The 6 Best Tech Cleaning Products of 2021

Keep you devices clean and functional

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The Rundown
"Won't scratch screens or glasses or leave streaks or marks."
"These handy individually wrapped wipes can be a lifesaver."
Best for Smartphones:
WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner at Amazon
"The odorless formula is alcohol- and ammonia-free."
Best for Hard-to-Reach Spaces:
Cyber Clean Pop-Up Cup at Amazon
"Picks up crumbs, dust, as well as other grime."
Best for the Professional:
Kimtech Science KimWipes at Amazon
"Ubiquitous in high-tech settings."
"Lint-free wipes gently remove fingerprints...and smudges."

Best Overall: Elite Tech Gear Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Need to clean a smudged screen or lens? Trying to wipe up dust around your prized big-screen TV or mop up a spill right next to your computer? These versatile and budget-friendly microfiber cleaning cloths are just the tool for the job. These soft cloths won't scratch screens or glasses or leave streaks or marks ​and are a safe and effective way to clean all kinds of electronics equipment. Each pack comes with four 12 x 12-inch cloths, so you can keep some on hand at home or pop one in your pocket, purse or camera bag. Plus, these cloths are washable and reusable, so you can make the most out of your purchase over time.

Most Convenient: Care Check Lens Wipes

If you have a lot of tech equipment that has delicate lenses or screens such as cameras, webcams, binoculars or even microscopes and telescopes, Care Check lens wipes need to be in your cleaning kit. These handy individually wrapped wipes can be a lifesaver for photographers or videographers, especially if you’re in a remote location trying to score an amazing shot or just about to start a live stream from a special event when you notice a smudged lens. The gentle ammonia-free formula can be safely used even on lenses with an anti-reflective coating without leaving scratches, streaks, or other residues. Small enough to slip in your pocket, these convenient wipes can simply be thrown away once you are done with them.

Best for Smartphones: WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner

If you’re like most people, your smartphone goes with you everywhere. As your constant companion, your phone is probably exposed to a lot of dust, dirt, grime, germs and other nasty contaminants. WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner has a specially-designed non-toxic formula that is ideal for cleaning screens for all types of electronics such as televisions, laptops, tablets and especially smartphones. The odorless formula is alcohol- and ammonia-free, so you know it will be extra-gentle on your favorite tech products. This kit comes with a handy spray bottle of WHOOSH! Screen Shine and a six by six-inch anti-microbial microfiber cloth to help you tidy up.

Best for Hard-to-Reach Spaces: Cyber Clean Pop-Up Cup

Get your keyboard really clean with this Cyber Clean pop-up cup. The sticky, slime-like substance picks up crumbs, dust, as well as other grime from remote controls, phones, game consoles, calculators or speakers – plus it’s honestly a lot of fun to play with while you tidy up. This version comes with a fresh lemon-lime scent and is easy to carry in its portable cup. Try using it to freshen up household items such as door knobs, light switches, jewelry, appliances or air vents, too. You can even use it to clean out your computer’s USB ports or your camera or phone’s charging ports.

Best for the Professional: Kimtech Science KimWipes

If you’ve ever worked in a lab or doctor’s office you might already be familiar with KimTech KimWipes. Ubiquitous in high-tech settings, these specially designed wipes are made to gently remove liquid or dust from the most sensitive scientific and technical instruments, surfaces and lenses. Super-affordable and easy to use, Kimtech claims that these wipes absorb 18 percent more water and absorb water 24 percent faster than other similar wipes. Low lint and low extractables make these the top choice on our list for those working with professional scientific or technical equipment.

Best for VR Headsets: Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

If you’ve already joined the virtual reality movement with your own home headset the last thing you want is to have your fantasy spoiled by a smudged headset. These Zeiss pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes are great to have on-hand, so you can get back to exploring distraction-free. These lint-free wipes gently remove fingerprints, dust, oil and smudges without leaving streaks or residue. When you’re done cleaning up, simply toss them in the trash. These are a great choice for cleaning sunglasses or eyeglasses, too, because they are ammonia-free and don’t contain any artificial scents or fragrances that might irritate sensitive eyes.

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