefer the tactile, tradable feel of a paperback or hardcover book. But if you’re on the fence here, the flagship Amazon Kindle is cheap enough (around $70) to preclude any buyer’s remorse. It can fit literally thousands of books, and it’s a great gift idea for any reader. Just be sure they don’t mind reading digitally!

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Best for Travelers: Anker Astro E1 USB Charger

Whether you travel once a month or once a year, a portable USB charger is an essential smartphone accessory, and Anker makes some of the best chargers and external batteries on around. With a sizable 5200mAh battery, the Astro E1 offers the best balance of power, price and size. It downright cheap, but packs enough juice to fully charge an iPhone 6 — twice. If that’s not enough, you may want to spring for the 10,000mAh Anker PowerCore (Buy on

Best for Music Lovers On-The-Go: Anker Classic Portable Wireless Speaker

Another category with too many options to choose from: bluetooth speakers. For those loved ones who are constantly wishing they could play their music outdoors or at parties — or any place that doesn’t feature a go-to stereo/speaker system — you may want to check out the Anker AK-99ANSP9901. It’s a two-inch speaker capable of up to 20 hours of playtime. It features awesome sound and a backup 3.5mm (AUX) audio port if you want to connect via headphone jack.

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Best for Gamers: Razer DeathAdder Elite

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is one of the most-purchased gaming mice on Amazon, and for good reason -- this thing rips. It’s ergonomically designed to sit cleanly and comfortably into a gamer’s hand (perfect for those endless hours of running and gunning). It employs a 16,000 dpi optical sensor that has a tracking accuracy of 99.4 percent, which is obviously really important when they are gaming and it matters exactly where you’re pointing on the screen. The mechanical click buttons have been durability tested for up 50 million clicks, and the Razer Chroma lighting tech lets the player customize what color LED shows through visually with up to 16.8 million color options. It’s connected via a 7-foot, lightweight braided cable so it’ll fit into any rig set up, and it’s got 7 independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons for extra controls. It’ll be a nice addition to any gamer’s PC setup.

Best Social Camera: Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

The Polaroid Snap Instant brings back the original instant camera, but in a digital package (it can actually save images to print for later). And it has a 10 megapixel sensor with a Micro SD slot able to hold up to 32GB of image storage space. Some other nifty features include six picture modes, a Photo Booth mode and a self-timer.

In addition, the Integrated ZINK Instant Printer prints out full color 2x3-inch images under a minute. Although there's no WiFi, you can upload saved images to your computer for later sharing on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Colors come in blue, red, black and white.


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